Best IELTS Writing & Speaking, 9th May

Best IELTS Writing & Speaking, 9th May

Academic Writing Task 1

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information in the graphs below. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Best IELTS Writing & Speaking, 9th May
Best IELTS Writing & Speaking, 9th May

Sample Answer:-

The graphs compare the number of deaths caused by six diseases in Someland in 1990 with the amount of research funding allocated to each of those diseases. It can be clearly seen that the amount of research funding in many cases did not correlate with the seriousness of the disease in terms of numbers of deaths.

In 1990 there were around 0.2 million deaths from AIDS, 0.1 million deaths from leprosy, 0.3 million deaths from tropical diseases, 0.5 million deaths from diarrhea, 0.4 million deaths from malaria and 1.8 million deaths from TB. These figures can be contrasted with the amount of funding allocated for each disease. In 1990 AIDS received 180 million dollars in research funding, leprosy 80 million dollars in research funding, tropical diseases 79 million dollars in research funding, diarrhea 60 million dollars in research funding, malaria 50 million dollars and TB 20 million dollars in research funding.

In conclusion it is clear that funding allocation for disease research in Some land is not wholly determined by the number of deaths for which each disease is responsible in a given year.

General Writing Task 1:-

You are not happy about a service you received a couple of days ago from a company and you have decided to complain about it. Write a letter to the company to complain about the poor service you received from its employee. In your letter, express:

  • why you went to the shop/office
  • how the employees behaved to offend you
  • what you expect the company to do

Sample Answer:-

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to register a complaint with you regarding poor service, and the rude attitude by your stuff that I experienced last Monday when I visited your shop. I am hoping you would take proper steps so that no other customer feel humiliated the way I did.

I went to your shop on Monday, 24th November, with the intention of purchasing a microwave oven for my home. While I was in your shop, not a single employee approached and offered me any assistance! They were watching a soap opera on the television and were fully focused on the show. I decided to ask one of the employees for help but he showed no interest to help me. He was actually rude when I asked him what types of microwave ovens were available in the shop and if he could assist me. He pointed out his finger to another employee and this gesture was extremely awkward. I wasn’t there to ask a favour, rather purchase a product and the unprofessional employees you have are surely going to cost your business.

I regret to have been in your shop and will never be there. However, you should know how poorly your staff treats your customers. I am hoping you would take initiatives to offer better customer experience in the future by hiring more professional employees.

Yours faithfully,

Irene Byers

IELTS Writing Task 2

Do children behave better when they are physically punished or rewarded?

Sample Answer:-

Children are the future of the nation and how they should be raised, is a debatable issue. Some people believe that they should be exposed to the physical punishment while other say constant appreciation is required for them. According to me, these arguments need proper scrutinization before forming an opinion.

To begin with, there are many advantages of conferring rewards to children first of all, appreciation and verbal praise can have a magical impact on the behavior of the children because when they are appreciated for good conduct they come to know about the value of good behavior and try to keep continue with that. The more they brim with positive comments, the more they are confident. On the other hand, children who are subjected to artificial physical punishment are seen with lack of self-confidence. A survey conducted on the behavior of children revealed that a child exposed to punitive actions my parents are more aggressive and furious than others of his age. Hence beatings to a child can never be fruitful.

On the contrary, there is no denying the fact that training to the notorious and ferocious mind is a hard nut to crack because it is true that rod the only logic for the fools. Moreover, some children repeat mistakes even after being warned and punished, this type of stubbornness force parents and guardians to give them beatings. Needless to say, over-pampering may have an adverse effect on children. In this present scenario, parents have one or two children and this pampering distract them away from their path.

To conclude, children are the tender buds and nurturing them is really a major responsibility. Therefore, a fair judgment on behavior is required for good upbringing.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART – 1 Intro Part

What is your full name?
My name is Jagtaar Bhullar.

Can I see your ID?
Of course, here! It is.

What is your job?
I currently work as an office manager at a large marketing company. I’ve been in the job for about three years now. I’m usually assigned to work with a specific business in order to improve their sales through various marketing strategies.

Do you have to work with other people?
Oh yes, all the time. It’s a big office and we all have to work as a team if we want to achieve results. I have colleagues I need to liaise with such as the graphic designers and I also have administration staff who work under me. And of course I also have to work alongside the companies that we provide marketing for. So yes, I definitely have to work with other people.

Do you think you will change jobs in the future?
Well, that’s not something I’m thinking about at the moment as I really enjoy what I do and it’s a really good company to work for. The pay is good and they have other good benefits such as flexi-time and end of year bonuses. But that said, change is always a good thing, so l can’t see me being there forever. I am sure I will change one day.

Are you good at managing your time?
Actually l’d say I’m not too good! I don’t really have a system in place to organize things. I know some people have an electronic organizer or use some device to plan what they are doing but I don’t do that. But l always make sure I am on time for appointments and things like that, and I meet deadlines and get things done.

How do you manage your time?
As I said, I don’t have any specific system in place to manage my time. For example, if I am at work and I have a lot of cases, I just go through them each day and decide which I need to tackle first. At work we do have an online diary which I guess I use, so in that sense I do manage my time to an extent.

When is it most important for you to manage your time?
I think it is probably when you are at work. When out of work, it’s not really going to affect things too much, or at least only yourself, if you are late to meet friends or for an appointment, or if you are getting things done in your house. But at work, it will cause problems if you don’t manage your time effectively because you could miss deadlines or miss appointments. You could lose your job. So at work is when it is most important to manage your time.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe a time you missed an appointment for something
You should say:

  • When and where it happened\
  • What the appointment was for
  • What happened when you missed it
  • And explain how you felt about missing the appointment

Band 8.5 Sample Answer:

I missed my first job interview two years ago because of my carelessness. Once I lost it, I feel regret for that late even today.

At that time, as a fresh graduate, an interview appointment is valuable. I applied for Unilever as Sale executive, one of the best global companies with dynamic working environment and good benefits. I waited for about two months after attending at the IQ written test. I received an email announcing that I was one the tenth applicants who successfully passed the test. I was overjoyed when they asked me to join at the formal interview. However, I lost that chance.

The appointment was at sharply 14:00 which I thought would be at 4pm. Thus, I planned to celebrate my friend’s birthday around 2pm and leave her house around 3pm for the interview because the journey would take around 45 minutes.

I prepared for the interview carefully and left my friend’s house a little bit early as the city I live in has several serious problems of traffic jam. Unfortunately, it started to rain and the bus came late around 3.15pm. The traffic was very bad so the bus was moving very slowly due to the unavoidable traffic jam under heavy rain. At that time, I received a call from the company. With an angry voice, the authority informed that I missed the appointment and lost the opportunity to work at Unilever.
Initially, I felt that my luck is not favoring me and felt a deep sense of anger because I thought it was not my fault but the traffic congestion. However, when I checked email again, I felt pity for me as I could not go to the appointment in time.

It becomes my invaluable experience. Since then, I always read emails and note down carefully the schedule.

PART – 3 Discussion

Can you describe yourself as a punctual person?
Well, I always try my best to be on time. However, living in a city where traffic is an unavoidable problem, it becomes difficult to be punctual. But I strongly believe that no excuse can help you escape from the principles of life. So, I set my schedules keeping punctuality in mind.

How do you feel when people keep you waiting?
I think it’s not at all a good thing. But sometimes we need to know the reason behind a particular incident. If a person is always not on time, it means he is not able to manage time accurately. Especially it is not acceptable professionally. But if it’s a personal appointment, I normally take things at ease.

Do you feel bad if you are late?
I feel awful because I know it disturbs people. So if I am late due to any reason, I first apologize and try to make up for it.

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Best IELTS Writing & Speaking, 9th May

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