26th March, Best IELTS Daily Tasks

26th March, Best IELTS Daily Tasks

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The chart below shows the payment methods used most often by US consumers over a four-year period. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

26th March, Best IELTS Daily Tasks
26th March, Best IELTS Daily Tasks

Sample Answer:-

The chart illustrates how the use of different payment methods by consumers in the United States has changed from 2002 to 2005. In 2002, more consumers used  ash than any other payment method. This accounted for nearly 35% of their purchases. The use of cheques and credit cards came in closely behind cash, with cheques accounting for about 27% of purchases and credit cards being used only slightly less. The use of debit cards was significantly lower, accounting for only around 13% of purchases.

By the beginning of 2003, the hierarchy of cash dropped by about 4%. At the end of 2004 into 2005 cash-use began a gradual rise but did not reach 2002 levels. The use of cheques rose nearly 9% until mid-2004 and then began to drop slightly in 2005. The use of credit cards rose until the middle of 2003 and then began to gradually drop by about 2% in 2005. Debit-card-use drop very gradually by about 3% in 2005.

As a whole, cheques, and credit cards were the only payment methods that were used more often as the four-year time period progressed.

26th March, Best IELTS Daily Tasks

General Writing Task 1:-

Your local bookshop has invited members of the public to recommend a guest speaker for an upcoming event that will include a series of talks from well-known people. Write an e-mail to the bookshop.

In your e-mail

  • Suggest a speaker
  • Say what they would contribute to the event
  • Explain why other people would be interested too

Sample Answer:-

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a regular customer of your bookshop I enjoy attending the talks and discussions that you hold from time to time. I would like to make one particular recommendation. I believe that local crime writer, T.J. Thompson, would be an excellent choice for the reasons that O will now outline.

Firstly, he is a lo al author and so is of immediate interest to all those will be attending. Home-grown talent is a welcome novelty in these times where the local author is in danger of being crowded out by internationally bestselling authors.

Secondly, being a local author, T.J. Thompson will already have a considerable readership amongst the town’s residents and is likely to attract a good audience. This of course would be of mutual benefit to both the author and your bookshop, since it is an opportunity to promote the author’s mist recent works and boost sales as a result.

Finally, I think that the presence of a well-established local author will encourage talent. I jope tgat you will consider my recommendation.

Yours faithfully,

J. Wells

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

The state of the environment is now a cause for concern in all countries across  world. Apart from government measures and policies, what can individual do on a personal level to combat the negative effects that our lifestyle have on the environment?

Sample Answer:-

Few people can deny that the environment has become a global issue. The effects of global warming have begun to become more apparent, and climate instability is beginning to take its toll in the form of droughts, floods and dangerous storms. Governments seem unable to agree to take any action. The outlook may seem grim, but there are plenty of things that each of us, as individuals, can do to minimise damage to the environment.

The most obvious thing we can cut back on is our use of electricity. The certain of electricity is very damaging to environment, whether it is created by burning cool, damming rivers, or nuclear means; none are good methods. By replacing standard light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs considerable energy – as well as money because the bulbs last so long –can be saved. Also, it is important to turn off computers and TVs when they are not in use, and to try to wear jumpers or pullovers if it is cold in the winter and turn the thermostat down a few degrees. Finally, if a house is insulated properly, it takes much less energy to heat or cool it to comfortable levels.

In addition, we can consume less in general. Everything we buy, be it clothes, toys, furniture, gadgets – what – ever it is – it used up energy and caused pollution in its making. If we buy less, and do not but things tgat we do not need, then we can cut back on both pollution  and energy consumption. For this reason it is very important not to purchase things we do not need, and when we need something, to try to choose items that will last a long time and not be thrown out and replaced promptly.

Finally, we can also try to mindful of how we travel since cars and planed create a large amount of pollution. Planes are one of the worst culprits when it comes to using up fossil fuels, so it makes sense not to travel by plane if there is any alternative. Cars, too, pollute a lot, although less than planes. If you drive them every day, however, it adds up rapidly. We should all try to commute to work using public transport if it is available, or better yet, go on fact or on a bicycle.

So, even though things might seem hopeless when we see how governments can not agree to take action, we must remember that there are ample things we can each do at a personal level in order to help prevent more environmental damage from occurring.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART – 1 Intro Part

What is your full name?


My name is Shagun Mehta.

Can I see your ID?

Yes, of course, here’s my ID.

Where are you from?

I am from Baroda.

Do you work or study?

I am a student, I have already completed MBBS and now I am in the last year of Master’s degree.

At what time do you wake up?

I wake up around 5:30 in the morning. During weekends, I don’t follow this wakeup regime and I rise around 9 in the morning.

At what time do you sleep?

I go to bed at 11 usually during the week. Again the sleep time varies during theweekends. I go out with friends during the weekend and therefore I go to bed at 2 in the morning most of the time.

What do you eat for your breakfast?

I generally have ‘parathas’ dates and a glass of milk for breakfast. But I’m dependent on what my mom cooks for me in the morning. We’ve a change of this breakfast pattern, too. Sometimes she prepare the spouted beans with the fresh fruit juice for breakfast.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe a time when you got lost.

Please say,

  • When and where it happened
  • Who was there with you
  • How you felt when you got lost

And explain hoe you eventually found your way

Sample Answer:-

I remember having got lost while I was travelling to Baroda around four months back. I travelled Baroda five years back and that time the city’s landscape was different than what it’s today. There are two newly constructed flyovers for bypassing the city. I had no clue whether to use these bypasses or not to enter the city. I was also surprised to the fact that why government didn’t construct a cloverleaf interchange (= crossroads, T-junction) for a clear signalling for Baroda city.

I had a casual meeting with one of my friends who travelled from Mumbai to Baroda for a sales pitch. He insist me on bringing his chum (= close friend) for this rendezvous (= meeting place) in Baroda. He was unable to visit Ahmedabad since he was cutting too fine with his timings. My friend, Sameer and I went together to Baroda city to relive the past memories briefly.

The moment I went down the wrong road, I realize that it would waste away my precious time by asking others for the city’s direction. I was annoyed at the administration and myself. First of all, it was rubbish to have no highway marker to direct the people about the places. Secondly, the moment I started going down the wrong road, my intuition (= instinct) shouted at me but didn’t listen to it. I felt like why I did not stop and inquire about the direction.

I was in a terrible predicament (= difficult situation, plight). I travelled almost 8 to 9 kilometres on the wrong road and then I pulled over my car and asked people about the direction. My trouble didn’t end here. One of the pedestrians guided me again on the wrong road only to return to the right road later on. Eventually, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel (= an indication that a long period of difficulty is nearing an end) and got to the destination. It was a heck of a tour for sure (= used for emphasis in various statementsor exclamations.

PART – 3 Follow up questions/Discussion:-

Why do some people get lost easily but others don’t?

I reckon some people are very good at memorizing roads and other stuff and others are not. It comes naturally and there’s nothing we can do about it in our life. For example, I’ve seen a few of my friends who  are very sharp at memorizing telephone numbers and even they don’t program some numbers on their cell phones, too. While others who are likely me only are dependent on technology to do their jobs. Such dependency on technology and devices lead people in such a situation of forgetting road directions and other things.

Is digital map important?

It goes without saying that the digital map makes life easy for everyone. However, I’ve experienced that the digital map in some areas and cities doesn’t work properly. Google map at times takes you to the wrong road, too. I’ve no idea why it happens so but it happens on many occasions. To me, it is a piece of cake for technologists to fix it. As I live in Canada so I must say that without a digital map, I cannot survive. It is my modern – day road compass.

Would people rely more on digital maps?

Digital maps offer a precise direction to users and in most cases, it hardly disappoints. Gone are the days when people had to memorize anything and everything. Digital maps comfort the life of drivers without having to stop for asking the road direction or fear from going down the wrong road. This assistive device is available at  a very low price these days. That is why people have no hesitation to own this technology. Simply, it’s a useful and timesaving device for the users.

Why do people like travelling?

There are several benefits associated with travelling. Some people are very much passionate about travelling and they cannot do without it. As people travel, they are exposed to more new things, new learning, cultures, new people, and lifestyle. It makes them more appreciative of their own home because when they travel more they come to reality of certain luxuries that everyone may not have. Discovering new places by travelling makes them realize that how little they knew about the world. What is more, they’ve an opportunity to make new friends and enter into the world of interconnectedness of humanity.

If you got lost, and didn’t have a map, what would you do?

In that case, I will go back to my last resort and that is asking people or pedestrians for the direction. I may contact my friends or others who reside or work in that particular area for their help in navigation. The last option I’ve is to catch a cab driver because they are the right up their alley (= well suited to one’s tastes, interests, or abilities) to navigate me to the exact spot.

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26th March, Best IELTS Daily Tasks

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