25th February, Daily Important Tasks

25th February, Past Exam Daily Important Tasks

Real Exam of IELTS on January 4th, 2020. INDIA

Academic Writing Task 1:-

25th February - Past Exam Daily Important Tasks

The chart below   the proportion of holidaymakers of one region staying in different types of accommodation in three different years. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

25th February – Past Exam Daily Important Tasks

Sample Answer:-

The supplied circular charts depict the information about the percentum of tourists of one region residing in divergent types of apartments in the various time period.

Having an overview, it is identified that the most significant percentum of visitors gave preference to reside with their family as well as friends in all given time period.

After having a myopic observation, it is clearly evident that in 1988, living in rented apartment was the least liked byglobetrotters accounted for 7%. Whereas, 26% of traveller liked to dwell in camping which was quite lower for hotels recorded at 15%. The percentage of people who lodged with their families was the maximum that was increased by 2% in 1998. Nevertheless, the vogue of staying in camping decreased by half, whilst it was inclined by 7%.

On further analysis, in 2008 percentum of people living in a rented apartment was more than half. Stability has been observed in the percentage of vacationers who stayed in hotels. Nonetheless, a decreasing trend was followed by travellers, lived with their family and friends which stood at 44%.


25th February, Past Exam Daily Important Tasks

General Writing Task 1:-

You bought a game DVD and it is defective. Write a letter to the store for returning this DVD.

In your letter

  • Introduce yourself
  • Describe what went wrong
  • Say what you want from the store manager

Dear Manager-Returns Department,

On 27th August 2015, I purchased an Xbox One game disc, titled “Medal of Honor” and my invoice number is 647488485. I made this purchase from University Avenue Road store and payment was made by credit card.

When I reached home, I played this disc. The moment I inserted the disc, my disc was not recognised. Therefore, I referred to ‘User’s Manual’ to troubleshoot this technical glitch. I followed all the instructions properly. Yet it shows the same message. It looks like this disc is defective. When I play other discs, they run perfectly.

As per your company’s refund policy, I have enclosed the invoice, the original manufacture’s packaging, and the disc

 I am sure that disc should be treated as a ‘Product Recalls’. I paid $ 90.00 for this product, and request you to make payment of refund to my credit card.

I look forward to receive a favourable reply and refund.

Yours faithfully,



To troubleshoot (verb): to identify and correct faults, glitch (noun): a small problem or fault that stops something working successfully.

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Nowadays people use social media to keep in touch with others and be aware of the news. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Sample Answer:-

There is no denying the fact that technology has ushered the era with better lifestyle . in these days, using social networking sites is in trend which means more and more massed utilize these sites for communicating with relatives and friends as well as  get in touch with whole world . I fully concur with this notion. I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this statement in subsequent paragraphs.

To open the deliberation with the most prominent pros of utelizationOf social media is that in this contemporary scenario, folks have gruelling schedule which means they always engrossed in their work. Owing to this, it is extremely herculean for them to visit at the home of their near and dear one’s. So, by using such types of sites, people are able to talk with them .To cite an illustration, nowadays, youngsters are mostly utelize Facebook and Instagram for making new friends from the whole world, despite of having hectic schedule. AS a result, it is not only stay in touch with them but also fortify the bond between them. Pondering to the next view, although number of sources are available to read the news yet social media is attaining more popularity by the people by virtue it’s advantages like people get the instant news from these sites instead of newspaper which is the main reason of it’s popularity .Apart from this, it is eco- friendly which means it protects the environment as there is no need to cut the trees for making paper because it requires only for preparing newspaper .Not only this, it saves time also as people can get news and communicate with their soulmates at any time even while traveling. Consequently, People automatically allure towards social media because of its amenities.

On the paradoxical side, despite of having its benefits, it’s flaws cannot be neglected. The most dominant drawback is that it reduces the face to face interaction between the people as they just prefer these sites for talking with them instead of visiting their homes.Thus,people are feeling isolated because of less interaction by face to face .Moreover, the news which bestow on social media sometime is not reliable as some time these news are exaggerated on such sites which has a negative impact on people’s life. To exemplify, multifarious rumours are giving about the celebrities on these sites .Hence, sometime it create violence between the people.

To recapitulate, it would be opt to state that although it has few drawbacks but it’s advantages are over whelm than the disadvantages. So ,it is the responsibility of individuals that social sites should be used but up to limited extent because excess of everything is bad.

WRITTEN BY:- IELTS trainee Ms. Arshpreet Kaur gill, CAREER ZONE MOGA

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART 1 – Intro Part

What is your full name?

My name is Lovedeep.

Can I see your ID?

Sure! Here it is.

Where are you from?

I am born and raised in New Delhi.

What do you do for a living?

Iwork as a Software Engineer with Cognizant.

Do you like animal?

Yes, I love animals as they are beautiful creations of nature as well as indispensable part of our ecosystem.

What is your favorite animal?

Well, my favourite animal is dog, because dogs are best companion of human being as they are very friendly and loyal to their owner. Also, they help in guarding the house against all the possible odds.

What is your favorite wild animal ?

That’s interesting question for me, lion is my favorite one wild animal. As we know, it’s the king of jungle. I admire how fierce lions are and how they value unity whenever they are hunting a prey. They always have teamwork when running after their prey and when they succeed as well as they all share their food with each other.

Do many people in your country keep animals at home ?

Yes as I already mentioned that in my nation individuals always prefer to raise pet animals like dogs, cats, rabbits and many more.

What farm animals do you have in your country ?

Well, there are multifarious farm animals. People like to raise such as cows, goats, hens, buffalos and many more.

Do you think farm animals are important?

Obviously, farm animals are mandatory as people can get various types of products from these animals like milk, eggs  and many more. With the assist of sell these products, people from rural areas can complete their basic needs and earn money.

Which is your hometown?

I hail from……… Which is a very  spick and span village/city in the Eastern/ Western/Northern/Southern part of India.

Is it a big city or a small place?

It is neither  big city nor small. Nevertheless, all the basic amenities are available in this area.

How long have you been living there?

Well, I live in this area since my birth.

PART 2 – Cue Card

Talk about something that you borrowed from your friend.

Lending and borrowing plays an important role in everyone’s life. I also like to lend things to others  and borrow from others. But, here I get the opportunity to describe about the thing which I borrowed from my friend , approximately two months ago. It was the situation, when I was in my senior secondary standard. During the days prior my examinations, I lost my chemistry book. At that time, I felt down in the dumps because I had no option. Fortunately, an idea came into my mind tgat I should lended this book from one of my friend (Gurwinder) who had an extra copy of this book. So, I decided to do this, because it was the Hobson’s choice for me. After that, I started the preparation of my exams with this  because would not wanted to miss the boat to ace the test. I did work against the dock as I had only three days. On the day of exam  I rose and shine and gave my exam. After month, my result was declared. I felt over the moon, when I came to know that I passed my chemistry testwith flying colours. I thanked my friend a lot for this as well as I gifted him a watch with a box of sweets to show my sympathy with him.

All in all, it was the situation when I borrowed a book from my friend.

PART 3 – Discussion

What do Indian people usually borrow?

Some people borrow things because they may be unable to buy these things, perhaps they would not need to use those things more than once. So, that is the reason people prefer borrowing rather than buying. They borrow some useful things like kitchen ingredients and vehicles from otters.

What kind of problems are associates with borrowing things?

I don’t believe tgat there is anything wrong with borrowing things expect money. Borrowing money affects relationships especially if there are large sums involved. The lender may feel worries if the money would be returned or not and the borrower feels like he owes something.

What is your opinion about the phenomenon of borrowing in society?

People are social animals. Borrowing and lending is the manifestation of this social dependence. In case of money I believe, a person can take a loan from a bank instead of asking a friend or a relative.

How you like when some people borrow money from others?

That is something tgat I am completely against. I believe borrowing money impacts relationships like nothing else and if there is ever a delay in returning money it sours relationships even more.

Do you often borrow things in your daily task

Yes, I am very forgetful with stationary items like pencils, pens and erasers. So, I have to borrow these things from some clothes and shoes from my siblings.

What things you usually borrow from your neighbours?

I remember, few days before I used to borrow things like sugar, salt and kitchen items. But now we have shops close to my home so it is very convenient to buy them. Sometimes I used to borrow when I need it.

WRITTEN BY:- IELTS trainer Mrs. Kulveer Kaur and Ms. Kirandeep Kaur.

20th February, IELTS Daily Task

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