7th March, Important IELTS Speaking & Writing Task

7th March, Important IELTS Speaking & Writing Task

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The bar graph below shows income and expenditure of five companies, in millions of dollars, for the year 2001. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

7th March, Important IELTS Speaking & Writing Task

The double bar graph compares the income and expenditure in millions of dollars of five companies in the year 2001.

It is evident from a quick glance at the graph that there had been vast differences in the earnings and spending of all the five organizations. Two of the concerns earned more and spent less, whereas the other three experienced a reverse trend.

The incomes of Cos. M and P were exactly the same. US$ 45 million. Incidentally, these were the concerns that had the maximum earnings. However, their expenses varied substantially. While Co. M had spending of only $35 million, Co. P spent $ 40 million in 2001. It can thus be seen that Co. M fared better in making profit for the year. Of the other three Cos. N and R had earnings of $ 40 million each. However, the expenditure of Co. N far exceeded all the others at $ 50 million. Co. R expended $ 45 million. The income of Co. Q was the lowest, but their expenditure was very high and had to suffer the greatest loss.

Overall while Cos. M and N made for the year 2001, the others suffered loss.

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Subjects such as Art, Sport and Music are being dropped from the school curriculum for subjects such as information technology. Many children suffer as a result of these changes. To what extent would you support or reject the idea of moving these subjects from school curriculum? Give reasons for your answer and give include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience.

In former days, schools gave importance to all subjects like math, science, art etcetera. However, now we are living in modern are where many changes have taken place. These days some schools are dropping subjects such as arts, music, sports from the school curriculum and replacing it with information and technology subjects. Some people think that it is justifiable, while others oppose.

I agree with the second view and would discuss both the sides and give my view in the following paragraphs.

There are certain reasons to support my view. Firstly, school is an institution for overall personality development of students. If they only study academic subjects like such as math, science, English etcetera then they would have knowledge of the subjects only and not of anything else that is happening around them. They would become bookworm. Also, sports subject is mandatory because nowadays the physical activities of children have reduced to a large extent because indoor activities like gaming or watching television. Therefore, if schools also do not have such subjects, then the physical development would hamper.

Secondly, these subjects are important to identify hidden talent. Not everyone wants to do a job in IT industry nowadays there is a great scope in diverse fields like music industry, sports such as tennis and cricket, writing and much more. If these subjects exist in school only then students can think to pursue it further and take up as a career. Thus to widen the career opportunities of young ones, schools should not eliminate these subjects.

On the other hand, some people contradict the above-mentioned view. They believe that it is a wise idea to reduce the number of subjects. Subjects like music, arts and sports distract the students from studies. They only focus on these subjects and do not study properly in other vital subjects. Practically, IT industry is growing rapidly, so if youngsters have basic knowledge of it from school days then they would not have to put extra stress in college or university studies.

To conclude, I would like to state that both the above-said points are relevant and valid. However, if I consider these logically, then I believe that the first view is more effective and powerful and so, schools curriculum but they can add information technology subject.         

General Writing Task 1

You visited post office for sending a packet. There was a long queue and you had to wait long for your turn. Write a letter to post master for the same.

In your letter,

  • Describe what happened
  • Express your suggestions
  • Say what expectations you have from the post master

Dear post master,

On 25 July 2015, I visited your post office for mailing a packet containing important documents by speed post. The service quality was utterly lousy. My speed post invoice number is MJI569842.

At your post office, there are eight service counters. When I came to post office, I found that they were only for a display. Out of these eight counters, only one counter was operational, leaving a long line of waiters getting piled up as time passed. The post office was not understaffed at all. I could see other officers busy talking on the phone, and gossiping. They had no regard for customers who were toiling for their turn. Your team was in a position to open up a new counter to reduce the wait time for all. But, it seemed that they were enjoying other’s plight.

 I request you to have this matter investigated. Those who are responsible for negligence at work must be panelized. At the same time, I suggest that post office must work with all its efficiency and manpower utilization.

 I hope to hear from you and my email address is eric.bana@xyz.com.

Sincerely yours,

Eric bana


Lousy (adjective): very bad, to pile up (verb): to become larger in quantity or amount, to gossip (verb): to talk about people’s private lives, often in an unkind way, to toil (verb): to work hard, plight (noun): a difficult and sad situation, to penalize (verb): to punish somebody for breaking a rule or law by making them suffer a disadvantage

IELTS Speaking full Interview:-


What is your full name?

Well, My name’s Arshpreet kaur.

How may I call you?

Well, you may address me by my nick name Arsh because my all kith and kin call me by the samename.

Where are you from?

I am a dweller of chuhar-chak which falls in district moga.

Do you have a pet?

Yes, I’ve a dog. His name is snowie. He is a Dalmatian (a breed of dog).

Do you like your pet?

I cannot do without it. Snowier is an integral part of our life. We all love it dearly.

What is your lucky number?

My lucky number is 9.

Where are you from?

 I am from Delhi, the capital of India.

Do you work or study?

I am studying at present; I’m a final year economics student at Delhi University.

What type of transport do you generally use?

I have a motorbike, and I also use the ‘metro’ depending upon where I went to go. The metro train is convenient for going to a lot of places and relatively cheap. If I want to go out of the city then I usually take my motorbike because it is more convenient for me.

Do you think transportation in your country is good? Why?

I’m not yet conceived with the transportation facilities in my country. In metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai, they have local trains or trams. These places are a business hub and that’s why we’ve better commuting facility. But in other ‘Tier 2’ and Tier 3 cities, the government hasn’t done enough for people. Most of these cities relay on the private transportation and people face a daunting task in communicating every morning. But I would also mention that the district rail system is efficient and well-connected across the states of India.

How would you upgrade the transportation in your country?

It is a colossal task for various state governments. The railway tracks are the same that were laid decades back and in a dilapidated condition. Buses are too old to run on the road. The whole infrastructure needs refurbishing and a radical overhaul.


Describe the happiest day in your life.

You should say

  • What that day was, or what the occasion was
  • What happened on that day?
  • How happy you were

How did you react to the situation on that day? (or) how did you celebrate that day?


Candidates can speak about their selection in their first job, their first appointment letter, their marriage or engagement day, winning a prize or a competition, a chance meeting with an old friend, a picnic with friends, etc.

Sample answer:

The happiest day of my life was 30th April, 2000. This was the day my wife delivered a baby girl, and I become a father. It was an auspicious moment for me when I saw my new born baby girl for the first time. She was crying when I first saw her. Her crying was turning her face a tender reddish pink. She had kept her eyes and fists closed. The corners of my eyes also become wet with happiness, when I set my eyes on her for the first time. My body and mind brimmed over with joy as soon as I took her in my hands. That was an ecstatic moment for me, and the ecstasy lasted throughout the day. Thrilled and overjoyed, I thanked the doctor and her assistant nurse for the safe delivery of my child. After that, I went to see my wife as she had been transferred to her room by then. I gifted some flowers to her and thanked her for giving me the most invaluable gift of my life. I could not take my eyes off my new born daughter as she lay sleeping beside her mother, taking deep breaths. Later, I called my friends, relatives and neighbors, and gave them the good news. I also bought sweets to distribute to all the visitors who come to see my wife and daughter, the staff members at the hospital, and the other patients, there. On that day, I also felt some changes coming over myself. Suddenly, I felt more responsible and more conscious. I also felt grateful to the almighty, who gave me this opportunity to take care of, and nurture a new life on earth. It was certainly the happiest day of my life.

PART – 3 Follow up Questions

  1. What makes you happy in life?

Everything that is good for me, my family, and mankind, makes me happy. I don’t believe in giving a conditional and emotional response to the situation in my life. I firmly believe that complete acceptance of everything in life makes us eternally happy.

  • How do you celebrate the happy moments in life?

It depends a lot the situation. Generally, I go to restaurants or ice cream parlors with my family and friends to celebrate happy moments. I also take photographs of those who are present there.

  • Do you do anything to cherish the memory of that event/day/occasion?

Yes, that day is actually the birthday of my daughter. So I give her some gifts every year. We also invite her friends and classmates home, and arrange a small party, on that day. What’s more, also always make it a point to buy return gifts, for my daughter to give to her friends, at the end of the party. She gets very happy on her birthday. In fact, show starts making plans for the celebration weeks in advance! Her happiness at the celebration actually enhances our happiness, too.

  •  Do wealth and material possessions play any role in bringing happiness in life?

Material possessions and wealth offer luxury, comfort, and convenience. People often associate their happiness with luxury and comfort. Such people may feel happy with wealth. However, in a bid to buy happiness, some people may adopt unethical ways to lived. Hence, it is important to understand that money and things cannot bring long lasting happiness in life.

  • What factors are responsible for the well- being of a person?

There are three factors important to the well being of a person. They are physical, psychological and financial stability. Physical stability relates to the health of the body. Psychological stability relates to the health of the mind; and financial stability is related to the monetary support available to a person in order to survive and grow in this world.

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