17th March, Best IELTS Writing & Speaking Tasks

17th March, IELTS Writing & Speaking Tasks

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The table below shows the percentage of the population and the types of houses they live in 3 areas of a city. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

17th March, IELTS Writing & Speaking Tasks
17th March, IELTS Writing & Speaking Tasks

Sample Answer:-

The given table compares the population and housing of three areas of a city. It is clear from the graph that the population of the three areas is very similar at around 32,000 but there is considerable difference in the choice of housing.

39% of the population of Central Area lives in detaching houses. This is in sharp contrast to Green Park Area where only a small minority (5%) lives in detached houses. Even in the Southberg Area, only 14% people reside in detached houses.

The semi-detached houses are less popular in all three areas with 28% of Central Area people living there and 5% each of Green Park and Southberg area living there. Terrace houses are the most popular in Greenberg area with 56% of the people living there. Only 14% people of Green Park area and 18% of Central area people live there.

A large majority of Green Park area people (76%) live in flats or apartments, where as only a quarter of the population of Southberg area lives in apartments. Flats are the least popular among the Central Area people where only 15% people live in them.

General Writing Task 1:-

Your car is hired from a company and while you are driving on holidays, you have a small accident. You will have to write a report to the company to explain it. You need to explain the following:

  • When and where you hired it
  • Describe how the accident happened
  • And what kind of action you took after the accident.

Sample Answer:-


You would please recall that I have hired from your city showroom a Ford Icon for 10 days for the purpose of holidaying at Ooty. Unfortunately, I met with a minor accident while driving the car around. I give below a brief account of the same for your information.

Today, I took the car out for an early morning drive. There was still some mist in the atmosphere and so I was driving slowly. I came to a crossroad. A car coming rather fast from the left drove right in front of my car. Before I had time to apply brake, the left side of the front fender of my car hit the right front side of the other car. Both the cars stopped and there had not been anything serious apart from the fact that the fender of my car was slightly dent. The other car had been driven by two old ladies and they had neither horned nor heard my horn. Since the accident was minor and the ladies apologetically tendered a cheque for Rs. 1,000 immediately for repairs, I left the matter at that.

I herewith enclose the cheque.

Yours faithfully,


Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Technology has facilitated our lives so much and give us a lot of freedom. Some people believe that this freedom had caused more problems for us. What is your view?

Sample Answer:-

 Technology, the buzzword (=commonly discussed word) today, has enable mankind to have more freedom and has improved the quality of our lives. There are many people who believed that time freedom has attached more problems for us. This essay makes an attempt to look at the latter view with the empathy it deserves.

First and foremost, modern science has made us free from many dreaded diseases, which people had to suffer in the past. However, we are getting new diseases like AIDS and some of the old ones are returning. A good example for this is drug resistant tuberculosis which is prevalent in some parts of the world even today. Again, although, we have achieved considerable reduction in birth and death rates, taking care of the elderly has now become a very big challenge, especially in the case of the most advanced nations.

Secondly, in spite of making our lives comfortable, technology has increased our destructive strength. For instance, in the name of nationalism and patriotism many countries, which are unable to look after their citizens, are acquiring weapons of mass destruction, which is of great concern. Similarly, it is seen that some developing nations are expending excessive sums of money for space technology.

On analyzing the pros and cons of freedom generated by technology, it can be argued that technological advances have blessed mankind with an abundance of modern amenities to make life better and easier. What is often overlooked is fact that it has a dark side as well.

IELTS Speaking full Interview

PART – 1 Intro Part

What is your full name?

 My name is Priti Sharma.

Can I see your ID?

Sure! Here it is.

Where are you from?

I am born and raised in Mumbai.

Do you work or study?

I just started working. I graduated last summer.

How many people are there in your family?

There are seven members in my family including two parts and myself.

What does your father do?

My father is a businessman. We trade in the textile material. We source it from the local loom and further sell them to the wholesalers.

What does your mother do?

My mother is a housewife.

How many siblings do you have?

I’ve two siblings.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is black.

Do you like to read books?

Yes, I do. In fact, I have improved my English a lot by reading books based on English language. I also read novels especially the ones written by Sydney Sheldon. They are always thrilling, and surprise you with a climax in the end.

Do you like to spend time with your friends?

Of course, I do, and I think anywhere it’s difficult to find a person who doesn’t like to spend time with his friends. It’s also said that ‘No friendship is an accident’ and I corroborate (=confirm, give support) this maxim (=saying, adage).

How many friends do you have?

I have lots of friends as I’m an extrovert. I’ve never calculated how many friends I have. I think there are around fifteen friends with who I go out and have fun. They are my best buddies. Apart from these friends, I’ve uncountable acquaintance in town.

What is the name of your best friend?

My childhood friend, Sachin is my best friend.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe a situation where you received important advice from others

  • When you got it
  • From whom you got the advice
  • How important it was to you

Sample Answer:-

We all keep receiving advice from others in our life. But, at times, there some pieces of information or some suggestions we received that can actually we receive that can actually change many things in our life and may give a new direction to our life. I also received such an advice when I completed my graduation. I was in a dilemma whether to join my father’s business or to do something on my own. In this situation, I started both, i.e. I started going to my father’s office few hours a day and I also started applying for some jobs but I was not sure for the specific kind of job and hence I applied for different type of posts. One day, I met a senior of my college who was doing a marketing job at that time. We went to a restaurant to catch up on our old memories of college. I also described my confusion about the beginning of my career. He understood my problem and immediately he informed about the job of marketing executive that he was engaged with. He told me that if we do any marketing job immediately after completion of our graduation, we get good, constructive and challenging experiences of life, job and the society. He also added that a good marketing job in a good company imbibes qualities of marketing, persuasion, convincing power, communication skill, understanding of different type of people and their mindsets and, on top of it, we can improve our ENGLISH communication skills. Listening to this, I decided to try for a job in the marketing field. I was selected in a multinational company as a marketing executive and I started working for that company. While doing that job I realize that there are lots of hardships faced by those who otherwise move about wearing a tie, look happy and confident. Soon I learnt many skills of communication, persuasion and I also improved my skills of spoken English because I had to promote my product to the elite class of society. I was able to understand the mindsets of rich and upper middle class people, which had really helped me in my life and it is helping me these days too. I can say that the advice that I received at an important phase of my life was invaluable for me. Later, I gifted a wonderful wristwatch to the friend as a memento of thanksgiving for giving me such a precious advice.

PART – 3 Discussion

What do today’s youngsters follow more, advice of their friends or of their family members?

It depends on the situation. If they went to buy some clothes, vehicles or taking up a job, they may give more emphasis to the advice of their friends but if they want to take important decisions about their life like marriage, career, studies etc. they do give a favourable consideration to the advice of their family members.

Do you think people should go to counselors for advice?

Yes, if required, people ought to go to counselors for advice because they are competent people, who have more knowledge about various aspects of life and importantly, we can have an objective view on the problem. Generally, we all keep viewing our situations with a highly subjective mind and hence, we may not come to a conclusion because we are on an emotional drive but if a third person gives proper and objective advice, we can get us excellent clarity about the problem and we may come to the best possible resolution available.

Should counselor be a trained and qualified person or not? Why?

Yes, I think counselors must be qualified and trained professionals. What is more, they should be highly experienced in their field so that they can give the benefit of their qualification as well as their experience because sometimes I have observed that the advice of an experienced person proves more fruitful compared to the advice of a qualified but a novice professional.

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17th March, Best IELTS Writing & Speaking Tasks
17th March, Best IELTS Writing & Speaking Tasks
17th March, Best IELTS Writing & Speaking Tasks

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