11th February, Daily Task

Academic Writing Task 1

The graph below shows the participation of Australia children in sports outside school hours in 2014. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparison where relevant.

11th February, Daily Task

Sample Answer:-

The given column graph compares the percentage of Australia boys and girls who participated in sports as extra-curricular activity in 2014. It is interesting to note that only 4% and 5% girls did not participate in any sports after school hours.

Swimming was slightly more popular among girls than boys, with about 13% boys and 16% girls participating in it. By contrast, basketball was minimally more popular among boys with 8% boys and 7% girls participating in it. Football was most popular among boys with 20% playing football after school hours. Only a small minority (4%) girls playing football. Netball, on the other hand, was more popular among girls with 18% playing it and only 2% boys liked netball. Therefore netball and football show opposing trends between both genders.

Overall, netball could be labeled as a game for girls and football for boys, according to this graph. Boys and girls in Australia clearly had different preferences for school sports activities.

General Writing Task 1

You read an article about dollar shop selling many products that are harmful for health. You have no right to shut this shop but you want the newspaper editor to write you cause.

 In your letter

  • Explain the situation
  • Say what actions you would like the newspaper to take
  • Describe negatives to convince the newspaper editor

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to seek your support for a noble cause. Your support may give voice to the screams of unheard community.

I have learned from the latest report ‘your health is your priority’ that most of the products at dollar shop contain toxic chemicals that are linked to many disease and potential disabilities. Some of them are learning abilities, cancer, and brain development to name a few. We know our community is obsessed with buying stuff from dollar shop because they are very cheap. The community is oblivious to the fact that these products are made of cheap hazardous materials that could put their danger. Agreed their products are cheap but cheapo, too. Single handedly, I would not be able to send this message to the community. It requires a coordinated effort to build an awareness program through advocacy. Therefore, I request you to publish an article on this concern.

I have researched information and reports that corroborates my claims. I solicit your co-operation and you can reach me at (555) 569 6987 or by email: paul.McCartney@xyz.com.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Mc Cartney

Activist cum common man


Toxic: containing poison; poisonous, oblivious (adjective): note aware of something, hazardous (adjective): involving risk or danger, especially to somebody’s health or safety, cheapo (adjective): cheap and often of poor quality, advocacy (adjective): the giving of public support to an idea, a course of action or a belief, to corroborate (verb): confirm; to provide evidence or information that supports a statement, theory, etc.

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT)

Do you think teachers should be evaluated by students? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Answer:-

In bygone days, teachers and students had a strong relation. Now we are living in 21st century which reflects modern era. Many changes have taken place. Many schools believe that students should evaluate their teachers. However, I oppose this trend and this essay would shed light on my viewpoint.

There are numerous to support that pupils should not evaluate their teachers. Firstly, students may take revenge. In the class, teachers scold their students many a time. So, at the time of feedback, students may give negative information of the teacher. Next, students may start feeling superior. When authorities give a chance to learners to give feedback of teachers and so, do not take them serious in the class.

Further, teachers would not be able to give their best performance in the class. They know that their students would give marks to them and authorities might take a strict action against them. Also, if a teacher knows that she teaches well in the class but pupils give a negative feedback then he/she might get demoralized. Thus, this may degrade their performance in the class.

To recapitulate, I would state that students should nit assess their teachers’ performance because this may spoil the environment of the class. If the authorities want to improve the academic result of the students then they can monitor the teachers themselves.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview

PART 1 – Intro part

What is your full name?

My name is Fridaus Balsara.

Can I see your ID?

Here it is!

Where are you from?

I belong to Mumbai, which is in the western part of India.

Do you work or study?

I work as an assistant HR manager with Oberoi Realty.

Do you like relatives coming to your home?

Yes, I do like my relatives visiting my place. I have cousins with who I get along very well and love their companies always. At the same time, I also love visiting my friends and relatives more often.

What do you usually do with your relatives?

All fun, I would say. Whenever my cousins visit my place, we go back to all old days of school, full of mischievous events that we had enjoyed. They allow me to relieve sweet childhood memories. One of my cousins and I studied together, and in fact, we were together until the higher secondary level. We’ve many common interests, such as playing cricket, watching action and thriller Hollywood movies, partying, gossiping and listening to the ‘Rock and Roll’ music and many among others. Things have changed a little bit now. These days we also discuss the challenges that we face in business and at times seek each other’s suggestion to any particular business challenge. My cousin is a foodie and my mom is an excellent cook, so we drink and have supper together whenever it’s possible.

Do you prefer visiting relatives yourself, or for them to come to your place?

I prefer both arrangements because all the cousins have many places to hang out and meet at any good place. But our uncles and aunties don’t frequent ours places much as we do so it gives us an opportunity to see our relatives with family. Because of parents and relatives, I like both arrangements whether they come to our place or we go to their place.

PART 2 – Cue Card

Talk about a car, bike bicycle trip you would like to make in the future.

Please say,

  • Where and when you would like to go
  • Who you would got there with
  • What you would do there

Sample answer:-

I’m waiting for this monsoon for playing a trip to Goa. Two months back, I’ve bought a new car. It’s Volvo S90. I would say she’s beast on the road, and the real pleasure I would get when I test her for a long trip to Goa. During the monsoon season, the trip could bring a lot of surprises and a different sort of enjoyment of getting drenched (= wet) and driving through the rain.

As usual, I will be accompanied with my cousin and his and my girlfriend. We all guys wanted to go for a long trip by car but something or the other held us back for some reason. It seems this time we have firmly decided to realize this dream.

Goa is an amazing place. We’ve visited Goa on a couple of occasions but all the visits made have been during November or December until now. During our last visit, it was very much crowded, and we decided to visit during the monsoon so there won’t be many people around. We all have sports adventures if the weather isn’t hostile during that time, sitting at the bench under the snacks for the long time, and visiting nearby beaches where possible.

PART 3 – Discussion/ Follow ups

What is your reason for choosing such a trip?

I don’t know but some kind of a déjà vu (= a feeling of having already experienced the present situation) I’ve for Goa. It keeps me calling all the time. I find a different kind of solace (= comfort, relief). Away from the bustling city (= full of people moving about in a busy way) like Mumbai recharges me mentally and greatly. Another obvious reason for choosing Goa is my inherent liking. I always love the western culture, and Goa is the only place in India which gives that sort of feeling. In Goa, I feel that I’m out in the western culture for some time and people of Goa are very magnanimous (= generous, charitable), inviting and cooperative ones, and I love sports adventures and beach sports. We also play volleyball on Condolim beach. Goa is all packed with the enjoyment and pure relaxation.

What mode of transport do you use to get to work?

I drive to workspace. Though driving in Mumbai is a tiring job, yet I love to be independent in my commuting. Plus, using the local train is not my cup of tea. I got pushed out of the train twice in the past, so that’s frightening for me.

What mode of transport do countryside people prefer?

In most cases. I guess people use the bus, run by the state transportation services. I’ve also seen people hitchhiking (= travel by getting free rides in passing vehicles), too. Some people carpool to reach their destinations. The carpool means the ‘tractorpool’ in the context of India. The word ‘tractorpool’ is yet to be introduced in English language (giggling). There is another mode of transportation and that’s the local train. Some people use the local train for their workplace, too.

Do you think we have enough footpaths for pedestrians?

Absolutely not, and in fact, I get annoyed at the lack of enough numbers of sidewalks (= footpaths) in my country. Simply we don’t have enough sidewalks. At some place, we do have but they are very narrow, not enough to accommodate the ever growing population of Mumbai. The other predicament (= difficult situation, plight) that we go through is the encroachment (= usurping of, a gradual advance beyond usual or acceptable limits). The roadside eaters and others block the passage of sidewalks leading others to walk on the road. That’s pathetic. But the problem is who should we go and make a complaint.

What should our governments do to curb pollution?

One sentence answer is: ban all the combustion engines that run on petrol and diesel. It looks more academic than practical when we discuss this grotesque (=repulsively ugly) form of pollution. However, I see a ray of hope going forward because the world has identified this issue, and is trying to counter this menace (= threat, danger). The only fear I have is it may not get too late to respond to this issue. Time will take its course. But, ‘yes’, we all citizens can make pollution free cities by planting as many trees as possible. The government is doing its bit, but all the citizens must reciprocate (= do the same, return the favor) the government’s initiatives of planting trees.

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