Best IELTS Writing Task 2, IELTS Speaking Interview, 14th April

IELTS Writing Task 2, IELTS Speaking Interview, 14th April

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The charts show (Chart a) the average speed of urban zone traffic (in kilometers per hour or kph) in a number of countries over a fifty-year period, including a future estimate; and also (Chart b) the total number of urban zones per country (in thousands.)
Write a report summarising the information. Select and describe the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Best IELTS Writing Task 2, IELTS Speaking Interview, 14th April

IELTS Writing Task 2, IELTS Speaking Interview, 14th April
IELTS Writing Task 2, IELTS Speaking Interview, 14th April

Sample Answer:-

The charts show the average velocity of city traffic over a fifty year timescale, with a forecast for the future, and also the amount of urban zones by country.

We can see that the general trend is for the speed to increase and then decrease. For example, in France, it increased from 60 kph in 1970 to a peak of 86 kph in 1990, tailing off to a forecast 52 kph in 2020. Similarly, we see the USA peak at 57 kph in 1990, declining to 43 kph at the end. The UK and Russia have a similar trend, rising to 56 and 72 kph respectively in 2010 before falling to below the starting level. The same happens in Canada with a decline from 69 kph to 64 kph despite a peak of 73 kph.

Chile, however, fluctuates around 51 kph, but remains static over the period. Italy, Brazil and Spain, by contrast, show a clear rise, finishing at 58, 57 and 61 kph respectively.

Regarding urban zones, all countries except one see predicted increases of roughly 4 times by 2020. The exception is Russia, which sees a fall of about half to 3,200.

Overall, the data does not suggest any correlation between increasing urban zones and average traffic speeds.

Best IELTS Writing Task 2, IELTS Speaking Interview, 14th April

General Writing Task 1:-

You would like to rent a car for a holiday. Write to the car rental agency. In your letter
– Explain what type of car you would like
– Give details of when you would like the car
– Request more information about the cost

Best IELTS Writing Task 2, IELTS Speaking Interview, 14th April

Sample Answer:

Dear sir or madam,

I would like to arrange a rental car for my upcoming visit to Chelling City. I will be arriving on the 13th of January and will need the vehicle for a period of 9 days. As we are flying in, we would like to either pick the car up at the airport or meet one of your representatives there. My flight number is NZ154, arriving at 8.45 am.

As I will be travelling with my wife and two children, as well as luggage and camping equipment for the period, we are looking for a medium sized vehicle that will comfortably travel off road.

I would be grateful if you could confirm availability of a suitable vehicle and let us know the costs as soon as possible so we can get this arranged.

For insurance purposes, I have a clean driving licence and am 48 years old.

With thanks,

Brian Sharples

Best IELTS Writing Task 2, IELTS Speaking Interview, 14th April

Best IELTS Writing Task 2, IELTS Speaking Interview, 14th April

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Best IELTS Writing Task 2, IELTS Speaking Interview, 14th April

It is better to save money than to spend it. How far do you agree with this statement? Is saving more important than spending in today’s world?
Give reasons for your answer, and provide ideas and examples from your own experience.

Sample Answer:-

With the world in such economic turmoil, many of us face difficult choices in managing our money. Personally, I feel that saving is preferable to high spending, and I will explain why.

Firstly, saving money is a sensible precaution in a world where the future is uncertain. It is possible, for example, that a person might meet unemployment, ill health or other crises at some point in life. It is essential to have some funds in reserve for these situations, and saving is for most people the only way to achieve this. Furthermore, I believe that saving is itself a good discipline for people to develop, as it builds skills of planning and reaching targets. We can see this in the way that disciplined people build up quite large sums through small monthly contributions to savings plans. In many cases this meets important objectives in their lives, including large purchases such as cars or property. Finally, we have to remember the reasons for the current economic problems besetting the world. The crisis was caused by excessive spending and insufficient saving- not just by individuals, but by corporations and even governments themselves. I feel that an emphasis on sensible saving should be a universal strategy now.

I do appreciate that some people think differently, saying that it is better to live for the moment band spend accordingly. While some daily spending is essential, of course, I feel this is a potentially unwise viewpoint, especially considering recent global events.

To conclude, I believe that saving is the wiser course, not just for financial but also for personal and political reasons. Sensible saving is an invaluable skill and a buffer against uncertainty.

Best IELTS Writing Task 2, IELTS Speaking Interview, 14th April

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART – 1 Intro Part

What is your full name?
My name is Gurdit Singh.

Can I see your ID?
Sure! Here it is.

Where are you from ?
I am born and raised in Delhi.

Do you work or study?
I am doing masters in professional accounting at Delhi University.

Are there many art galleries where you live?
No, not that I know of. I live in a small town so l don’t think there are any, though we do have a few museums and other cultural institutions. In our capital city there are quite a few art galleries, however.

Did you like to go to art galleries when you were a child?
I’ve never been that interested in art to be honest so not really. We were taken to one as part of a trip when I was at school. It has a lot of paintings from famous artists from our country. It was quite interesting to see l guess but I’ve not been to any since.

Should people have to pay to go to art galleries?
I think it depends really. If possible they should be free because if people do have to pay they are less likely to go and see it. But on the other hand these things cost money so a small fee may be necessary if it can keep the art gallery going and keep it open. Ideally though the government should pay for this has I believe this kind of thing is paid for by our taxes.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe some local news that people in your locality are interested in.
You should say:

  • what the news is
  • how you know about this news
  • who is involved in this news
  • and explain why it is interesting to people.

Sample Answer:-

Last summer I saw a news on the net which is very interesting and encourage. In my hometown surrounded with some rural area where is very poor. The young man in there are not satisfied wither living condition, so they move to big city looking for good employment opportunities, but they don’t have any skills to earn money, so they study electrical weld in a vocational school. After they graduate they came to Australia by labor service export. They are hard working ,energetic, and gradually received faith form their local employer. Finally they become the Australian Permanent Resident. The salary they earn is enough to afford their house ownership, and they have extra money monthly send back to china for their parents. When this news first appear in china, that vocational school become very popular, and many people want to study in it. Now these guys working and living happily in Australian.

When the first time I heard this news, I felt very interesting but felt more encouragement from it, they came from poor family but had changed their life through their effort ,their spirit deserve all of us to learn it.

PART – 3 Discussion

Do you read the newspaper every day?
Yes definitely I read the newspaper every day .I read the English tribune. It keeps me up to date with all kinds of news. I read this newspaper since 1999.all kinds of news like local, national and international are there in it.

What are the other sources of news in society?
With the advent of technology there is a number of sources of news. TV is the second media to telecast news. Large number of news channels telecasted news for 24 hours. moreover internet is another source of news. One could see any kind of news on the news websites.

Which kinds of news do you like to read in the newspaper?
Whenever I read all kinds of news in the newspaper but mostly I prefer to read related to the news vacancies opened by the government because after completing my study, I am searching a good job for me.

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Best IELTS Writing Task 2, IELTS Speaking Interview, 14th April

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