12th February, Daily Task

Academic Writing Task 1

The graph below shows the total births and the deaths in A European country from 1950 to 2050. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and give comparisons where relevant.

12th February, Daily Task

Sample Answer:-

The given line graph compares the Birth Rate and Death Rate from 1950 onwards and also gives projections upto 2050. It is clear from a cursory glance at the graph that the Birth and Death Rates have been almost similar except for the 1970s when the birth rate was much more than the Death Rate.

In 1950s, the number of births in country was roughly 750,000. After that the population of the newly born rose sharply and peaked at 1000000 in the 1970s. Then it dropped sharply to reach an all time low of a little under 600000 in the 1990s. From then on the birth rate picked up again and has reached approximately 700,000 and is predicted to remain stable till 2050.

The Death Rate has been fairly stable at around 0.7 million. It is expected to remain constant till 2030, after which it is forecast to rise and reach the 0.8 million mark by.

Overall, the Birth Rate experienced fluctuations in the past, while the Death Rate remained stable. The Birth Rate is expected to remain stable after 2030, but the Death Rate is predicted to rise moderately till 2050.

General Writing Task 1

You took leave of two weeks for holidays. During holidays, you and your family decided to stay longer. Write a letter to your boss for a leave extension.

In your letter

  • Explain the reason for the leave and length of leave you need
  • Explain how you will make up for the lost time
  • Explain how you would feel if the leave is granted

Dear Mr. Anil,

Greetings from Australia ! I hope you must be doing well. Right now, I am enjoying my holidays at the pristine beaches of Gold Coast. Chief, I hate to request the leave extension for another week but I am helpless.

My tour was originally designed for ten days with my family. As I had been unable to take my family out for holidays in last two years, they started emotionally blackmailing me on this tour. My little oliver feels that ten days in Australia can never be enough to enjoy. I have no option but to surrender to their emotional blackmailing. I tried to reason with them but all in vain. Therefore, I need a special consideration from you in the form of your authorization of extending my leave for another week. I understand our team is under immense pressure of pending jobs but I can assure that I would make up for the lost time once I am back.

I hope you would understand my situation. I personally believe that extended holidays will also make me work with energies renewed and interest keener than ever.

I solicit your co-operation.

Yours sincerely,

Felicity Smoak


Pristine (adjective): fresh and clean as if new; immaculate; unspoiled; not developed in any way; left in its original condition, vain (adjective): useless; that does not produce the result you want

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT)

Mothers get free time by sending their children to nursery school, and they can utilize this time in activities like job, socializing etc. nursery school also help the development of children. Do you agree or disagree to those statements?

Women, who were confined to home as wives and mothers, are now playing a very significant role in public life in most countries especially, in the progressive ones. The availability of nursery schools is helpful for mothers to work outside home and engage in other useful activities of a wide variety. This essay agrees that nursery schools are good for society, as the bring benefits to mothers and children alike.

The first noteworthy aspect is that the living costs have soared high and it has changed gender roles. This means that, today, women too have to play the role of breadwinners. They can and must play a no less important role than men do. Many working women perform their duties at home and at work admirably well. Women have already proved that they are an asset to society, because of their feminine qualities.

Another area of attention is that, parents, by sending their children to nursery schools and kindergartens are but only introducing their children to the wider world and giving them the first lessons of life. Humans are social beings and children have to acquire social skills in the formative period of their lives. Children learn from group activities which are available in nurseries.

Yet again, it must be noted that children learn while the play with their peer groups. Children learn about sharing and caring. The importance of adaptability is on the increase today, and the toddles can learn it in nursery school.

In short, both women and children are benefitted, when the young ones are sent to nurseries. While women get opportunity to engage in activities of their choice, children learn the basic lessons of life.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview

PART 1 – Intro part

What is your full name?

My name is Sameer Bhatia.

Can I see your ID?

Sure, this is my passport.

Where do you live?

I live in Pune.

Do you work or study?

I am working as a software engineering with Wipro Limited.

Do you like your job?

Yes, I do like my job because it’s all time full of creativity, and the software designed by the person like me helps many businesses flourish in the world. So, I feel that I do something worthwhile in my life.

Describe your city and your immediate area.

Pune is a vibrant and thriving metropolis. It has a combination of both modern and ancient India; I mean a baffling mix of capitalization and spiritualism. It epitomize (= a perfect example, embody) ‘New India’ with the center of academia and business. I love the weather of Pune. It’s cool and dry climate. It’s purely cosmopolitan city- thanks to the globalization that knocked on Pune’s in the 1990s.

I live in the posh area, and the immediate area registers a very less traffic congestion compared to other parts of city. It’s located on the suburb with a lot of greenery surrounded with.

What are your leisure time activities?

First things first, it all depends upon mood, and the company I’m with. I love reading novels in bed, and I wouldn’t mind reading them all day. At times, I love playing and if my friends could spare some time for playing activities such as badminton, cricket, tennis or billiards, I I would go out with them to club and play until really get exhausted. Watching movies is also one of the activities in which I’m always keen on. During Sunday mornings, sometimes I attend ‘lifemanship’ sessions (= the skill or practice of achieving superiority or an appearance of superiority over others (as in conversation) by perplexing and demoralizing them) organized by some renowned and successful businessmen or motivational speakers. I get different sort of confidence and learn an art of overcoming my weakness to battle challenges of the real world from such sessions.

PART 2 – Cue Card

Describe any law which you like.

Please say,

  • Explain what law that is
  • How you will follow it
  • What you like the most about it

The law that I like the most, and in fact, it’s in the hour of need in my country id Indian Penal Code (IPC) 312. This panel code punishes the criminal for causing woman with child to miscarry voluntarily. The issue of girl child has gathered a lot heated arguments in India. In some part of India, it’s a belief that a girl is a burden to family, and the boy is superior to the girl. Because of this, many parents kill the girl child by way of abortion. It’s totally unacceptable and gruesome act.

This law is applicable to all Indian citizens. Since I never want to be a part of such an inferior thought, I support this law steadfastly (= dutifully firm and unwavering manner). Personally, it’s not the law impact one’s day-to-day life but impacts the whole society.

To me, every murderer should be punished under the strictest law of the constitution. This law not only punishes the parents or others who are involved in it but also severely punishes the doctor responsible. Doctors also come under this ambit (= the scope, extent, or bounds of something) which is the way it should be.

PART 3 – Discussion

What international law should be applied all over the world?

I think there should be a strict law against racial discrimination. Every country has either law or some sort of provisions countering the racial discrimination but it seems that the incidents of racial discrimination are on rise. Victims become helpless and in governments because it’s almost impossible to read or understand the human behavior and psychology. Yes, the stricter punishment ma help curb this crime rate.

Are policemen popular in your country?

‘Yes’ and  ‘no’ both. There’s group of people which believe that policemen aren’t doing their job honestly and they’re corrupt. Others believe that all the officers are not corrupt and there are the policemen who have laid their lives for protecting citizens. But you know, it’s a human tendency to jump to conclusions. Certainly, we may have some rotten apples in the basket but all the police officers are not corrupt. So, it rests on the personal standpoint. To me, they’re popular albeit not for all.

Who are more popular, the lawyers or the police?

I guess people trust more the police than the lawyer in my country. Lawyers have an inherent approach of lingering (= lengthen) the lawsuits for making money in most cases. I may be wrong but that’s more likely when I talk to the people. They frighten clients just to make more money.

12th February, Daily Task

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