13th March, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Tasks

13th March, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Tasks

Academic Writing Task 1: –

The bar graph shows total IT sales recorded in New Zealand from 1994 to 2004 in millions of dollars. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

13th March, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Tasks
13th March, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Tasks

Sample Answer:-

The bar graph gives data on the total IT sales in New Zealand, in millions of dollars, over a period of 11 years from 1994 to 2004.

There had apparently been considerable growth in the sales during the given period. The sale recorded in the initial year was well over $3,000 million. The ratio of the rise in sales in 1966 was the highest during the entire period. Sales went up to $4,200 million, a boom of around $1,200 million. Thereafter the increase was at a somewhat proportionate. While the year, 2002, had no growth worth mentioning, it recorded the highest sale of over $7,000 million. The subsequent year found a negligible reduction. This remained the same in the final year as well.

In concluding, IT sales in New Zealand more than doubled over the 11 years, although there had been slight fluctuations all along.

General Writing Task 1: –

You are going on a short training course to a foreign country and would require a place to live. White a letter to the accommodation officer in your letter

  • Explain the situation
  • Describe the accommodation you need
  • Say when you need it and ask for the price

Sample Answer –

Dear Sir,

I am writing the letter to seek information regarding accommodation as I would be reaching Melbourne, Australia on 5th October that is 2 months from now, for a 6 month diploma course in Hotel management from the Melbourne University.

I need a single room as the course for which I have applied is tough and require 6-7 hours of self-study, therefore, having a roommate, even if supportive, would be a dilemma for me. My classes would be from 8am to 5pm, so I would not prefer to have lunch facility with it. Moreover, the weather would be extremely hot by this period of time; therefore, having good ventilation would be my priority along with right and effectively working air conditioner. It would be an added advantage if the accommodation is near to my collage so as to solve the transportation fares.

I shall be really grateful to you if you could arrange the above mentioned accommodation at the earliest and at reasonable cost. I have merely 2 months and thus have to make the arrangements accordingly.

Looking forward to hear from you soon

Thanking you

Yours sincerely


Writing Task 2 (AC+GT): –

“Fatherhood ought to be emphasized as much as motherhood. The idea that women are solely responsible for deciding whether or not to have babies leads on to the idea that they are only responsible for bringing children up.” To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer: –

Men and women are complementary; together they become parents. Mothers and fathers have equal responsibility in parenting and, as such, motherhood and fatherhood must get equal recognition. This essay does not support the idea that is the right women to decide when to have babies and the inference that only they are responsible for bringing children up.

One supporting point is that, the complementary relationship between a man and a women begins when a women conceives. Copulation (=coupling) involves both men and women; nevertheless, they perform different roles. For example, although men and women engage in sexual intercourse in the process of reproduction, women bear children in wombs for nearly ten months.

Another point is thatwomen suffer all the discomforts associated with pregnancy and childbirth. Feeding the baby is a major task. The pain and suffering associated with all these are unique experience, which women undergo. It is a period of apprehension in the life of many a woman. For example, quite a few women experience mild to severe depression during pregnancy and after childbirth.

To add on, women, who express their choice related to pregnancy and childbirth, are usually educated professionals. Their decision is of immense significance because employed women have to take into account issues related to their career. However, we cannot ignore the problems of men, as a child is born to a man and a woman and the upbringing of the child is the concern of the father also.

In essence, both parents have equal responsibility towards their children. Women’s choice in matters related to pregnancy does not mean that they are solely responsible for child rearing. However, their decision is crucial as they are undergoing more troubles then men in the process of bearing and rearing children.

IELTS Speaking full Interview

Part – 1 Intro Part

What is your full name?

My name is Adarsh.

Can I see your ID?

Yes, here it is.

Where are you from?

I belong to Anand which is in the state of Gujarat.

Where is Anand?

It lies between Ahmadabad and Baroda in Gujarat.

Are you working or studying at the moment?

I am doing both. I am studying master of computer application at indira Gandhi national Open University (IGNOU), and work as a computer engineer with bombardier which is a Canadian company.

Are you fond of receiving gifs?

Yo bet! Who doesn’t like to get gifted? I love getting gifts, and may not like to reciprocate (+do the same, return the favor) the same- just kidding! (When you speak this way you will have to wear a smile on your face)

What kinds of gifts do you like to receive the most?

The very first thing is you accept the gift whether you like it or not because all the people in your acquaintance may not have the precise knowledge about what sort of a thing you like to be gifted. Those who know me are well aware of my taste. I love trendy watches, clothes, shades among others things. It’s nice to receive a surprise gift sometimes though.

What was the last gift you received?

If my memory serves me the right, my last gift was a pair of sneakers. They were of ‘converse’. I remember watching a movie called ‘robot’ at home with my brother. In that movie, will smith takes out a new pair of converse sneakers from the box and puts it on. Looking at those canvas shoes, I just exclaimed, “wow, what a pair of shoes!” he remembered me admiring those shoes, and exactly after a month or so, he bought me the same pair of shoes. How adorable he is!

Do you live in a house or apartment?

I live in an apartment with m y folks.

Which home is your favorite at home?

I like my room very. About my room, I would say it is very suspicious and cozy, and has all the things that I love in it. The ambience of the room is as good as of any room of a five-star hotel. I would say I have turned my bedroom into my own personal oasis (+heaven, refuge, sanctuary). It has a conventional bedroom layout that is anchored by a bed with a nightstand either side. I have aa study room and a small library on the left of my room. It has two French windows which allow a lot of natural light to enter into the room, so it’s always sunny and airy, too.

Do you use any mobile devices except a mobile phone? (why/why not?)

Yes, I use the tablet of apple. My sister bought it for me two years back. I don’t need it at workplace because I’ve a personal desktop, so I’ve kept it at home. I watch some videos or check emails on it when I am sitting idle in the evening. I’ve some friends in the USA and Canada, and whenever we are on face book, we chat.

When did you first start using mobile devices?

The day my sister brought it for me from Australia two years ago, I got used to it. Before that I used the laptop but the moment I had the tablet, the laptop looked too big in size. This tiny device has left me dependent on it. I am happy with this transformation though.

Would you like to swap your mobile device for the latest one?

Obviously I would like to do so. I am the person who stays with latest technology. Staying with the latest technology is an hour of need because the new version of the software offers more and better features. Undoubtedly, the technology has outpaced our expectations but having said that we’ve no choice but chase it forever. I believe this much of space is not good enough for me. Thus, I am up for a new one with the better storage.

Part – 2 Cue Card

Describe a foreign country you have not visited, but would like to visit?


Talk about a country that you would like to visit in the future.

You should say

  • Where this place is
  • What it is like
  • What you can do in this country

Why do you want to visit this country?

While I have been too many foreign countries, there are still many that I have best to visit. Each continent and country has something different, something unique to offer a hungry traveler like myself. Some have pristine lakes, some have lush green meadows. However, there is one place that has these two! Today I’m going to speak about Switzerland. This is one country I have yet to visit, but it is on top of my list. Being from a very warm place with a 6 month long summer, I constantly crave for cooler climes. We never get any snow where I live, so a place like Switzerland, where snow is a given, feels like a piece of heaven. Nestled in the northern Europe, Switzerland is rated one of the happiest places in the world on many indices. Thanks to the snow and its attitude, cold windows blow through its hamlets day and night, keeping the weather quite chilly. Once the body is acclimatized, such weather is ideal for going on long walks, treks and on picnics when the sun comes out. Being the birthplace of skiing and other similar snow sports, Switzerland is very conductive to such activities. Hotels provide basic skiing workshops to tourists, so as to give them a true blue Swiss experience. I look forward to trying out this amazing sport, followed by a mug full of hot chocolate at one of the classic Swiss ski inns in Zurich, one can hire a pedal, row boat, or speed boat and spend an enchanting  afternoon in the still lake. In Geneva and Lausanne, travelers can explore the history of Switzerland by visiting its various museums, galleries, music festivals, and old building. There are numerous things to do in this alpine paradise, but the main reason I want to visit this country is, that it is a melting pot of French, germen, Italian and Australian cultures, because it shares its border with these glories nations. For travelers this means that they can experience Switzerland’s scenic beauty with a sublime blend of art, culture, language and cuisines of surrounding nations.

PART – 3 Discussion

Why do Indian people like to travel abroad?

Indians like to travel abroad for many reasons. The first is to expand their horizons and see and learn about other cultures. The second is to enjoy scenic places with natural beauty that is different from what Indian tourist destinations can offer. Another reason why Indians like to travel abroad is that most foreign countries are more developed than India, thus offering a more luxurious experience to tourists. Finally, Indians often have a tendency to show off their socio-economic status among friends and relatives. What better way to prove that one has arrived in life, than to travel to expensive destinations better way to prove that one has arrived in life, than to travel to expensive destinations abroad?

How can people benefit from international travel?

International travel acquaints us with newer, more different cultures. This teaches us to accept diversity in terms of thoughts, languages, dialects, food habits, cultures, and even dressing. Accepting such diversities makes us more tolerant, and also expands our world view. In this way, travelling can prove to be very educative. Having travelled abroad and learned such things, when we return to our own country, we can imbibe the good things we have learnt from other cultures, appreciate the plus points of our culture and behavior patterns, and also be more tolerant towards others. In the long run this makes a nation more peaceful and hence more progressive.

What’s difference between traveling abroad and studying abroad?

While traveling abroad, one’s intent is to enjoy in leisure, and absorb as much of the culture and sights of the places one visits. One aims to try as many different things as possible, and visit as many monuments, art galleries, natural sites, and other tourist places, as possible. On the other hand, while studying abroad, one does not usually find much time to explore the country where they are studying. The university curriculum is usually quite intensive, and asks a lot from the students. When students are not busy attending classes, they are usually spending their time completing the reading requirements for consequent lectures, or they are busy completing assignments on time. In the midst of these responsibilities, students rarely find the time or frame of minds to actually go sightseeing like tourists.

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13th March, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Tasks
13th March, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Tasks
13th March, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Tasks

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