23rd Jan, Today’s Task

Academic Writing Task 1

The diagram below shows the levels of three types of pollution – air pollution, noise pollution and water pollution – in four different zones in a metropolitan city. The types of pollution vary according to the localized conditions in each zone.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, making relevant comparisons.

23rd Jan, Today's Task

Sample Answer:

The given bar chart showcases the position of three kinds of environmental pollution in four different areas of a large city. The three variants of pollution are – air pollution, noise pollution and water pollution. The volume of pollutants is determined by the local conditions.

The graph reveals that air pollution is the highest in Zone A, but lowest in Zone D. as far as noise pollution is concerned, the situation is the worst in Zones A and C, the two bracketed high at 500 units. Coming to the water pollution, Zone B is the most notorious whereas Zone D reports lowest levels of the particular pollution. It may be mentioned here that although Zone A leads all the other zones in air pollution, it shares its noise pollution with that of zone C, but stands ahead of the other two Zones. Water pollution is the highest in Zone B.

To conclude, Zone D is the most healthy place as far as pollution levels are concerned, and Zone A is the most unhealthy one.

General Writing Task 1

Recently you came back home after a few days’ stay in a hotel.

Write a letter of appreciation to the hotel manager. In your letter.

  • Mention dates you stayed there, and also your room number.
  • Appreciate the services provided by the staff.
  • Express appreciation about the meals that were served to you.

Dear Sir/ Madam….

I stayed in your hotel for three days, that is , from November 03 to November 05, in Room No. 14. I must say that the stay was a memorable experience. I am all appreciation for your hotel.

First of all, must express my admiration for the services rendered by your staff. The receptionist, the bell-boy, the waiter of the room-service all were very polite, pleasing and helpful. The meals served in my room were extremely delicious. Whatever specifications I gave to the cook and were strictly followed. I really relished the meals. The room itself provided all the comforts that one wishes in any hotel.

The stay indeed was a happy experience. Next time when I visit you city, your hotel would be my first preference. I have already recommended your hotel to a few friends and  relatives of mine.

Wish you all the  best!

Yours faithfully


Writng Task 2 (AC & GT)

Countries with longer working hours enjoy an economic advantage, but they suffer from certain negative social effects, do you agree or disagree?

Main points…..

  • Longer working hours ensure economics gains, but are accompanied by evil social consequences.
  • Extended working hours wreck the workers’ physical and mental well-being
  • Over-stressed workers neglect their children, grow averse to social interaction.
  • Financial prosperity is bought at high price!

There are certain countries where staff at work-place have to sweat out for longer hours. Such countries, no doubt, enjoy greater economic gains, greater prosperity. But, as many people opine, these countries have to suffer various negative social effects. I fully see eye to eye with these people.

There is no denying the fact that for prolonged hours plays havoc with the physical and mental well-being of the workforce. It leads to physical exhaustion and mental stress.

Such people suffer from various physical ailments, like diabetes, blood pressure, heart maladies. These unhealthy conditions are aggravated by mental tensions. Mental stress also causes psychiatric disorders. The affected people can suffer from nervous breakdown too. Ultimately all these problems affect the longevity of individuals. Their lives are cut short, and they die before their expected life-span.

Overworked individuals make for an unhappy social life. First of all, they remain away from home for longer hours, thus depriving their children of much-needed love and care. This is particularly true in the modern age where both husband and wife are working people. Neglect of children leads to juvenile delinquency, with all its attendant evil effects. Moreover, these over-stressed workers are left with no desire to enjoy social interactions. They refrain from social outings, from meeting friends and relatives, attending functions and parties. Their social life indeed is wrecked.

To sum up, countries with longer working hours do enjoy an economic advantage, but the affluence is at bought a high price, at the frightening price of unhappy social life.

Word meanings:

  • Sweat out                  :  work hard
  • Opine                         :  have an opinion
  • See eye to eye          :   agree
  • Prolonged                  :   long
  • Play havoc                  :   cause harm
  • Exhaustion                 :   tiredness
  • Mental stress             :  tension of mind
  • Ailments                     :  diseases
  • Maladies                     :   illness, diseases
  • Aggravated                 :   made worse
  • Psychiatric disorder  :  illness of mind
  • Longevity                    :  long life
  • Juvenile                       :  childish, youngsters
  • Delinquency               :  minor crimes
  • Interaction                  :  communication
  • Wrecked                      :  destroyed
  • Affluence                     :  riches, prosperity

IELTS  Speaking full interview

Part 1 – Intro

What is your full name?

My name is Natasha Gambtoon.

Can I see you ID?

Here it is!

Where are you from?

I was born in Pune, but I live in bengaluru these days.

Do you study or work?

I’m doing Bachelor of Science in Robotics Engineering. I am in the last semester, and about to graduate sooner.

What did you study?

This degree includes a host of interesting courses, such as mathematics, Engineering, Computer systems and Physics. These are common courses and there are other courses of concentration, too. They are kinematics, Mechanical systems, System design tools, Unified robotics, Embedded systems, and Microprocessor systems.

Do you like that subject?

Certainly, I love these courses for a variety of reason.

What do you like it?

First of all, I feel that I’m studying a degree which will be in a great demand in coming years. On top of it, I believe that I would be able to help the mankind, the way they think and the way they work. Second, I’ve learnt how to design robots and robotic mechanism that have the ability to perform various interesting tasks. I get excited to learn that the day is not far away that one day like computers robots will be a regular part of our life. Robots will be replacing humans in many ways and in many jobs. Yes, it gives me a pleasure that I would be a part to design a machine that would be something different, maybe nobody might have done in terms of its features and usages in our day-to-day life.

Why did you choose this particular subject?

When I was a kid at school, I always wanted to make a mark in something. It was a dream to do something special for others. I remember I watched a movie called ‘I Robot’ with my family. The concept of that movie was about robots doing our job interested me, and I talked to my father about this. Thankfully, my father – after consulting and researching for the same – went on guiding me time after time, and this is how I decided to choose this program.

Part 2 – cue card / Candidate Task Card

Talk about a famous or successful person who is important to you.

Please say:

  • Who this person is
  • Why this person is important to your
  • How he/she influenced your life

Sample Answer:

The person I admire the most in my life is young Saina Nehwal. She’s badminton champion and has won many international competition titles. She’s one of the girls who have brought honor and prestige for my country. Any person who makes my country feel proud deserves honor and love from the people.

The best part of her is she is a consistent performer in her game. There are certainly some lows of her career; I mean she hasn’t been doing well recently but it’s part and parcel of life when some athlete or player has some rough patches in the career. She’s the first girl of India who has reached this honorable and coveted level in badminton globally. When she wins any title, I feel that I should have done any job such as that. She’s trending all the time on social media and newspaper.

The brilliant feat that she has achieved inspires others and me. If we analyze the Indian society and its psyche, it’s patriarchal (= denoting a system of society controlled by men). I hate to say that about my country and fellow citizens but shying away from the reality isn’t solution of the problem. It’s been two decades or so, we’ve seen things are changing and moving in the right direction for the rights of girls. So, my point is that she’s one of the girls who inspires others to challenge all the unsurpassable barriers, such as metal strength, physical strength and social  attitude. She’s paved a way for others to follow their suits. We need many more out there to challenge their counterparts, they must also know the fact that they won’t get any leniency of being girls.

Part 3 – discussion / follow up questions

Do you think it is easier to become famous now compared to the past?

‘yes’ and ‘no’ both! In the digital world, the talented people shine on the social media overnight and they’ve followers overnight, too. So, in that manner, it’s easier to become popular. My ‘no’ means: it’s really a Herculean task (=tough, complicated) for anyone to touch the fest of success. To become a successful person. It requires a tremendous amount of patience, perseverance (= persistence, tenacity), and dedication. These are the virtues that make them stand out of others. In the past, I guess it was slightly easier than now because there was no sleep competition in sports field as well. But at the same time, there were no enough facilities and motivation existed to mark an esteem name.

Why is that?

Social media could make anyone popular overnight but for that one has to have something in him. People follow only leaders or those who have some sorts of exceptional talent.

What kinds of people were becoming famous in the past?

The rules of becoming famous have not changed since the history. As I said, people are known for their virtues and exceptional talents, and the road foe success is full of potholes (= cave, hollow, cavity [ literary sense ]), brickbats (= verbal onslaught, diatribe) and others. So those who made a mark in the past can also do the same in our era. I acknowledge the fact that one thing has changed dramatically. It’s the speed of information transmission. Due to the technological advancement, I mean social media, the news of popularity spreads instantly which was absent in the past. In India, cricketers always took the limelight, and hardly there were other athletes who gained the same level of popularity.

How about now?

Twitter, Face book and the media can make or kill someone’s career swiftly. People are mobile, and they get all the updates on their palms. So, it’s deadly fast for sure. So, if you haven’t got your acts together, you will surely be booed sooner in the world. Quite a bumpy road could be!

What sorts of people become famous in your country? Why?

My country and its way of appreciation is the same as of others. We’ve actors, politicians, athletes, player, comedians, police officers, army men and what not. Anybody can become famous provided with the right attitude, grit and talent in my country. In fact, believe that we people really appreciate highly anyone for his deservedness.

Do you think to be famous, one needs a certain talent?

‘no pains no gains’ – this is what really means. No one without talents can be remembered in his life. Certainly, it’s the only prerequisite for becoming popular. Again, when we talk about the popularity of someone, there are two types of personalities, one is a consistent performer and the other is a one – trick pony (= a person or thing with only one special feature, talent, or area of expertise, successful only one).

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