21st February, IELTS Past Exam Tasks – Best One

21st February, IELTS Past Exam Tasks

IELTS Academic Writing Task – Past Exam on February 1st; 2020

Academic Writing Task 1:-

21st February, IELTS Past Exam Tasks

The table below shows the information about spending on health in five different countries in 2002. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Countries Total spending Public spending Private spending
Japan 7.2 5.8 1.4
Italy 7.7 5.3 2.4
France 9.3 7.0 2.3
Germany 11.4 8.6 2.8
USA 14.3 8 6.3

Sample Answer:-

The provided tabular chart illustrates the information about percentage of expenditures on health by five distinct nations during the year of 2002.

Overall , it is manifested that totally , the United States of America was the leading nation in terms of allocating funds on health , whereas japan had been observed on the least position . 

More specifically , it is identified that in public sector , Germany was the highest contributor for spending income on health , which was 8.6% . Similarly , USA closely followed Germany at the rate of 8 percentage . However , approximately 5.3 percent budget was allocated by Italy that was lower as compared to others.

In case of private sector , maximum amount of income had been observed by America on health  which was 6.3% , it was quite high than other nations . On the contrary , Japanese utilized 1.4 percentage of their wages . Interestingly , almost similar proportion of budget was spent on health by the citizens of remaining three nations. 

WRITTEN BY :- IELTS Expert Ms. Ramandeep kaur Gill, CAREER ZONE MOGA

General Writing Task 1:-

21st February, IELTS Past Exam Tasks

You work for a long corporation. You want to apply for one month’s leave owing to illness. Write to your manager requesting leave for the same.

In your letter

  • Introduce your self
  • Describe about your illness
  • Inform the manager how you intend to manage your job assignment in your absence

Sample Answer:-


I write  this letter to apply for one month’s leave. I regret to say that I am seriously ill at the moment.

Last couple of months, I had been going through excruciating pain in my leg; sometimes I was unable to stand up and walk. The pain refused to subside and therefore, I decided to consult a doctor. The doctor says that it is sciatica nerve pain that requires at least one month’s rest with medication. Luckily, I do not need to undergo any surgery for the same.

Considering this situation, I have transferred my assigned job to my colleague, Michelle and she has accepted it. Furthermore, she has assured that she will complete it without delay. As everything is clear, I request you to grant me leave for one month beginning from November 15th2015 until December 14th 2015. I have attached the medical report for your perusal.

Thanks and regard,


Employee ID: ………………


Excruciating (adjective): extremely painful or bad, to subside (verb): to become calmer or quieter, sciatica nerve (noun): pain in the back, hip and outside of the leg, caused pressure on the sciatic nerve

Writing Task 2 {AC & GT}

21st February, IELTS Past Exam Tasks

Some people think watching television by children poses negative impact every way but others think that it is a positive development. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample Answer:-

It is undeniable the fact that television is the best source of  amusement for the individuals. Some people assert that watching television can bring a positive development on youngsters. While, opponents insist that it has a negative impact. I concur with former statement. I will discuss both views in subsequent paragraph.

To open the deliberation with most prominent reason of positive impacts of watching television by youths is that adolescence can rejuvenates their exhausted mind by virtue of television as nowadays, there is a voluminoussyllabus of their study which put more burden on them. Owing to this, they can entertain themselves with the assistance of television by watching distinct shows, listening music and so on. As a result, they can not only relax their minds, but also can get rid from the anxiety. Pondering to the next view, children can kill their leisure time by watching television, instead of indulging in anti-social activities. Despite of it, juveniles can also stay up to date with whole world by getting the news on the burning issues. For instance, in these days, children are giving morepreference to watch news on the television in spite of reading newspaper because it renders both visual as well as audio effects. Consequently, they can enhance their spectrum of knowledge.

On the paradoxical sides, despite of having positive effects, it has negative development. The most dominant reason is that it distracts the mind of the children from the study because of the television youngsters spend their most of the time while sitting in  the front of the televisionrather thanemphasis on the study. Therefore, it is not only decline the academic performance, but also give birth to deskboundlifestyle. Apart from this, celebrities are the role model for the children which means whatever celebrities do in the television, they just imitate them either it is a positive or negative effect. To cite an example, Advertisement of Coca-Cola which endorse by a Salman Khan and this product attain a popularity because of Salman Khan ultimately, juveniles get influence by their role-model. Thus, consumption of their product has been increased.

To recapitulate, it would be opt to state that although both views have their own importance yet I think it influence the children positively.


  • Amusement                        :- entertainment
  • Children                               :- youngsters, juveniles, adolescence youth
  • Rejuvenates                        :- refresh
  • Exhausted                            :- tired
  • Voluminous                         :- large in number
  • Anxiety                                :- stress
  • Spectrum of knowledge   :- enhance their knowledge
  • Emphasis                             :- focus
  • Deskbound lifestyle           :- sedentarylifestyle
  • Endorse                                :- support
  • Imitate                                  :- copy

WRITTEN BY:-IELTS EXPERT Ms. Arshpreet kaur, from CAREER ZONE Moga

Speaking full interview:-

21st February, IELTS Past Exam Tasks

PART 1 – Intro part

What is your full name?

My name is Sukhveer Kaur.

Can I see your ID?

Here it is! This is my passport.

Where are you from?

I belong to Jaipur which is in the state of Rajasthan.

Are you working or study?

At present, I am pursuing my bachelor of education in DeshBhagat College.

Are you satisfied with your study?

Yes, I am, because of this course I can get job in reputed company, also its very interesting for me and improved my knowledge.

Do you prefer to use pen or pencil?

Usually I use pencil because at the time of mistakes I can erase its, sometimes, for making assignments, I give preference to pen.

When was the last time you bought pen or pencil?

If my memory serves me well, last Monday I used pen because my teachers gave me homework and I had to save it for long time, so I used pen.

How would you react if someone sent you a pen as a gift?

I appreciate, because it will be best gift for me that I can use in my daily routine.

Should children learn science?

I think yes, because with the help of this students can learn about basic elements and in this modern area, it is impossible to imagine life without science.

Why is it helpful?

The main thing is tgat students can know about human body, new inventions and chemical, with the help of this they can enhance their knowledge.

Did you have science class in primary or high school?

Yes, as I belong to Punjab and science subject is compulsory since first standard to till matriculation.

PART 2 – Cue Card

A recent performance that you enjoyed.

I watched number of performances in my life but here I want to talk about one performance that truly touched my heart. Last month, I attended marriage of my best friend with my parents. By passing time, I was looking for something different because all  things were going same and I was getting bored. Suddenly, Sunita (she is sister of my friend) came on stage and announcing that she wants to give one performance for couple. All ones were excited to see her, her looks was quite stunning, she wore Punjabi suit according to selection of song. Actually she dedicated her performance to her elder sister, one thing that really mesmerized me, her style of dancing, may be she broke sweat for learning all moves. At that time, I was not only single person, but other guests was also enjoying that performance. By watching, I was thinking may be I will be the part of that performance but I was glad to see her act and enjoyed a lot. So, that was performance that Ii saw recently.

Part 3 – Discussion

  • What is the difference between watching the performance live and watching it on TV?

There is huge difference between watching performances on television and live. First is person can get chance to interact with performers, he/she can see them in reality, and also they can get autograph from their favourite ones. For example, last Sunday, I watches live show of famous Punjabi singer in my area, that was the first time for me, I took autograph as well as selfie with him. If I talk about television, they manipulate the performance like they edit many things from that, individuals can not see the actual performance.

  • Should children learn drama from academies?

Of course ,students should learn drama from academics because it’s long been           understood that a study of drama at elementary, middle and high school level helps students to improve in a wide range of areas such as self confidence, self esteem, self expression ,communication, collaboration and most important imagination .

  • Is children learn it from schools?

Definitely, children can learn drama from school because there are number of schools in India which are giving drama classes like whole-class drama on week base in this whole class have to perform spontaneously interacting in role together in the same scenes for significant amounts of time.

  • Should there a class for children to learn drama?

It is very mandatory to have a drama class at school because drama gives children opportunities to explore discuss and deal with difficult issues and express their emotions in a supportive environment. It encourages them to think and act creatively.

  • What kinds of skills drama required?

There are plethora of skills required in a drama such as good stage ,screen and vocal presence . The ability to enter into another character and engage with an audience . The ability to memorise line. The good understanding of dramatic techniques ,last but not least creativeinsight.

WRITTEN BY:- IELTS Expert Ms. Jasmeen Kaur sekhon and Ms. Lovepreet Kaur, from CAREER ZONE Moga

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21st February, IELTS Past Exam Tasks
21st February, IELTS Past Exam Tasks
21st February, IELTS Past Exam Tasks

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