24th Jan, Today’s Task

Academic Writing Task 1

The pie chart given below shows the percentage of students in each stream in a particular college.

Summarize the information, reporting the main features and making comparisons where necessary.

24th Jan, Today's Task

 Model Answer

The given pie chart represents the percentage of students in each discipline in a  particular college. The discipline mentioned are : Humanities, Medical, Non-Medical, B.Com, BBA, BCA and B.A. Travel and tourism.

The given circle graph reveals that the most favorite stream with the students is B.Com., recording the highest figure of 28% above all others. The next favored faculty is BCA, with 20% students opting for it B.C.A. is followed in preference by BBA, at 15%, pupils going in for it. The remaining four areas of knowledge, namely Medical, Non-medical, Humanities and BA (Travel and Tourism)share almost the same percentage of attendance by the learners, Non-medical standing at the lowest rung of preference. The liking  for B.Com. is perceived to be four times higher than that of non-Medical, BCA records double the attendance than that of Humanities, that is 20% against 10%.

To conclude, theGraph reflects that the maximum liking among students is for commerce, and least for Non-medical.

General Writing Task 1

Your friend was coming back from abroad for a long leave. You were to receive him at the airport, but you could not.

Write a letter to him, explaining

  • What you had planned to do.
  • Why you could not receive him.ved
  • What would you do now.

Dear Robin.

I feel so sorry that I could not receive you at the airport, as I had promised to do. Certain officials at the airport were  personally known t me. I had planned to expedite your clearance at certain counters, and thus save you from the time-consuming hassles there. But alas ! that was not to be.

I tell you what happened. It was just a stroke of bad luck. As I was stepping into my car to leave for the airport, I tripped, fell down and fractured my leg. I was immediately removed to the hospital, where after the necessary X-Ray, my leg was put in plaster. The plaster would be removed after six weeks.

Well never mind. I’m sure you will come to see me at the earliest. And once the plaster is removed, we would have all those outings and fun that we used in those good and old days.

Meanwhile, welcome home to your motherland !

Yours sincerely


Writing Task 2 (AC + GT)

Children who are brought up in poor families are better equipped to face the challenges of life later and become successful adults than those who are brought up by rich parents. Do you agree or disagree?

Main points…..

  • Children of poor families get used to the hardships of life.
  • In adulthood, they can heroically fight the battle of life, and become successful.
  • Children of the affluent parents have all comforts and luxuries around them.
  • They do not learn the strength to face the hard knocks of life.
  • They end up as mediocre personalities.
  • That way, poverty is a blessing in disguise.

There are only two families in the world, the Haves and the Have-nots”, says Cervantes. The meaning is that the human society has always been divided into 3 classes, the rich and the poor, the privileged and the under-privileged. Many people however, believe that those who are born in impoverished families grow into more successful personalities than those who are brought up in affluent environments. I fully agree with these people.

Children born and bought up in financially weak families have to struggle against want, hunger, deprivation. This fight makes them tough, and when they enter adulthood, they are fully equipped to face the ups and downs, the vicissitudes of life. They put up a brave fight against the turns and twist of fate, and emerge victorious. They appear in the world as highly successful persons. ‘The greatest man in history’, says Emerson, ‘was the poorest.

In contrast, there are children who are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. These children of the affluent families find all comforts and luxuries of life scattered around them. Such children remain utter strangers to the hardships and struggles of life. When they grow up, they just cannot face the challenges of life and are easily overpowered by them. Of course, we find rare great men who originally belonged to affluent families. But these examples are exceptions. And exceptions, as they rightly say, do not prove the rule.

To conclude, though poverty is a curse, yet often it proves to be a blessing in disguise. Most of the great men in history were indeed the creations of poverty !

Word meanings

  • Haves                                :  rich
  • Have-nots                        :  poor
  • Impoverished                  :  poor
  • Affluent                            :  prosperous
  • Vicissitudes of life          :  ups and downs of life
  • Emerge                             :   come out
  • Scattered                          :  spread
  • Exception                         :   uncommon
  • Blessing in disguise        :    a difficulty that proves fruitful

IELTS Speaking full interview

Part 1 – intro

What is your full name?

My name is Schubert Perry.

Can I see your ID?

This is my passport.

Where are you from?

I live in Goa.

Do you work or study?

I have recently completed a master in InTechnology from information technology from Pune University.

In your country do people wear hats and caps?

Yes, I’ve seen many people wearing hats or caps, especially in my community when I go to church on Sunday morning, I see elderly people wearing hats and the youth wearing stylish caps.

Do you wear caps and hats?

SometimesI wearthe cap fortwo reasons. One is when I see the temperature outside is very heated so I try to heat by wearing a cap. Second is sometimes I love wearing different kinds of caps just to look stylish.

Did you wear hats as a child?

Yes, I did. My grandfather was very much fond of wearing stylish and traditional hats. He would take me to church every Sunday morning, and I started following the same culture. He bought me a few hats when I was in school. I’ve treasured them yet and oftentimes I try them as per occasion.

Why do people wear hats and caps?

It’s a personal preference, and a lot depends upon the family culture. For instance, my family has traditionally been using hats and caps so we follow suit. Others might be doing it for beating the heat during the summer time. There is another group of people who want to look stylish and trendy and they might be thinking that wearing hats and caps fulfill their needs.

Do you think it’s mostly for practical reasons or because of fashion?

I guess it has both purposes in some cases. But for me it’s more of a fashion than a practical reason.

Part 2 – cue card / candidate Task card

Describe a method that helps you to save money.

Please say,

  • What it is
  • How you do it
  • Is there a better way, in your opinion

I’m a great supporter of online shopping for many reasons. One of the reasons is also from the point of saving money. Online shopping not only helps someone save money but time also. Some people believe that it’s passing fad (=craze, vogue) but I disagree with them. Indeed, they can save some money b shopping some types of stuff from online.

I always wait for an online deal, and keep the list of the things that I need them. At times, I get good deals, much better than what I get from the physical stores. This way, I’m able to save hard-earned money of my f that not only did I save money from the various deals but also time that is involved in going and coming back from the physical store. Money saved from the fuel consumption is an additional saving for me. For example, I wanted to buy the series of masterpiece books for IELTS preparation; they were delivered on the following day without any shipping cost. Or I would have to go to the bookstore, wasting away my time and money both.

Well, I’ve no idea about whether we’ve a better way for saving money or not. But this one is tested and proven method for me and I would recommend at all.

Part 3 – discussion / follow up questions

Do other people also save money using this method?

I guess there are many. Mostly the youth is more into buying stuff online. I’ve no idea whether they do it with the same intent that I’ve. But invariably it saves their money. I’m sure there would be many others who would be thinking the same way.

Which natural I resource are overused by people, in of concern your opinion?

The crude oil under threat at the moment. The human population has rampantly been using petrol and diesel which is a cause of concern for the future. I think that one day we will run out of these natural resources and one fine day we will be back on the camel and the horse for our journey.

Do you think technology affects the environment?

I’ve no facts and fingers to my opinion about this question but I roughly assume that It should affect the environment. Ultimately, it prompts us to use a lot of electricity and batteries so they’re not good either for the environment. Take an example of mobile phone towers; we saw sparrows everywhere in our residential vicinity some twenty years ago. Today, I hardly see any sparrow areas. When I dug deeper about their disappearance, a gentleman said that their life is under threat because of the radiation of mobile phones and their towers. I don’t know how far it’s true but there’s something which makes me feel that the technology is somewhat affecting the environment.

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