28th March, Best IELTS Daily Writing Speaking Tasks

28th March, Best IELTS Daily Writing Speaking Tasks

General Writing Task 1:-

A good friend has just changed schools and is having difficulty fitting in an needs your advice. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter.

  • Make suggestion as to how they could make friends
  • Suggest joining clubs, participating in school activities
  • Give any extra general advice

Sample Answer:-

Dear Evelyn,

I was sorry to hear that you are not really settling in to your new school. I thought I’d write back with a few suggestions as to what you could do to improve the situation.

Firstly, it does take time to build friendships, so don’t give up. Joining an after-school activity club might help. Choose an activity, like a team sport, since this will guarantee you meet a lot of new people. You will soon see you will make friends at your club, then things will get batter for you and you will end up meeting their own friends, too.

In addition, getting out and about will make you feel better. Take up a form of exercise or pursue a hobby that interests you. You will begin you feel a lot happier and when you are upbeat it’s easier to make friends.

One more thing; if all the above don’t work, then find some like-minded people and ask them to join in a fun activity. A cinema trip or meeting for coffee are good ways to socialise and make friends.

Well, I hope that has been of some help. Good luck!



Academic Writing Task 1:-

The graph below shows the rate of attendance for primary and secondary schools for boys and girls across the world. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

28th March, Best IELTS Daily Writing Speaking Tasks
28th March, Best IELTS Daily Writing Speaking Tasks

Sample Answer:-

The graph shows the percentage Of boys and girls attending both primary and secondary school in the years between 2000 and 2004 in industrialized countries, developing countries and the least developed countries. It reveals that children in the least developed countries are for more likely to miss out an education, particularly at a secondary level.

In industrialised countries, education levels are quite uniform. The percentage of boys and girls in both primary and secondary education differ by only one percentage point, and the percentage of children in primary and secondary education, both in the case of boys and girls, differ by only four percentages points.

In developing countries the case is rather different. A fairly high percentage of both and girls receive a primary education; 88 percent and 83 percent respectively, but notably, the gap between girls and boys is greater than it is in industrialised countries. For secondary school, however, the numbers are much lower, with only 50 percent of boys and 49 percent of girls enrolling.

In the least developed countries, education rates are lower still. Only 71 percent of boys, and 65 percent of girls attend primary school, while a more 30 percent of boys and 26 percent of girls attend secondary school. It is clear that children in the least developed countries have little opportunity to get a secondary education.

Writing Task 2:-

It is widely believed that children of different levels of intelligence should be taught together, while others think that children that are more intelligent should be taught separately. Discuss both the views and state your opinion?

Sample Answer:-

Education is the process of developing the all important brain power and needs serious consideration. While some people argue that bright children must get education separately from others, others support an integrated system of education. This essay discusses these arguments and states its opintion.

On the other hand, some children are certainly very bright and they express a very high level of intelligence in everything that they do. Education such children separately is a good idea. Educating them with ordinary children means wasting precious time in shaping exceptionally intelligent children who can contribute much to the society. There are examples of children who could become university graduates while their peers were still in the early years of their secondary education.

The other side of the argument is that extraordinary bright children are a negligible (= unimportant) minority. At a given time, there may not be more than ten such children in a school. Educating them separately is not going to give society education for different children strongly argue that this will create a segregated society having conflicting interests. This will lead to economic divisions which will endanger social cohesion.

Briefly, streaming children according to their intellectual level and educating them separately is indeed a bright idea. However, the possibility of such a group of students being small in number, it is not a practicable reform. Moreover, such a move would make an unwelcome discrimination in  the society.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART – 1 Intro Part

What is your full name?

 My name is BaljeetSingh.

Can I see your ID?

Sure! Here it is.

Where are you from?

I am born and raised in Dubai.

Do you work or study?

I just started working.

How many people are there in your family?

There are eight members in my family including three parts and myself.

What does your father do?

My father is a businessman. We trade in the textile material. We source it from the local loom and further sell them to the wholesalers.

What does your mother do?

My mother is a businesswoman.

How many siblings do you have?

I’ve three siblings.

What is your favouritecolour?

My favouritecolour is blue.

Do you like to read books?

Yes, I do. In fact, I have improved my English a lot by reading books based on English language. I also read novels especially the ones written by Sydney Sheldon. They are always thrilling, and surprise you with a climax in the end.

Do you like to spend time with your friends?

Of course, I do, and I think anywhere it’s difficult to find a person who doesn’t like to spend time with his friends. It’s also said that ‘No friendship is an accident’ and I corroborate (=confirm, give support) this maxim (=saying, adage).

What is the name of your best friend?

My childhood friend, Gurpreet is my best friend.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe Funniest Person You ever met with.

The funniest person I have ever met is an old friend of mine Mr. Ashish shah. I met him in 1995 when I was in college. He was my classmate at that time. I can say that he is a gifted person. His presence of mind, sense of humour, creativity and spontaneousness in giving reply to any comment are his outstanding virtues. He was a short and a little obese boy and always wore thick glasses. His appearance gave an impression of a reserved and introvert personality but when we heard him, all the judgments based on his appearance shattered.

He was able to find humour from simplest to complex situations of life. Once he made the strictest professor to laugh aloud in our classroom. He was a favorite person of all students of our college. He used to handle anchoring of many events of our college. The most astonishing fact about his skill was that all his pranks and humour were graceful and enjoyable. Once, before the final exam of our college, I was suffering from typhoid, because of which I could not prepare thoroughly for my exam. I was tense, frustrated and depressed on the day of exam. When he saw me in that doomed state at the college gate, he came to me and made me laugh even in that serious situation. Because of him I felt fresh and a little confident. After that I took my exam and surprisingly, I scored better then my expectations, Actually, I just needed some light and fresh state of mind that was provided by my friend when I needed it the most. I can never forget his support in my lifetime. He is presently in the USA but we are still in touch via emails and phone calls. He is still as humorous as he was when we studied together.

PART – 3 Discussion

How does a male/female express happiness?

Males generally express happiness by throwing a punch in the air or even jumping in the air. Their reactions  are highly expressive. We can immediately make out when a male is haply. However, females generally laugh or give a smile to express happiness. They use their eyes and facial expressions more when they are happy. Sometimes they cry if they are overjoyed.

How does a child express happiness?

Child express happiness by becoming hyperactive. It starts running or laughing aloud or even shouting. It also speaks more and trues to share its happiness with all members of family and friends. What is more, children are able to extend their happiness for a long time compared to adults.

Do feelings of a person change with age?

It is true our feelings change with age because our perceptions about life and other people change with time. We learn from our experiences in life, which in turn changes our way of reaching to various situations in life.

Describe the way of expressing feelings of different ages.

Children and youngsters are already discussed earlier. Middle age around old people also express their emotions when they are happy. They often express their happiness by giving gifts or a small treat to their intimates.

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28th March, Best IELTS Daily Writing Speaking Tasks
28th March, Best IELTS Daily Writing Speaking Tasks

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