25th March, Ultimate IELTS Speaking & Writing Tasks

25th March, Ultimate IELTS Speaking & Writing Tasks

Academic Writing Task 1

The line graph shows international travel of the U.K. residents abroad and visits to the U.K. from overseas, for the period 1989-2009. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

25th March, Ultimate IELTS Speaking & Writing Tasks
25th March, Ultimate IELTS Speaking & Writing Tasks

Sample Answer:-

The simple line graph gives a picture of the overseas visit of the U.K. residents and the visits from abroad to the U.K. for a period of 20 years from 1989 to 2009. Although there had been improvements overall, outbound travel experienced a set back in the final years.

Overseas visits of the U.K. residents far outnumbered visits to the U.K. all along. Both the inbound and outbound travels were subjected to fluctuations. There had been around 32 million tours from the U.K. in 1989, which remained stable for about 2 years. Then the rate started climbing at an even pace and more than doubled by 2005-2006, scoring the peak rate of 70 millions. This figure underwent a slight decline for two years thereafter and in the final year dropped sharply to below 60 millions. Visits to the U.K. were around 18 millions in 1989. They had a slower and fluctuating climb to 30 millions by the final year.

In summing up, international travel from and to the U.K. boomedsubstantially during the given period, although visits from the U.K. suffered a record fall in the final year.

General Writing Task 1

You are unhappy about a plan to make your local airport bigger and increase the number of flights  you live near the airport. Write a letter to your local newspaper. In your letter explain

  • where you live
  • Describe the problem
  • Give reasons why you do not want this development.

Sample Answer:-

Dear………… ,

This is in connection with a new item that appeared in your daily today regarding the Airport Authority’s plan to expand our local airport so that the number if flights could be enhanced.

I vehemently protest against this move. I happen to live near this airport and am a victim of the untold problems created by it. There is already any number of flights and each flight is a terror to the people living nearby. The roar of the engines taking off and landing is unbearable in that they tear-off our eardrums. Trees and houses seem to fly off. The whole locality rocks as each plane touches down. I do not think that the local people are going to put up with this decision.

I would like you to publish this letter in your ‘Letter to the Editor’ column with a view to solicit the response of the public here. I have no doubt that there is  going to be an uproar against this inconsiderable idea.

Yours faithfully,


Writing Task 2 ( AC+GT)

The world of work is changing rapidly, so people cannot depend on their jobs. What are the reasons of such a phenomenon and offer some measures to solve it. Should we welcome these changes?

Sample Answer:-

A lifetime job, which had offered security to many people in the past, is now becoming an outdated idea and a mobile workforce consisting of people willing to accept changes is the new world order. Gettingalong with change is* wisdom at a time when globalisation, along with technological breakthroughs, is* changing the work culture. This essay explains the reasons for the new trends in the job market, discusses whether it should be welcome, and offers some solutions.

The primary reason for the changes in the job culture is that job market and employment have become global. As the sky is the limit to an entrepreneur today, getting employees from anywhere under the sun is not difficult. Outsourcing jobs in the developing world had made employees jobless in the developed world. Indians Bangalore and Hyderabad doing the work of Europeans in call centers is a good example.

The second issue is the realization on the part of employers that investing money in technology is better than keeping people in employment for life. This new approach has eliminated many a job. For instance, many technicians have lost their jobs when robots were introduced in the automobile industry in Japan. Moreover, people generally prefer to change their jobs, if it is stereotypical. Since job security is in question, it is better for employees to be multi-skilled and to be flexible.

To sum up, changes in the job atmosphere should be welcomed by both employees and employers, since the work culture has changed globally. As these changes are irrevocable (= impossible to change), it is wise to gain from the new opportunities by being techno-savvy and multi-skilled.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview

PART – 1 Intro Part

What is your name?

My name’s Arshprreet Kaur

Can I see your identity please?

Of course ,this is my passport

How may I call you?

U could address me with Arsh because it’s my pet name

What is your qualification?

Well honestly speaking ,I have completed my senior secondary education with medical stream from BPS public school.

Where are you

I m a dweller of rural area chuharchak which falls in dist. Moga

Do Indian people like to drink tea or coffee?

Undoubtedly, people have a great cult/ gassy to drink tea and coffee because Indian people start their day by having it.

Do you prepare tea or coffee for guests at home?

Certainly, I prepare tea or coffee for guests whenever my mother is not at home only that time I prepare it to show my hospitality towards them

When was the last time you drank tea or coffee?

 As I have told you earlier Indians adore/ love to drink tea on their daily basis, similarly, I am also Indian so, I drink tea at morning time today.

Which you prefer more tea or coffee?

Be honest, it is very difficult me to choose one but if I have to choose then I feel energetic by having it.

Why Indians are crazy to drink tea or coffee?

Well, that’s an interesting question for me I think people love to drink it because it act as a stress buster for them. They feel refresh by drinking it.

Do you prefer public transportation or private transportation.

Well, I prefer public transport more instead of private transport because buses are really frequent in my area and it is quite pocket friendly for me.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe A long/short trip you would like to make again.

Please say,

  • Where you went
  • Who you went with
  • What you did during the trip

And explain why you would like to make the trip again

Sample Answer:-

The short trip (= excursion) to Goa is the most memorable to me. I went there with my friends a couple of months back. The surroundings in Goa always soothe(= relax, calm) my mind the moment I land there. Goa is a place which gives a sense of relaxation and positive vibrancy –the vibrancy of two cultures, eastern and western together. It’s a tiny emerald (= greenish) land on the west coast of my country. Goa is known for its waters, orchards (= a piece of enclosed land planted with fruit trees) and magnanimous Goans (= generous, charitable). Certain beaches in Goa such as Anjuna, Vagator and Arambol are very famous, and tourists throng (= flock, rush) to these beaches in search of salvation (= lifeline) and peace. It’s pure cosmopolitan and happening place to visit and I cannot resist from frequenting the pristine (= clean, fresh) beaches of Goa from time to time. More importantly, it’s a heaven for those who want to indulge themselves into wateesports. I love doing thrilling watersports, such as parasailing, sunset cruises, scuba-diving and water skiing. I always feel Goa is calling me because of all these offerings.

I went with my two friends, Anant and Keyur.

A lot of fun us usual! The very first job apparently we did was to pick up our supply of booze (= alcoholic drink) en route (= on the way, in transit) to Vagator beach from the airport. We bought two bottles of scotch and some wine and beer tins. It took more than 2 hours to reach the hotel. We checked-in the hotel; the hotel was tremendous with a portion of private beach. We refreshed and typically got dressed in the holiday attire (= clothes) and moved to the market to rent a car for commuting. We wanted to rent an open Gypsy and Luckily we got a good deal and a well-maintained Gypsy for our three-day tour. We reached there by late noon and by time we completed our rental deal of the car, it was almost 5 in the evening. We reached Anjuna Beach for watersports because that was the first thing we had on our mind. It was full of fun and frolic. The travel and frolic fatigue (= tiredness from playing) exhausted us a little bit and then we thought of having some children beer with some Goan delicacies. All in all, we had unlimited fun, relaxation, played beach games with thrilling watersports activities, and more importantly, we had  some time to unwind and reminisce (= remember with pleasure) about our past.

As said earlier, the true essence of happiness comes when we meet our friends and have fun. The memories that we’ve during this trip are always a treasure (= valuable) and these are the moments for which we live and die, I guess. Everyone on this trip did his bit to make it more memorable and those tiny moments of teasing, babbling (= prattle, chatter, jibber-jabber), bothering each other for no reason, roaming around the beaches, going to discotheques and what not. Additionally, sitting on the beach water calms the nerves of anxiety and pressure of workload that we’ve the moment we return to our routine life. Those were the best days with the best touring experience of Goa and undoubtedly, given a chance I would always love to relive them forever.

PART – 3 Discussion/Follow up questions

What do you before you start your journey?

Candidly speaking, I’ve no checklist to follow before I embark upon (= start)  journey. Certainly I would gather and pack up all my required stuff. Couple of things I don’t miss out to do is I carry ‘ Disprin’ pills wherever I travel. At times, whenever there is a change of weather, I tend to have a headache and ‘Disprin’ is the only tablet that gives me the instant relief. Another thing is I’ve too many credit cards and I always have a premonition (= apprehension) of losing them either by forgetting my wallet somewhere or getting robbed of; hence I carry only one credit card, leaving others behind at home for a safety reason. I’m not a religious guy who would pray to God before his journey but, nonetheless, I talk to myself and wish to return in one-piece – no pun intended (= no double meaning).

Do you prefer travelling on your own or with your friends?

Undoubtedly, the trip with friends makes sense. I’m not extrovert guy and like to go with friends for any trip. I enjoy my trip and experience the real essence of mischievous amusement and pleasure with friends only. Being lonely isn’t a bad idea but it depends upon one’s natural inclination. Some enjoy being all alone whereas loneliness takes me for a ride. Without friends, I am a dog without a bone.

How do you usually plan your trips?

That’s a very complicated question since planning most of the time doesn’t work for me. Whenever I planned any trip, something or the other spoiled the party. Therefore, I’m a firm believer that the trip decided all of sudden works for me. Being a working professional, I need to see mu holiday allowance and use them in bursts (= spell, period, time).

Do you always like to visit a place you have been to again?

It depends upon the destination. Some places are such that one likes to frequent over and over again. For example, Goa and Manali are such holiday destination and you don’t get fed up with them. The same credit cannot be given to all places. In a nutshell, I would like to travel new places to enjoy and learn about them most.

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25th March, Ultimate IELTS Speaking & Writing Tasks
25th March, Ultimate IELTS Speaking & Writing Tasks
BEST IELTS Reading Daily Test, 24th March
25th March, Ultimate IELTS Speaking & Writing Tasks

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