28th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

28th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

IELTS Past Exam on February 22nd, 2020   (CANADA)

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The tables below show the consumption and production of potatoes in different regions of the world in 2006. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Consumption of potatoes (kg per person)

South and Central America 23.6
Africa 14.1
North America 57.9
Europe 96.1
Asia 25.8

Production of potatoes (in million tonnes)

South and Central America 15.6
Africa 16.4
North America 24.7
Europe 126.3
Asia 131.2

Sample Answer:-

The given tables compare the yield of potatoes in million tonnes with the consumption in kg per person in 2006 in five regions of the world, which are South and Central America, Africa, North America, Europe and Asia, in 2006. It is clear that expect for the Americas, the production of potatoes outstripped the consumption in all other areas.

The production of potatoes was the highest in Europe and Asia at around 130 million tonnes each. The production in all other regions was between 15 and 25 million tonnes. However, as far as the consumption is concerned, the Europeans seemed to be the most fond of potatoes, eating about 96 kg per person. North America took the second place in the consumption at just below 60 kg per person. People of South and Central America and Asia ate around 25 kg per person, but the Africans were the least fond of potatoes, consuming approximately 14 kg per person in 2006.

Overall, in North America, the production was less than half the consumption whereas in Asia the production was six times more than the consumption.

28th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

General Writing Task 1:-

You are going to work in different country. Your family members want to go with you. Write a letter to your employer if your family members can get job in the same country.

Model Answer –

Dear Sir or madam,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am going to work as a branch manager in your company named Sebiz square and for this I have to relocate to Canada. I seek permission from your, side as I want my family also to move along me.

At present, I am working as branch manager in one of your company’s chain, nevertheless, due to financial issue; I was unable to manage my budget. After receiving offer from your side, I felt glad, however, it is hard for me to leave my family over here and move abroad. As, there are certain responsibilities which are carried out y me and I think it will be difficult for my wife to manage personal and professional life simultaneously. Therefore, I would be grateful to you if you could give job to my wife as well. She has five years of experience in Career Zone as branch manager. In this way, I will be able to give proper attention to my family and she will also get a chance to work for such a reputed company.

Looking forward to get a positive reply from your side.

Yours sincerely,

Name ………………….

WRITTEN BY: – IELTS Trainer Ms. Jasmine Kaur Ghatauda AND Ms. Kulveer Kaur, CAREER ZONE MOGA

28th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Some people think that sports contribute to peace building internationally. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer:-

In today’s world of crime and terrorism, events like international sports will help to bring harmony in the country and spread the message of peace and love among the citizens. It is believed by some people that international sports promote peace. I completely agree that having these events bring harmony among people.

Sports events help in reducing differences, along with building a better relationship owing to historical or political reasons, not all the countries are at peace with each other. Admittedly, sports evoke the similar pleasure and satisfaction as a victory in war does but brings nations together. To exemplify, the biggest global event is Olympics where several games are conducted and people from all countries gather to watch and enjoy thus sharing pleasure together. Moreover, multinational sporting events like commonwealth games and Olympic help to bring all the provinces together playing for their fame and popularity.

Secondly, the national anthem played at the beginning of the sport is seen as a sign of patriotism, both the players and spectators get emotionally involved in the feeling of pride for one’s own country. It does not show any difference between countries. Besides this, international sports also act as an ice-breaker among politicians to talk in a more sophisticated manner.

To sum up, international sports events guide the nation in the direction of peace, harmony, brotherhood promoting non-violence and to believe in unity is strength. So, in my opinion, sports bring peace in the globe.

WRITEN BY: – IELTS Trainer Ms. Rajanpreet kaur kalsi, CAREER ZONE MOGA

28th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART 1 – Intro part

What is your full name?

My name is Rajendra Kumar.

Can I see your ID?

Certainly, here is my passport.

Where are you from?

I’m from Ahmadabad.

Do you work or study?

I am an industrial chemist.

Do you enjoy your work? Why?

Initially, I did enjoy but with time I am losing interest.

Why did you choose a career as an industrial chemist?

I was always amazed when I learnt how first human came in contact with chemistry by then, the mysterious sparks produced when man stuck two stones together. And then, man realized that how these sparks could be transferred to wood to create a wondrous flame. The earliest chemical reaction was Fire – a mystical force to the prehistoric man. This entire chain of incidents pulled me towards this field.

Will you continue with this in the future?

I’m not sure about it because I don’t enjoy this field anymore for some reason. I started with the tremendous zeal but in the midway I feel I’m losing the traction for this line of interest. Let’s see what the future unfolds for me.

What was your favorite activity when you were a child?

As a child, we had plenty of outdoor activities because internet and computers were not that popular then. Most of the time, we spent time going to parks or visiting the zoo or playing around with friends. My favorite activity was playing cricket with my friends.

What do you think children prefer: outdoor or indoor activities? Why?

I think they like both, don’t they? But it all depends on a child. These days most of the kids are glued to the computer or the phone screen playing games on the internet or video games. There are kids who have parents keeping a check on the internet usage so they do get time for outdoor activities.

How have kids’ activities changed since you were a child?

Earlier kids had more time for their hobby classes or sports but these days with the kind of competition they are facing at the academic front which is so stressful that they barely get any time for any other extra activities.

What is politeness in your opinion?

Polite behavior helps to build relationships with people, and it is a way of respecting.

When you were a child who taught you to be polite?

Actually nobody really taught us, this came to me pretty naturally as I grew up seeing my parents being polite and giving respect to others.

Why is it important to be polite to people?

Well, as someone said you exactly get what you give so if you want respect you need to give it first. It represents the culture and etiquettes of your family and roots. Some people are very rough in their behavior and they get nothing by being aggressive.

Do you think people have become more or less polite in your country compared to when you were a child?

Yes, these days one get to see very little of politeness in my country. It all depends on your upbringing, the kind of values and morals that are passed on to you from your elders. It’s certainly a matter of concern when kids are not polite and rough in their behavior. Such a negative behavior harms them at a later stage of life.

PART 2 – Cue Card

Describe a person in the news that you want to meet.

  • Who he or she is
  • What did this person show up
  • How do you know what this person?
  • Why you want to meet him/her

Sample Answer:-

Well, there are many people who after catch the headlines of newspapers like politicians, singer etc. to be honest, I also watch and read the news to keep myself updated with the latest occasions around me. Here I would like to talk about someone with whom I want to meet and he hit the headlines very frequently.

Actually, he is a regional singer, Actor and lyricist of Punjab and his name is “Tarsem Jassar”. Jassar is an Eminent among youngsters. Moreover, he is well known for his lyrics. Even though he has acquired name and fame, he is down to earth. Apart from this, he is an active member of many non-governmental organizations and does a lot of charity works.

I saw him in the news a few months back when Punjab was flooded due to the excess of water in a river. At that time, people were suffering from the starvation and he donated a lot of money to help the sufferers.

I am a big aficionado of him and follow him on many social websites. Mr. Jassar is a perfect role model for youngsters and they should idolize them.

There are various reasons why, I want to meet him. Firstly, I am big fan of him and I want to click some photographs with him. Apart from that, I want to thank him for his charity work and the meaningful songs which always keep me in touch with my tradition.

PART 3 – Discussion/follow-ups

What type of people can be seen on T.V.?

Many celebrities like Actors, Singers, and Sports persons etcetera can be seen on T.V. Moreover, Politicians, Subject matter experts, Bureaucrats’ etcetera, can be seen on T.V.

Do you think that there is too much news about celebrities?

Yes, I think there is too much news about celebrities these days. Some of the news channels focus on unnecessary news about eminent personalities, to increase their TRP.

What is usually in the news in India?

In India, news is usually about the politicians, celebrities and crime. There are also discussions about social and political issues. Apart from this, there is news about news developments and discoveries in India and in other nations.

Are the stories about celebrities in news always true?

No, not necessarily. In fact, most news is exaggerations about their personal lines. Moreover, these are just reported to increase TRP.

Do you believe that everything said in the news?

Yes, I mostly believe everything said in the news. I usually follow various news channels, so the news I hear on one channel can be corroborated on other channels. These days the level of awareness of people has increased, so the news channels cannot afford to telecast fake or false news.


28th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

28th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

28th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

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28th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

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