26th February, Best IELTS Daily Tasks

26th February, IELTS Daily Tasks

Academic Writing Task:-

The bar graph shows information on household access to the internet in New Zealand. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

26th February, IELTS Daily Tasks

Model Answer –

This simple bar graph is  a comparative study of household access to the internet in New Zealand in the years 2006 to 2009.

Two types of accesses are shown in the graph, broadband and dial-up. The outstanding features of the graph is that there had been huge increase in the percentage of Broad-band users during the mentioned period.

The percentage of broadband access was around 32% in 2006. It underwent dramatic changes by 2009. The ratio of this access almost doubled to more than 62%. Dial-up access in 2006 was almost as much as broadband access. It was 30%. However, unlike broadband access, its proportion suffered drastically. It plummeted from 30% to a marginal 10%. While in 2006 the two accesses were of more or less equal ratios, in 2009 their difference was astounding. Broadband access grew more than sixfold as compared to dial-up access.

In summing up, broadband access experienced a striking growth from 2006 to 2009.

General writing Task 1:-

You would like to buy some electrical goods at a shop in a nearby town. Write a letter to the shop and ask if they have the things you want or whether they will be able to order them. Ask what the prices are and how long they will be able to hold the goods for you.

Model Answer –


I am in need of some electrical items which I have not been able to procure in my town. I understand you are a reputed firm dealing in all sorts of electrical and electronic goods and that you would most probably be able to supply them. I am enclosing a list of the items that I require. Please go through the same and let me know if you can supply all of them. The only item that I think you may not have is the PS2 cable for computer networking. Let me know per return of post what all items you can supply and their prices. Since my requirement is substantial, I am sure,you would charge me only at wholesale rates. If there are any items that you do not have stock of, could you please procure them from your suppliers?

Lastly, how long would you be able to reserve the goods for me since I would be able to visit your town only after a week or ten days?

Yours faithful,

Signature…… .   .


Writing Task 2 (AC+GT)

Some people see that university education is essential for successful life, while other don’t find it true. Discuss both the views and give your opinion..

Model Answer –

In this contemporary epoch, it is no wonder that education is mandatory for individuals. However, it is opined by section of society that tertiary education is imperative to be successful in life. while, others contradicts it. This essay will be the amalgamation of both the facts along with my opinion.

On the one hand, proponents of the former viewpoint have several reasons for supporting. First and foremost, Some people strongly believe that tertiary education secures their future as the chance for them to be offered a job is higher. This is probably true as academic qualification is one of the major criteria’s taken into consideration in a job interview. Clearly in this sense, more people would pursue education after high school in order to acquire more knowledge and skills which are essential for their future. Professionals such as doctors, lawyers and accountants are required to go through few years of teaching and training before working. There is no doubt that such professions would have a secure job and a successful life, yet they work unfriendly hours where they hardly see their friends and families. Moreover, they have better critical thinking skills, by which they look for solution before forming the plausible. Besides, university scholars are known to show commitment and respect which is appreciated by prospective employers. In a recent survey conducted in US, 70% of the recruiters prefer the academic skills as well as personal skills while interviewing the polrospective employees.

On the other hand, as per the another section of the society. It is believed that successful persons are usually talented in their field . they claim that people don’t have to spend time in universities because certain occupations don’t require academic qualification, especially those which require skills. In fact, they think that those jobs are more enjoyable on top of a decent pay, to cite an example, Steve Job, who dropped out from university had a successful life by intervening technological products such as computers, telephones and tablets which have brought a lot of convenience and joy to the society. This has shown that university is not necessary in order to obtain a successful life as long as we work hard.

To encapsulate, it can be reiterated that attending the university is must to have a successful life; nevertheless, another group is against this belief. From my perspective not only  university qualifications assist in achieving success but also being gifted can be a crucial determinant of success.

WRITTEN BY:- Ms. Deepika Arora IELTS trainer, CAREER ZONE MOGA

IELTS Speaking Full Interview-

Part – 1 Intro Questions

What is your full name?

My name is Akshea.

Can J see your ID?

Sure, this is my passport.

Where you like your job?

I live in Indore.

Do you work or study?

I am working as a software engineering Wipro Limited.

Do you like dessert?

Of course, I adore (= like) to eat sweet dishes after a meal because it is not only scrumptious but also change my tongue taste.

Do you like eating cake?

Precisely, I love eating cake but only in the special occasions like parties, marriages and so on because these are the only occasions when people cut the cake to express their  joy (= mirth, happiness).

What desserts do Indian people like?

Well, that’s an interesting question for me because number of desserts are popular such as chocolate, cake, gulabjamun, rice pudding and so on.

Have you ever made a cake?

No, I never prepare a cake before because I am totally oblivious(= unaware) about the cooking.

PART 2 – Cue Card

Describe something you bought that was difficult to use at  first.

I am  a shopping lover person, so, I like to use different kind of things in my routine life. I feel glad to take this opportunity to talk about a particular product, in fact, technological gadget, which I bought and find difficulty to use it for the first time. It was my first mobile of brand SAMSUNG A30s. Actually, my father gave me some money to save for my father expenditures. I saved up this money from three to four years. But in last month, I demanded my father to bought a mobile phone for me and then he suggested me to purchase this from my savings. After calculating the entire currency in my piggy bank, I shell out near about twenty thousand bucks on this mobile phone. Basically, I wanted this mobile phone for my academic purposes. But when I purchased it. I died not know to operate it. I felt down in the dumps at that time. Then an idea came into my mind that I should took help from my cousin, which is a man of parts. As he is a software operate additionally, my cousin taught me the whole procedure of using the mobile phone. He also created my account on different worksite. I lended an ear when my cousin was giving me information about it and then I followed him. Now, I can easilyoperate my mobile. I feel over the moon because of my purchase as it was my dream  phone. Presently, there is not any problem related how to use it and I also spread this information among others who face the same problem as me.

PART 3 – Discussion

What type of products are difficult to use at first?

Well, according to my prospective, using technological gadgets are Herculean/ difficult to use at first time because we are totally oblivious about that particular product how it can be operate. For instance, compute is extremely difficult to use at beginning. Owing to this, people have to attend the classes to learn this gadget. After that, people are able to operate that product.

2Do you think it’s necessary to follow the fashion and use the latest products?

Well, I cannot say it is obligatory/necessary to follow the fashion and latest products. Because it totally depend upon the choice of person. If he or she wants to follow, then definitely he/she can abide the trend. Moreover, if people follow the fashion and latest products then they can get in touch with trend.

Why do you think advertisements are useful in selling the products?

Commercialization plays part and parcel role to sell their goods to because by advertising their product, people come to know about the latest products which are launched in the market. Moreover, it is the best way to allure the customers towards their products as advertisements are endorsed by the celebrities.

Which do you think is better buying things online or buying things on real shops.

As per as I concern that the things which people purchase from the market is better instead of online / possible on the online shopping. Apart from this, people can also negotiate the prizes of the product by going in shops.

How do people pay for things they buy?

Well, it is quite interesting question for me because technology is in air nowadays by virtue of this, ample of sources are available By which people are able to pay for things when they buy like PayTM, Credit Card, Debit card and so on. By using these methods, people can pay for the things.

WRITTEN BY:- Ms. Arshpreet Kaur and Mrs. Kulveer Kaur IELTS trainer, CAREER ZONE MOGA

20th February, IELTS Daily Task

26th February, Best IELTS Daily Tasks

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