20th Jan, Today’s Task

Academic Writing Task 1

The graph below gives information about changes in the birth and death rates in New Zealand between 1901 and 2101.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

20th Jan, Today's Task

 Model answer

The graph shows changes in the birth and death rates in New Zealand since 1901, and forecasts trends tip until 2101.

Between 1901 and the present day, the birth rate has been consistently higher than the death rate. It stood at 20,000 at the start of this period and increased to a peak of 66,000 in 1961. Since then the rate has fluctuated between 65 and 50 thousand and it is expected to decline slowly to around 45,000 births by the end of the century.

In contrast, the death rate started below 10,000 and has increased steadily until the present time. This increase is expected to be more rapid between 2021 and 2051 when the rate will probably level off at around 60,000, before dropping slightly in 2101.

Overall, these opposing trends mean that the death rate will probably overtake the birth rate in around 2041 and the large gap between the two levels will be reversed in the later part of this century.

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General Writing Task 1

Write a letter to complain about a situation in which some adolescents let their dogs run wildly causing dangers. You should write at least 150 words.


While passing through princess street yesterday in the evening, I happened to witness a situation where

A mortally serious accident would have happened. As a conscientious citizen, I think it is my duty to inform you of it for some remedial action.

Princess street, as you are well aware, is a residential area. Traffic there is usually meager. Yesterday evening I was there to meet a friend. All along the street I could find children of all ages running about and playing, mothers and elderly people strolling. All looked quite peaceful. All of a sudden, some adolescents let their dogs loose, chasing them, laughing and shouting. Some pedestrians were driven to the middle of the road in the confusion. A car was passing by and, had the driver not applied the brake in time, it would have knocked a woman down.

As a  law enforced officer, would you depute at least a couple of constable to the area to ensure such incidents do not recur?

Yours faithfully,

Writing Task 2 (AC +GT)

It is now possible to perform tasks such as banking, shopping and business transactions, without meeting people people face-to-face. What are the effects this may have on the individual and the society as a whole?

The emerging information technology helps people do chores like banking, shopping and trade instantaneously and without meeting people face to face. Convention methods of economic dealing are a thing of the past. The effects of the new trends on individuals and the society, as a whole, are dealt with here.

To start with, a big benefit of the widespread use of technology is that people do not need to go to various offices and queue up for getting things done. For example, ATMs, credit cards and internet banking make people do business transactions from anywhere. Since people can visit websites and get things delivered at home, face to face communication does not take place. All these have resulted in tremendous economic boom and the whole society is positively benefited. These can also reduce traffic on the road which enables us to save fuel and address the problem of pollution to a very great extend.

However, we are social beings and interaction with our fellow beings gives* us a sense of belonging. Human relationships and interaction with our fellow beings are required. The new types of business Transactions need less interaction with people and this makes us satisfied. To my mind, the more technological one becomes, the less contented one gets. Moreover, new business opportunities hve also created a very serious problem in the society in the form of cyber crimes. Many nations of the world do not have the expertise and equipment to fight the menace of cyber crimes.

To summarise, life has become much easier because of the state-of-the-art information technology. However, while modern technology offers us innumerable comforts, it has its flip side as well as is reduces human interaction.

Speaking Full Interview

What  is your full name?

I am Mrinalini Sigh.

Can I see your ID?

Surely, this is my passport.

Where are you from?

I’m  from Indore.

Do you  work or study?

I am a student. I am doing my business  management and  entrepreneurship from Mumbai.

Which magazine and newspaper do you read [Why]

I read times of India, India Today magazine, daily newspapers that  specializes in economics  and business issues, and related social and political aspects. Why do I read them? It’s simple. Being a complete human being makes a person more effective and marketable in business and management.

What kinds of  articles are you most interested in? [Why]

I mostly like to keep myself updated in regards to the economics and business. Other  than  like to learn about what is happening at the sports front.

Are people in your country interested in reading newspapers or magazines?

Most people in my country start their day with the newspaper over a cup of tea or coffee and one likes to be well informed of things happening around them.

I very well remember this Parsi restaurant that I often visited with family and friends in Bombay. This place was my father’s all-time favorite. I like this place, it’s really nothing exotic but the best part is that the family runs this restaurant. They cook, serve and run the place. The place is clean and hygienic with an amazing ambience.

I’m quite a foodie and relish the different authentic dishes and flavors. This restaurant has a specialty of offering a scrumptious meal (=delicious, tasty) with the authentic taste which isn’t available at any restaurant. Men of the family take care of the customers and serving while the ladies prepare delicious authentic Parsi cuisine. They’ve a traditional Parsi menu which is reasonably priced.

‘Paatra Ni Machhi’ which is mildly flavored fish wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed and sweet dish such as cameral custard are my favorites as well as the restaurants signature dishes. Even today whenever I visit Bombay I always take time out to have a meal there with my friends.

Why do you think people go to restaurants when they want to celebrate something?

I guess because it’s more convenient for the host to manage. The host is able to spend time with their guests. One reason could be that if you’re staying in an apartment, it gets difficult to accommodate a large number of guests. To wind up after party is also stressful and tiring so there could be several reasons to celebrate their events at restaurants.

Which are more popular in your country: fast food restaurant or traditional restaurants?

Well, fast food joints as well as traditional restaurants both are popular. Fast food is popular among the youngsters and kids as they can afford it and more importantly such places design the menu that appeals them. Traditional restaurants are enjoying more by adults and it’s like a family outing.

Some people say that food in an expensive restaurant is always better than food in a cheap restaurant-would you agree?

Well, I don’t really agree with this point 100% as there are plenty of restaurants I know that serve amazing  food  at a very affordable price. In some cases, people have have witnessed some cheap restaurant don’t use the quality ingredients and oil which is a cause of concern for sure. But it doesn’t apply to all the restaurants. It all depends upon the philosophy of the restaurant owner. There are some restaurant owners  who believe offering the delicious food at the reasonable price. I’ve a restaurant in my immediate vicinity which is always all packed because they focus the quality food at the reasonable price.

 What effects has modern technology had on the way food is produced?

I believe the modern technology has had a great impact on the food production. In the past, It was hard to preserve and mobilize certain food products which are now possible. Physically , with automation, food production can be enhanced. Planting growing plucking vegetables and fruits has become much easier by the help of the modern technologies. Large lands are cultivated in one go, with the modern technology one can cater to the mass and because of cold storage one can store huge amount of food for months.

How important is it for a country to be able to grow all the food it needs, eithout importing any from other countries?

Any country has to invest millions of dollars in green houses and controlled environments. Certain  crops thrive only in the particular environment so as in that case it’s wise to import certain food produce from other countries as they are difficult to grow or in some cases not  viable at all. In the past, it was expensive if any particular competition among countries to sell their products overseas. At the same time, the host country can export their homegrown unique produce to other countries and can narrow the trade deficit by buying and selling.  

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