25th Jan, Today’s Task

Academic Writing Task 1

The bar chart below shows the percentage of dependency on forests (for livelihood) of six regions in a particular South America Country.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, making comparisons, wherever relevant.

25th Jan, Today's Task

The given bar graph showcases the percentage of dependence on forests by six regions in a particular country in South America. The regions are named as A, B, C, D, E and F.

The bar graph reveals that the maximum reliance on forests for livelihood is recorded by region A, at 80%. The minimum dependence falls on the share of region F, at nearly 40%. Next to A comes B with 60%, followed by C at one percent less, at 59%. The last three regions in order of declining dependence go to D (50%), E (45%) and F (40%).

It is interesting to note that the dependency of F is exactly half than that of A – 40% against 80%. Another fact to be observed is that region B is 20% less than A, while F is 20% less than B. the regions B and C stand almost equal in dependence, with the slight margin of one percent.

GT Writing Task 1

You bought some dog food from a store, and it turned out to be the expired one. Write a letter to the store manager about this.

In your letter

  • Describe the incident
  • Describe the complications that your dog went through
  • Tell what you want the manager to do for this incident

Dear Manager,

I I am writing to express my frustrations regarding the pet food purchased from your store. Last week, I purchased ‘Drools’ dogs food for my puppy. It turned out to be a nightmare for both my dog and family.

The food bag had crossed over expired, and I did not realize it when I bought it. Since it was on the shelf for sale, I assumed the food was good and suitable to feed my pet. When we fed this food to her, she started hacking violently and fell ill on the following day. First, we could not ascertain what went wrong with her. It was only when my wife happened to see the expiry date on the food bag. This incident shook us. We rushed her to vet. Her weeklong treatment cost us around $2,500.00.

By no means, time lost in recovery of Chelsea’s health, and inconvenience that she and we faced would be compensated fully. I demand a full refund with  the compensation of medical treatment bills.

I hope to hear back from you about this incident. I can be reachable by the phone:     

   (555) 568 9825. (188 words)

Yours faithfully,

Lasith Manila


Nightmare (for somebody) (noun): an experience that is frightening and unpleasant, or very difficult to deal with, expiration (noun): expiry, to hack (verb): to cough persistency, to ascertain (verb): to find out the true or correct information about something, vet – veterinarian (noun): a person who has been trained in the science of animal medicine, whose job is to treat animals who are sick or injured, by no means (idiom): not at all

Writing Task 2 (AC + GT)

Smoking is universally acknowledged as a serious health hazard. As such, it is strongly proposed that smoking at public places should be banned. To what extent do you agree or disagree to the idea?

Main points…….

  • I agree that public smoking should be banned.
  • Smoking injurious to human health:
  • Causes various diseases.
  • Causes miscarriage to expectant mothers.                                                                                    
  • Public smoking should be banned because:
  • Even the passive smokers suffer.
  • Smoking tempts others to smoke.
  • Conclusion
  • Public smoking must be banned.

Smoking no doubt poses a serious threat to human health. Every government has a duty to take care of the health of its public. People, however, do not give up smoking as they get addicted to it. Therefore, the government should step in here and ban smoking in public places. I fully agree to the idea.

Smoking indeed is very injurious to human health. Cigarettes contain nicotine and ammonia which are very dangerous for human life. Smoking is the main cause of lung-related diseases and heart ailments. It causes oral and lung cancer. It leads to asthma, nervous disorders and other serious maladies. It is harmful for women smokers too. Is an expected mother smokes, the foetus in her womb suffers threat to life. She can suffer miscarriage, along with other health complications.

Smoking in public should be banned as it affects even the passive smokers. Passive smokers are those who are present near the active smokers. Though the passive smokers do not smoke themselves yet they too are at risk, as they inhale the smoke emitted by the active smokers. Moreover, when a person smokes in a public, it offers a temptation to other smokers, or even non-smokers, to enjoy a puff. Children and adolescents fall an easy prey to the temptation. They first start smoking furtively, and then they get addicted to it.

To conclude, there are valid reasons for imposing a ban on public smoking. Smoking in private is an individual’s own choice. But a ban on public smoking must be imposed.

Word meanings

  • Threat          : danger, risk
  • Addicted      : habituated, getting into the habit of
  • Ailments      : diseases
  • Oral             : relating to mouth
  • Maladies     : diseases
  • Expectant    : pregnant
  • Foetus         : unborn human
  • Inhale          : breathe in
  • Emitted       : given out
  • Temptation : attraction
  • Puff             : a small amount of smoke
  • Furtively      : secretly
  • Valid            : legitimate, acceptable

IELTS full speaking interview


What is your full name?


My name is Sharmila Makwana.

Can I see you ID?

Definitely, here is my passport.

Where are you from?

I am born and raised in Baroda.

Do you work or study?

I’m studying a bachelor’s degree in business administration at the moment at M.S. university here in Baroda.

Is cooking popular in your country?

Yes, I think it’s popular. Most young girls learn from their mother or grandmother how to cook the most popular dishes. In the past especially in the Indian context, man did not to cook but I see there is a growing interest among the men also to cook something new and try their hands.

Who normally does the cooking in your house?

Food plays a vital role in the Indian culture, playing a role in everyday life as well as during festivals. It’s a common sight that many families in my country everyday meals are sit-down affairs consisting of two to three main courses. We’ve grown watching our elder ladies cook for the family, my mother does all the cooking and during festivals even the old ladies of the family extend a helping hand.

Would you like to learn cooking?

Yes, by all means I would like to learn cooking.

Why do you want to learn cooking?

I am a big food lover or rather one can say quite a foodie, I enjoy different cuisines, and it’s not feasible to dine out every day so I would like to learn cooking and enjoy eating at home.

Do you think cooking programs on TV are useful?

Most assuredly, they’re very handy when somebody is trying to cook something new, one gets to see the complete recipe step by step. I watched many TV shows on cooking, and have learnt to cook many delicious dishes. After watching ‘Master chef India’, I tried a few dishes only to mess them up initially but later on, I got better.

What are the advantages of a TV cooking program?

Sometimes when you try to cook the recipe from a book you are unsure if you’re cooking in the right way but when see it being cooked in a particular manner it’s easier to pick up and then you have an exact idea of what the dish should look like.

Part 2 – CUE CARD

Describe how you would organize a surprise party for your friend.

Please say,

  • Where you would do it
  • How you would do it
  • What arrangements you would need for the party

I love organizing parties, especially a surprise one. It’s a great feeling to see happy and surprised expressions on the face of loved one. It would be a great fun organizing a surprise party for my best friend, Anitha. Starting with the guest list and informing them about the surprise party warning them not to ruin that surprise. I would host the party at our favorite hangout place.

I would take her family and friends in confidence to help me organize the celebration. Collectively we would start with the menu, making sure to include all her favorite snacks. Since she enjoys music and singing, I will organize a live band to belt out (=sing loudly, coral) popular tunes to make it live.

I would request the venue owner to help me decorate. Together we would cordon a section of the venue for seating arrangements. The tables will be covered with pretty table clothes on which the lit candles with flower would be placed. I would call and request my friend to meet me at venue, so we could catch up a cup of coffee. On her arrival, I would meet her at the entrance after having wished her I would guide her into the café for that cup of coffee. As we enter all her family as well as our friends gathered at the venue will shout out “SURPRISE” and start singing happy birthday to her. The look on her face will make all our efforts worthwhile.

Part 3 – Discussion

Do you have festivals in your country?

There are plenty of festivals In India because of its rich heritage that has been built over the centuries. Because of the strong cultural diversity, it has led to a huge variety in Indian life, soul and festivals. The moment we get an opportunity, we celebrate festivals of each religion with equal zeal and vigor. This form of unity also represents our unity in diversity, and therefore we can say that India is a country of festivals.

Tell me about a local celebration in you town.

The main festivals in my home town are Navratri and Diwali. Navratri is a nine-night’s celebrations where all the lanes are lit. men and women are dressed in colorful traditional dresses and dance around the statue of goddess for nine nights. Diwali is the festival of lights where each house is lit with lanterns, oil lamps or fancy lights. On this day, people visit families exchanging sweets and gifts.

What is the relevance of international festivals to the world’s community?

Festivals are a reflection of culture, traditions and glorious heritage. With festivals we are able to rejoice our special moments and emotions with our loved ones. Its believed that they structure our social lives and connect us with our families and backgrounds. Humans especially in this era are totally exhausted mentally and physically owing to the pressure at workplace. Festivals give us an opportunity to get away from this pressured life for a while and recharge ourselves and give us some sort of inspiration to remember the important events and moments in life. In a similar manner, international festivals connect us globally and allow us to know other traditions and legends.

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