11th March, Best IELTS Tasks

11th March, Best IELTS Writing & Speaking Task

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The line graph shows statistics on the number of passengers at the London underground station during a day. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

11th March, Best IELTS Tasks
11th March, Best IELTS Tasks

Sample Answer:-

Data on the number of passengers at the London underground station at any hour of the day from 6.00 Hrs. To 22.00 Hrs. on a typical day is vividly portrayed in the line graph.

Passengers are at their maximum at 8.00 Hrs . in the morning and at 18.00 Hrs  in the evening and are the least at 16.pp Hrs. In the afternoon.

The day starts off at 6.00 in the morning with around 100 passengers. Over the nest two hours the number soars up to 400 by 8.00 o’clock, largely on account of commuters to work places. Another two hours find an equally sharp fall in the number, reaching around 175 passengers. Thereafter the rate rises to around 300 by 12 at noon. The next two hours witness a considerable slackening. From 14.00 Hrs. To 16.00 Hrs. the rate falls to the least number of below 100. There is a rush of commuters returning, from 4.00 to 6.00 in the evening of around 370 passengers. The number plummets thereafter.

To sum up  London underground station is at its busiest at 8.00 in the morning and 6.00 in the evening on account of commuters to work and back.

General Writing Task 1:-

You celebrated your birthday with some friends last week in a restaurant. It was a great success and you and your friends enjoyed the evening very much. Write a letter to the restaurant to thank them. Mention the food, service and the atmosphere. Also suggest any improvements to make things better.

Sample Answer –


You may please recall that my friends and I had my birthday party at your restaurant on Saturday evening last week. It was a grand experience for all of us and I write this to let you know of our appreciation of the same.

It was the food you served that attracted us most. Everyone was thoroughly satisfied and all were in praise of it. It was simply delicious. Some of our friends, who are pure vegetarians, are especially glad because you could serve them excellent veg. They say they have never tasted vegetarian food like that before. Your restaurant is quite spacious and it is kept absolutely spic-and-span. All arrangements were beyond complaint. The soft lighting and light music were just right to give a memorable ambience to the place. Another feature worth mentioning was the service. Your waiters were quite well behaved and friendly and they catered to every one of our needs quickly and with pleasure.

Before winding up, I wish you could serve Chinese food as well.

Yours faithfully,



Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Newspaper and books are outdated. Do you agree?

Sample Answer:-

Books and newspaper have revolutionized the outlook of people by bringing about a sea change in the way individuals think, live and work. But, the emergence of electronic media such as radio, television, computers and computer-based technology make some think that books and newspapers have become obsolete. This essay, however, does not agree with this view since they will have their relevance for all days to come.

Habitually, most people depend on books, newspaper and television for news and entertainment. However, with the emergence of the Internet, the scenario is changing. Now more people depend on televisions and the Internet for news, entertainment and information. Many authoritative books in different disciplines are now available on the Internet. And, some reputed magazines in the West are now published on the Internet only. These e-books are similar to conventional books as regards to form and presentation. This transformation in trends makes many think that the conventional newspapers and books are outmoded (=old fashioned).

In contrast, the fact remains that the amount of information one gets from television is negligible. For instance, in the UK, an hour of television news broadcast covers only as much news as covered by the front page of a broadcast. In addition, in a world, in which digital divide remains a stark reality, to argue that books and newspapers are outdated is preposterous. As long as the human race continues to exist on earth, books and newspapers will also continue to prevail  because many people derive some pleasure from reading these in the conventional way.

Briefly, many people are more comfortable with electronic media than with paper media. But argue that books and newspapers are disappearing because of electronic media is quite meaningless.

IELTS Speaking full Interview

PART 1 – Intro Part:-

What is your full name?

My name is Manpreet Kaur Saini.

Can I see your ID?

Yes, here you are.

Where are you from?

I am from Chandigarh, Punjab.

Do you work or study?

I am studying at the moment, here at Punjab University in Punjab.

What subject are you studying?

I am doing a Master degree in Business Administration.

Do you really enjoy this course?

Yes, I really like it because this course trains students with the essential courses tgat could be very useful at later stage of life. This course has a tremendous demand in India.

Do you like the place where you live?

Yes, I do. I love Chandigarh because it is one of the best cities of India. It is a city that is quite organized and full of life. We live in a nice peaceful area. It’s total residential area and you won’t find shops in the immediate vicinity. That’s something I like the most. It’s a good place to live in.

How do you usually spend your weekends?

Well, generally I’ve no specific plans for weekends. I take weekends as they shape up. Most importantly weekends are marked for resting, having fun with family or going out with friends to try new restaurants, pubs or discotheques. But during a normal weekend when I’ve nothing particularly planned, I often help my mother around the house and run some errands (= chore, task). If at all nothing works, then I would binge-watch movies with my family at home 

Which is your favourite part of the weekend?

Ah, the best part of the weekend is the late hours of evening. I don’t need to worry about waking up early on the following day; I mean Saturday night. Usually, my friends and I meet on Saturday evening. Either we gossip until late night or watch a late-night movie. I return home late. Overall, I enjoy all of weekend and in fact  the entire weekend itself is a favourite part of my living.

How important do you think it is to have free time on weekends?

There are so many things to do on weekends, not particularly related to your job but more related to your personal life for an overall wellbeing and balance in life. Therefore, some time on weekends is essential. Free time on weekends helps you either decompress (=calm down and relax) or get energized for the weekend ahead.

PART 2 -Cue Card

Describe a situation that you got a little angry.

Please say,

  • Where it happened
  • When it happened
  • Who you were with

And why you felt angry

Sample Answer:-

I’m a kind of guy who is not short-tempered unless some rough incidents provoke me, I maintain my composure. Though I understand perilous (=poisonous, detrimental, dangerous) outcomes of losing temper, I sometimes can’t help myself on certain occasions. I remember the confrontational (=hostile, argumentative) incident that took place nearby my workplace.

It was around a week or so while I was heading home. I was walking down the stairs toward the parking lot and (I) saw a man spitting against the wall. He was chewing the betel quid (=pan masala) , and right in front of my eyes, he spoiled the nicely maintained wall.

My colleague was with me, and both of us got shocked to see the audacity (=impudence, disrespectful behaviour) of that man. He dared to spit our presence and he knew that we noticing this deplorable (=completely unacceptable) act of him.

I hate when anybody spits especially the unsightly (=ugly, unpleasant to look at) red saliva, and stains the wall crimson (=a rich deep red) red. Such people are a great burden and the enemy of the aesthetic beauty of the city. Most of the Indian buildings are dirty because of spitting and the building maintenance officers face an uphill battle (=arduous, difficult) in keeping them neat and clean. On seeing this, I lost my temper and surrounded him off and made a complaint to the estate manager who mage him clean  the wall later

PART 3 – Discussion

  • How do you control your anger?

Certainly it’s a difficult task to control the anger but I always keep trying. Sometimes I win and the other time I lose too. The very first thing I do is to remain absolutely calm because in the heat of the moment (=while temporarily angry, excited, or engrossed, and without stopping for thought), we sometimes spit venom (=poison, toxic) only to regret later. The moment I feel my nerve is on edge (=tense, nervous), try to take a time out and focus on other things.

  • Why would some people get angry easily?

People are born with unique qualities and certain unspeakable characteristics, too. Some are naturally bad-tempered and there’s no remedy to fix unless and until the person in question peeps into himself. Others grow in a disturbing environment, they really are unlucky ones. Their troubled childhood leaves deep scars (=trauma, damage) and they’re unable to forget and reconcile (=settle, bring together again) with them. This leads them to get angry easily when they grow up.

  • How does people’s mood get affected?

People’s mood gets affected due to many reasons. It fluctuates depending upon the personal way of rationalizing the situation. It switches from time to time and situation to situation. For example, it really gets on my nerves (=get upset) when I see people are insensitive to animals or they’re indiscipline toward etiquettes. Mood swings are common in our society and we must not be judgemental when somebody speaks something; we should try to take things easily. There could be many reasons attributed to the person’s mood. For example, people’s mood gets affected by illness, weather disputes, personal vendetta (=feud, quarrel), and noisy surroundings to name a few.

  • Is it important to be calm?

It’s said that if you remain calm and composed, the half battle is won in our life. It’s really important because once the words are spoken, they can’t be retracted (=draw or be drawn back). It spoils the relationship and in some cases, people pay the heavy price. Moreover, the anger gives birth to animosity (=strong hostility) and it takes years to repair that damage.

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11th March, Best IELTS Tasks
11th March, Best IELTS Tasks

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