23rd March, Best IELTS Speaking & Writing Tasks

Best IELTS Speaking & Writing Tasks

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The pie chart below show, respectively, the male-female ratio and the urban-rural population ratio in respect of a country. Summarize the information be selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

23rd March, Best IELTS Speaking & Writing Tasks
23rd March, Best IELTS Speaking & Writing Tasks

Sample Answer:-

The twin pie chart depicts the male-female ratio as well as the proportion of urban and rural population in large country. The first pie chart indicates that the country has a lopsided male-female ratio, while the second indicates that the country is largely urbanized.

In a country of 1,027 million people, almost three-fourths of the population, precisely 742 million, live in urban areas. Only one-fourth people, precisely 285 million, stay in rural areas. It can be discerned that the country is quite urbanized. Perhaps, the country is largely industrial, with only a small proportion of population engaged in agriculture or related activities.

On the parameter of gender ratio, the country fares rather poorly, as the distribution of population is skewed in favour of males. There are only 933 females to every 1,000 males. This asymmetrical ratio gives a little hint about the poor status of women in the society.

On the whole, the twin pie chart hints at a heavily populated, but industrialized, country with a skewed sex ratio.

General Writing Task 1:-

You had a really palatable meal last night with your family in a local restaurant. Write a letter to the manager of the restaurant. In your letter,

  • Tell him about your experience
  • Describe what meal you had
  • Explain why the restaurant is worth visiting again

Sample Answer:-

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to appreciate the dinner my family and I had last night at your restaurant. We came to celebrate my father’s retirement. We had a great evening, thanks to the delicious meal and the hospitality of your staff. All of us agreed on the fact that it was the best meal we ever had. We had ordered a variety of dishes from Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine. Everything was scrumptious and well-presented. The delicious pudding completed the meal and left us highly satiated. I have heard this is a specialty of your restaurant.

The staff was very hospitable and the service given by the writer, Deepak, was highly appreciated. The next dinner-out of our family is undoubtedly going to be at your restaurant again. The warmth and friendliness experienced at your restaurant has made it our favorite place.

Thanking you once again

Yours faithfully,


Writing task 2 (AC+GT):-

Teachers should make learning enjoyable and fun for their students. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Sample Answer:- 

Modern education has become highly competitive. Students have to withstand the pressure of competition along with the pressure of high expectations from parents. This often results in building up tension in the minds of young children. Therefore, I strongly support the idea that teachers should make learning more enjoyable and full of fun, especially if the students are of a tender age.

Let us place ourselves in the shoes of a student at a tender age. The brain tends to be tired with continuous and monotonous learning. When things are taught in an unusual and interesting manner, the child enjoys learning. This creates in the young mind a craving for knowledge on the subject. Such craving is possible only when the matter is presented in an attractive manner. There are far too many distractions in the life of a youngster. Only if learning is made interesting will it keep the student away from all these distractions.

Fun-filled classes also help in better retention. A student is more receptive if the subject matter is presented in interesting and enjoyable manner. As a young child, I remember how my fourth standard teacher, Dorothy ma’am dressed up in a yellow frock and stood in the centre of the class to teach us the concepts of rotation and revolution. Then, in the seventh standard, we learnt about the Mutiny of 1857 by enacting scenes from the Mutiny. This way, we learnt the whole thing without memorization.

The student is not the only gainer here. The teacher also gets immense satisfaction from interacting with the students in an interesting manner. Her involvement also brings in additional inputs, as her mind keeps fresh and she feels motivated to think of novel ways to add fun to learning.

Even the authorities have recognized the importance of fun element in educational. Various kinds of audio/visual gadgets are now being used in the class so that learning can be fun and enjoyable. The present day communication system provides ample opportunities to turn the classroom into a place to be. Therefore, there is no doubt that adding fun into teaching would be more effective and arouse the desire among the students to know more.

IELTS Speaking full Interview:-

PART – 1   Intro Part

What is your full name?

Hello, I am Gurlez kumar.

Can I see you ID?

With pleasure, this is my passport.

Where are you from?

I’m from Bangalore.

Do you work or study?

I am a student.

What subject(s) are you studying?

I am doing B.A degree in choreography/dance.

Why did you choose to study that subject?

I find it so amazing that how beautiful one can express emotions through dance and I’m inclined to learn more about this form of art.

Do you like your subject? (Why? / Why not? )

Yes, it’s very challenging; as one has to choose the right kind of music that would accompany the dance, complex movements to entertain the audience, assist with costume design, lightening and other artistic aspect of a show.

What is the name of your favorite movie? Why?

The name of my favorite movie is “Anand” in which a very famous actor Rajesh Khanna asted very nicely. He was one of the most talented actors India has ever seen and he was the first superstar in India.

What is the name of your favorite TV serial? Why?

The name of my favorite TV serial is “Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma”. It’s my favorite serial because it’s very comic. There are many characters in that serial and almost all the characters are very funny. The central character is played by a well-known TV artist Dilip Joshi who created very funny expressions on his face in the serial.

What will you do if you fail the IELTS exam?

I’m confident that I will surely get through the IELTS exam. Yet if I fail, then I will work much harder than before and take the exam again.

When are you planning to go abroad?

I’ll most probably go in September this year.

Which country have you planned to go? Why?

I’ve planned to go to the USA because it is a wonderful country and I’ve been dreaming of going to that country for education since childhood. There are many famous colleges in America.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe your visit to a garden

  • Location of the garden
  • When you visited
  • What facilities are available
  • What you liked about the garden

Sample Answer:-

The garden I visited last is Primal Garden located at Navrangapura area in my city. This is one of the most attractive and well-maintained gardens of my city. It is a big garden having one main gate and two side gates. It is designed by keeping the demands of the civilians of a mega city in mind. It has a long jogging track that passes along with the circumference of the garden so that it offers maximum length to those who want to walk or jog. It also has benches to sit so that people can pass their time with each other. It also offers an open stage that is ideal for local cultural activities. It also has a pond where children can enjoy watching ducks and feeding the fish. A big area of the garden offers green lawn. This area is ideal for laughing clubs and other social meetings.

The garden also offers a mini train for children and a play ground with some rides like swings, slopes, see-saw, and so on. The whole place generates pleasant and soothing feeling in all visitors. People often go to this garden to feel closeness with nature, as it is located in the most urbanized area of my city where people don’t have direct access to any natural place. This garden therefore offers the best option for the local people too enjoy a natural scenery and to relax themselves from their hectic life. I think gardens are changing their role in today’s urbanized areas from a playground to a place for relaxation and socialization. Gardens will be more popular options in the future also as they offer cost free relaxation and pleasant atmosphere.

PART – 3 Discussion

Do you think the number of gardens available in your city should be increased?

It is necessary to increase the number of gardens in my city because of two good reasons. First, a garden offers natural scenery that is almost essential in the fast moving and pollution-emitting environment of my city. Second, it offers an opportunity like walk, exercise, laughing club, games etc.

Should there be any entry charge to visit gardens? Why?

I think authorities should take a token charge from people who want to come to gardens. This is because when we pay money, we act more responsibly at the place. Next, the money can be used in the development of the garden so that it can serve the people more efficiently. However, garden authorities should keep free entry for senior citizens and children.

What care should be taken while visiting a garden?

We should check opening and closing timings of the garden before we visit it. Apart from that we must read all rules and instructions for the garden before entering it so that we may not break any rules and damage anything out of ignorance.

Do gardens need security? Why?

Gardens are a public place. They need security for many reasons like protection of plants and trees from getting damaged or stolen, protection of visitors from pick picketers and other antisocial elements and protection from pollution from rubbish and other waste materials.

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23rd March, Best IELTS Speaking & Writing Tasks
23rd March, Best IELTS Speaking & Writing Tasks

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