28th Jan, Today’s Task

Academic writing task 1

The graph below presents the sales and profits of a particular business company in Australia in four different years.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, making comparisons where relevant.

28th Jan, Today's Task

Model Answer

The given bar chart depicts the sales and earnings of a particular business firm in Australia over four different years that is, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. The figures of the sales and profits are in million dollars. A glance at the graph reveals that the company started its sales in 2011 at 40 million dollars, mounted the sales to 60 millions in the following year. But the sales dipped to 50 million dollars in the year 2013. However, in 2014, the sales of the company shot up to 70 millions, the highest in four years!

The profits earned by the company naturally corresponded to the sales in the four years. In 2011, the margin was 15 million dollars against the sales of 40millions. In the remaining three years, the figures of earnings and sales were 25 against 60, 20 against 50 and 32 against 70 – all calibrated in million dollars.

To conclude, the company went on improving its business performance, with the exception of the year 2013 when it recorded a temporary dip after the preceding year.

General Writing Task 1

Your sister’s marriage is going to be solemnized after about a month. You wish to invite a professional singer, a T.V. artist, to give a live performance on the occasion.

Write a letter to the artist. In your letter

  • Inform him about the occasion.
  • Request him to give a live performance.
  • Ask him the amount of advance cheque you are required to send him.

Dear Sir

My sister’s marriage is going to be solemnized on the 25th of next month. The venue is Golden Farm, Nabha Road of our city. The main function would be from 9 P.M. to 12 P.M. there will be gathering of about 200-250 guests.

My family and my friends all are great fans of yours. We often watch you singing on T.V. in fact, that is one of our favorite programmes. I very much wish to invite you at the function. We are all keen to watch your live performance at the occasion. Of course, you are invited along with your orchestra and fellow artists. I would like to give a pleasant surprise to my guests. I wish to make the occasion a memorable experience.

Will you please inform e about your charges. Also please tell me the amount of the advance cheque I am expected to send to you.

With regards,

Yours faithfully


Writing Task 2 (AC+GT)

Traffic on our roads is getting worse day by day. How can we reduce the number of cars on our roads today?

Main points………….

  • Large number of cars cause traffic jams, road accidents, environmental pollution, etc.
  • The number of cars on the roads can be reduced by
  • Providing better and cheap public buses.
  • Car pooling
  • Other methods
  • Through car rationing
  • One day in a week a car-free day
  • Increasing the prices of cars and their fuel (petrol, diesel)
  • Reducing the number of cars will reduce problems.

There is a flood of vehicles, including cars, on our roads today. This has caused various problems, like traffic jams, road accidents, environmental pollution, etc. the question arises: how can we reduce the number of cars running on our roads? There are various ways to do that.

The number of automobiles on the roads can be reduced by promoting public transport. The condition of public buses should be improved, so should be their timings and services. Moreover, the bus tickets should be moderately priced, so that they attract more and more commuters. Car pooling is another way of cutting down the number of cars on our roads. A few persons travelling to the same destination or along the same route can share one car. That way, instead of four or five cars, only one will run on the roads.

There are certain other methods too through which the number of cars can be brought down. Something back Delhi government introduced car rationing. According to this scheme, the cars with odd and even numbers were made to run on alternate days, the aim being to halve the number of cars on the roads. Certain countries observe one day in a week as a car-free day in different parts of their cities. But that reduce the number for only one day. Another method is to raise the prices of cars and their fuel, petrol or diesel.

To sum up, these are various ways through which the number of cars on the roads can be reduced; this would mean reduced pollution and less incidence of traffic jams and road accident.

Word Meanings…

  • Moderately priced         :   cheap, not costly
  • Commuters                     :   passengers
  • Destination                     :   the place we want to reach

IELTS Speaking full Interview


What is your full name?

My name is James Bond.

Can I see your ID?


Certainly, here you are!

Where are you from?

I am born and raised in New Delhi.

What do you do for a living?

I worked as a software Engineer with Cognizant.

Do you find your job stressful?

At times, I find my job stressful especially when we’ve particular assignment in short notice, and the client wants it done at the earliest. Obviously, we’ve routine assignments on which we work and we need to sideline them for a while and get back to the new assignment. We always try to meet the deadline, and we do so many times, but completing that particular assignment takes a heavy toll on team members and me.

What do you do with your friends on weekends?

Typical boys’ stuff, I would say. We hang out at any good place, or meet at the pub. We drink until we loss the count. Quite an irresponsible act on our part but this is how we live because that’s the only one day when we get an opportunity to unwind ourselves after the stressful job.

Do you like to make new friends?

Candidly speaking, I don’t like to make new friends because I’ve already so many of them. I don’t intend to make new friends but you know we get in touch with some remarkable people coincidentally, and if the person is of great interest, I wouldn’t mind extending my friendship hand to him.

Do you remember your dreams after you wake up?

‘Yes’ and ‘No’ both. Sometimes I remember my dreams, and the other time I just happen to forget. One thing is there I generally don’t tend to forget the horrible nightmares.

Do you like to hear dreams of others? Why?

Certainly, I love to hear people and their dreams, too. When you speak, you share only what you know but you hear others, you learn a lot many things which could be useful later in career making or for any other purposes. People are filled with the vivid ideas, really at times they make a lot of sense. I assume their wild dreams are worth listening to.

Do you like to learn about dreams? Why?

I’ve never thought of learning dreams. I don’t know why I never thought about this. Possibly, I’ve not given any priority on this type of learning. Nor have I seen people doing that.

Part 2 – CUE CARD

Describe a disagreement that you had with someone.

Please say,

  • When and where it was
  • What it was about
  • How you felt about it later

I recount (=tell) a disagreement with my neighbor a few days ago. He came over my place with a view to complaining which was quite unpleasant for me. I didn’t take it lightly because he seemed to have crossed over a line of leniency and decency of mine.

He parked his car in front of my gate for which my mother had requested him to remove his car from that spot. He was disappointed with that request, and he phoned me over this matter. I calmly explained him why he was requested to remove his car from that spot but he seemed to have built a solid foundation of constant non-consultation and selfishness.

In the evening, when I reached home, he again came over my place to discuss this matter. I got annoyed at his discourteous (=rude, impolite) and quarrelsome behavior. I didn’t like the entire episode because I had always wanted a peaceful neighborhood. But this gentleman didn’t value my leniency. Eventually, I lost my temper and sounded him off.


How can decisions affect a person’s life?

The decision making is an important aspect in our life. One misstep can force us to go backwards from where we may not come back ever of if we happen to recover what we’ve lost, yet we pay the heavy price for the wrong decision. The opposite is also true. A right decision could be a life-making event for anyone. Therefore, it is consequential (=important, significant), and could affect us greatly in either direction.

What are the main decisions youngsters have to make nowadays?

For the youth, career making is on the top priority, especially to choose the right career path. This task is daunting (= challenging, threatening) for their parents and themselves both. There are other essential decisions that seek a lot of attention. For example, when they are young and restless, they tend to remain overconfident and sometimes it costs them heavily in later years. Therefore, it’s for their good that they should be with the good company to set the right path.

Did you get advice from somebody before making crucial decisions? Why?

You bet (=absolutely)! My mother was always like a shadow to me; not in a nagging always believed myself right in all the decisions only to realize later in life that how I was wrong on my occasions whereas my mother has always been a farsighted (=foresight) gracious woman. I’m proud of consulting her whenever it need and I had always her back.

Why do people make wrong decision sometimes?

Well guess nobody does it on purpose, it just happens. Taking a right decision is little bit of speculations, sometimes it goes right and the other time it boomerangs (= backfire, recoil), too. People in most occasions analyze various aspects before deciding something important. Yet they fail because the right decision also depends upon many other external and internal factors. 

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