20th February, IELTS Daily Task – Best Tasks

20th February, IELTS Daily Task

IELTS Academic Real Exam on January 18th; 2020

City:- Punjab, India

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The bar graph below shows the amount of energy generated from wind in four countries from 1985 to 2000. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

20th February, IELTS Daily Task

Sample Answer:-

The supplied vertical bar graph illustrates the information about the amount of electricity produced from wind in divergent nations between 1985 and 2000.

Overall, it is clearly evident that UK was the leading country to produce wind power. However, India as well as Germany followed an increasing trend for the same.

It is identified that almost identical amount wind power had been generated by Denmark and India in 1985 amount for 230 megawatts, whereas a huge difference could be observed for producing it between Germany and United States that was 400 and 1200 respectively which was 3 times more than that. Moreover, the comparison among them increased dramatically after 5 years. Whilst not only India but also Denmark showed an inclining trend with equality among both recorded near about 400 megawatts.

On further analysis surprisingly stability had been observed in the production of wind energy in US till the time of 1995. India produced 800 whereas it was higher for Denmark (1200). Nevertheless, in year 2000 US showed a downward trend than other countries.

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Some people believe that country economy is the only thing to measure the growth of the country. Others think that other factors are also important to measure the progress of the country. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample Answer:-

When it comes to the growth of nation, financial conditions in one of the prominent factors which is taken into account. Individuals have different views regarding how authorities should measure their country’s progress. While economic development is significant. I strongly agree with those who assert that other measures of progress are just as imperative.

To begin with, there are 3 key reasons why financial growth is considered as a fundamental goal for nations. Firstly, a healthy economy results in job creation, a high level of employment and better salaries for all citizens . Apart from this, it ensures that more money is available for governments to spend on infrastructures as well as public services. For instance, authorities with higher revenue can invest in the country’s transport network, its education system and hospitals. Moreover, a strong economy can assist a country’s standing on the global stage, in terms of its political impact and trading power.

On the contrary, I would argue that various other forms of progress are just as significant as the economic factors mentioned above. In particular, we should consider the area of social justice, human rights, equality and democracy itself. To illustrate, the treatment of minority groups is often seen as a reflection of moral standards and level of development of a society. Perhaps another key consideration when judging the progress of a modern country should be how well that nation protects natural environment, and whether it is moving towards environmental sustainability. Also, the success can be measured by seeking at health and happiness of its citizens.

To conclude, although economy plays key role when it comes to nation’s success, health, social and environmentalaspects are equally significant.

General Writing Task 1:-

You were coming back from an official meeting when you lost your luggage at the airport. You had informed them then but no action was taken. Write a letter to the airline company. In your letter

  • Introduce yourself and state your flight details
  • Describe your luggage and what does it contain
  • Explain what action you would like the authority to take

Dear Sir,

I, Manjit, am writing this epistle to bring to your notice the luggage that I lost last week when I was travelling from Chandigarh to Mumbai by spice jet. The flight number was AI5566 and departure time was 10:30 am.

The flight landed at Mumbai airport at 12:30pm. Then I was waiting for my luggage, but even after 30 minutes, I did not get my valise. After that I consulted airlines support staff who assumed me that they would look into the matter and would contact me once they get my luggage. This is a new suitcase of America Tourister Company of black colour. I had attended an official meeting at Chandigarh, so I was carrying laptop and some official documents in this suitcase.

One week is over and even till now I have not received any information regarding my baggage. Had there been my clothes only, I would have waited, but it contains my official articles which I need to present at my office at the earliest, so I request you to consider this matter a priority.

I look forward to hear from you soon

Thanking you

Yours sincerely


Speaking Interview:-

PART 1 – Intro Part

What is your full name?

My name is Raj Kumar.

Can I see your ID?

Here it is! This is my passport.

Where are you from?

I belong to Jaipur which is in the state of Rajasthan.

Do you usually use a pen or pencil?

Being a student, both pen and pencil have become an integral part of my life. However, most of the time, I prefer to use pencil so that I can easily erase my mistakes.

When was the last time you bought a pen or pencil?

Well, I’ve just bought this morning only when by mistake I had lost my previous pencil.

How would you react if someone sent you a pen as a gift?

Without a doubt, I’d be astounded most especially if I get a parker fountain pen is not expensive, the fact that the person gives me a present is what I care the most.

When do you concentrate?

I really need to focus in all kinds of situations to perform better. But I believe the two most important times are when I drive and while taking exams.

Do you find it difficult to concentrate?

When I’m worried my mind can become scattered, as its harder to dismiss any distractions coming my way.

It it easy for you to do two or more things at the same time?

Well, I think it depends upon complexity or importance of the activity. For simple routine tasks, it’s not a problem. As a matter of fact, I prefer doing it as it can sure time.

How do you concentrate?

To make my self concentrate better, I like to remove things that may distract me. Foe instance, during my reading time, I actually turn off my smartphone.

PART 2 – Cue Card

Describe a thing you bought but had no knowledge about it.

Sample Answer:-

Not all persons are perfect to operate all things at all time, they have to talk with others and get knowledge about particular product. Actually, I  am one of them who do not have confidence about new things, always I take advice from others. Here I want to shed light on one situation when I bought new microwave. If I look back, I vividly remember last month, bought microwave, although it was not cumbersome task, I was feeling like hard nut to crack. At first day, I thought to prepare cake, read all instructions and tried to follow, still I was blank

 Actually, I had to make it immediately before arriving my mother at home. So, I made call to my friend and told to come in my home, with in one hour she came to me. Firstly , she taught me how to set temperature according to dish, after that told me about utensils that can be used in microwave, as well as she taught me how can I prepare cousins that take maximum hours. By following her instructions it was easy for me to prepare cake. Finally, I prepared it, when my mother came at and saw, she was amazed to see cake, that was really great time for me because first time cake was baked by me without help of my mother even I used microwave at first time that was the main thing that astonished my mother more. This was not possible without help of my friend so that’s the time when I was trying to any any thing but was difficult to use.

PART 3 – Discussion

  • Is age will make a different for a person to learn new skill.

No, I don’t think so, age will become a obstacle for a person to doesn’t matter other he is children, youngster or old age people because of people have a great Tenacity/determination to learn something then they can learn everything in any age. for instance nowadays old age people are also learning to use technological gadgets. Although they are oblivious/unaware about the usage of these gizmos/technological gadgets, yet they are learning.

  • Nowadays most of companies waste the natural resources do you agree or disagree?

 Well, I totally disaccord with this notion because nowadays everyone knows the value of the natural resources as these are diminishing day by day. So, most of the companies are utilizing natural resources in a limited amount. To like an example one of the company named as nestle, are the people about the decreasing amount of such resources by signing boards.

  • Give the example of one product which is environmentally friendly.

According to my vantage, Although, It is very hard to find any product which is eco-friendly, yetI think bicycle is the product which is not only contaminate the air but also beneficial for health of the people. As a result, I can say it act as a ice on a cake.

  • Globalization is a positive or negative development?

Definitely, it is a positive development as it can be obtained multifarious advantages. The most prominent benefit is that it is not only enhance this business of export and import but also consolidate/strong the bond between the two nation. Moreover, it proliferate/increase the economy of the country with the assistance of exchanging products with one another.

20th February, IELTS Daily Task

20th February, IELTS Daily Task

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