IELTS Speaking Vocabulary – Best IELTS Phrases

IELTS Speaking Vocabulary – IELTS Phrases

IELTS Phrases specially for Part 2 (Cue Card), so you can use below phrases and put good impression on Examiner.

In your IELTS Speaking Test, you can use these phrases and Boost your Band Score.

1. Asking what something on the task sheet means

“Excuse me. Can I ask what one word means?”

“Sorry. Could you explain this word here?”

2. Asking if it’s okay to speak about something

“Can I speak about…?”

“Is it okay to speak about…?”

“Is…..a kind of……?”

“Does this/that include…?”

3. Starting the Speaking Part Two presentation

“I think I’m ready.”

“Can I start?”

“Shall I start?”

“Is that one minute?”

“I’d like to speak about….”

“I’m going to talk about……”

“I’ve chosen to present….”

“I’m, really glad I got this topic because….”

“There were many things I could have spoken about but…”

“It’s a strange coincidence that I got this topic because just yesterday….”

“The only thing I could think of to speak about is….”

“This doesn’t exactly match the question, but….”

“There were many things I could have talked about, but I chose….”

4. Thinking aloud/Filling silence

“What’s the next question?”

“Have I covered everything? Oh, no….”

“I can’t remember the name in English, but….”

“What else can I say? Well, I suppose…..”

5. Vague answers

“…something like……”

“around/about/approximately/more or less”

6. Getting back on topic


“Where was I? Oh yes,….”

“Getting back to the questions on the sheet,….?”

“I think I’m going off topic.”

7. Talking about things you can’t remember

“I can’t remember…exactly, but…”

“I can’t recall whether….or….not, but probably…”

“I’ve forgotten…., but……”

IELTS Speaking Vocabulary - IELTS Phrases
IELTS Speaking Vocabulary – IELTS Phrases

8. Ending the Speaking Part Two Presentation

“That’s all I can think of the say.”

“That’s it”

“I think I’ve covered everything.”

“Umm, that’s it.”

“I can’t think of anything else to say.”

“Can I stop there?”

“Is that enough?”

“Is that more than one minute?”

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IELTS Speaking Vocabulary - Best IELTS Phrases

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