29th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

29th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The graph below shows the percentage of developments in 2000 and the predicted figures in 2050 in five countries, and also gives the world average. Summarize the information be selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

29th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

Sample Answer:-

The given column graph illustrates the percentage of dependents (children below 15 or adults above 65) in five countries in 2000 and also gives projections for 2050. It also depicts the world average in the given two years.

In 2000, India had the maximum percentage of dependents (38%), with Japan, Indonesia and China following closely behind with around 34% of dependents. Korea had the least percentage of reliant people (22%). The overall world population of children below 15 and adults over 65 was 25%.

Looking into the future, an increase in the population of dependents is predicted for Indonesia, Korea, China and Japan. In contrast, in India the needy population is thought to fall from 38% to 32%. In Korea the population is expected to double by 2050, from 22% to 44%. Approximately 15% rise in such population is predicted for Japan, whereas China is thought to show the least increase (2%). The world average of the dependents is expected to go up from about 25% to nearly 42%.

Overall, the percentage of dependents is expected to decrease in India whereas in other four countries it is projected to increase.

General Writing Task 1:-

29th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

Your neighbors have recently written to you to complain about the noise from your house flat. Write a letter to your neighbors. In your letter, explain the reasons for the noise, apologize, describe what action you will take.

Sample Answer –


I have, in today’s post, received your letter pointing out to me about the unbearable noise from my flat. Let me, at the outset, thank you for the frankness shown to me in doing so. I, myself, and my wife do not like much noise ourselves. Moreover, I am very well aware of the fact that there are elderly people in your flat. I am sure you would bear with me when explain.

A few days back, my sister and her two boys came to our flat from the States with the intention of staying with us for a few weeks before buying a flat in the city for themselves. The boys are excited to be with us; they love loud music and a little noise. Over and above, they have brought in a really noisy dog. You will now understand the cause of the turmoil here.

I have already sent the dog to the Dog Club for the coming days; the boys have been admonished. I am sure you will not have more of the ‘mayhem’ here.

With love and regards,




Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

29th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

Many people believe that women make better parents than men and that is why they have a greater role in raising children in most societies. Others claim that men are just as good as women at parenting. How far do you agree to the statement? State examples and reasons to support your answer.

Sample Answer:-

Though the traditional belief is that it is the duty of women to raise children, gender roles have changed in the present paradigm shift. Parents have equal responsibilities in bringing up their children; but in general, women have more influence on their children than men. This essay agrees to the view that males are equally good at parenting.

First and foremost, why women are better parents is because of the bond created between the mother and the child from the time of conception. For example, a mother bears a child in her womb for ten months. Lactation could be a reason for intimacy between the mother and the child.

Another factor for this phenomenon can be attributed (=is a result of) to women’s passive attitude and tolerant nature. In general, most women are empathetic and they use less aggressive measures in problem solving. Certainly, they show more kindness and sympathy. Children, as they are vulnerable, tend to be closer t their mothers than to their fathers.

However, each individual is unique. There are a few cases in which careless and irresponsible mothers have caused injury or death to their children. Conversely, there have been fathers exceptionally good at parenting, who have made their children grow up into happy and sensible adults.

Having analysed the various factors of parenting, it can be concluded that children need both parents for their proper physical and intellectual development. However, although parenting has traditionally been considered as the duty of women, in adverse circumstances, men can be as adept at it as women.

IELTS Speaking full Interview

29th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

PART 1 – Intro part

What is your full name?

My name is Natasha Gambtoo.

May I see your proof of identification?

Yes, sure. Here you are!

Where do you come from?

I have lived my entire life in Mumbai until now.

What is your hometown famous for?

Mumbai is famous for a few reasons. It’s one of the biggest metropolitan cities in India and there are lots of international companies there. It’s very popular tourist place in India. It’s also considered the commercial capital of India.

What is the meaning of your name?

Well, it is Russian name and its meaning is “Natal Day” or “Birthday”.

What is your first name?

My first name is Natasha.

What is your last name?

My last name is Gambtoo.

How old you are?

I am 22 years old.

Describe yourself physically.

My height is 5 feet 6 inches. I have brown hair and my complexion is very fair. Luckily, my body type is mesomorph (= a person whose natural body shape is neither thin nor fat, with quite a lot of muscles) by birth.

Why are you taking the IELTS exam?

I’m taking the IELTS exam because I want to study Masters in Physiotherapy at a well known university in Canada. I have chosen a few universities and they require at least 7.5 overall band score.

Why are you going abroad?

I’m going abroad because I want to do my degree in Canada. My father wanted me to study in India, but my heart was always set on studying in North America.

Will you come back to your country?

Yes, I will definitely come back to my motherland because I want to practice as a physiotherapist here in India.

Do you have a full-time job at the moment or are you studying?

No, I don’t work full time but I do work part time as an assistant physiotherapist (PTA). I really love my job.

Where is your hometown?

My hometown is Ahmadabad which is in the state of Gujarat, one of the most developed states of India.

Is there much to do in your town?

Yes, indeed. There are certainly many things to do there because it is very big city. If you are the person who likes to go out in the evening, there are lots of good restaurants, recreational clubs, movie theatres, shopping malls and fast food joints. If you are up for cultural activities, there are museums and art galleries. But if you like nature there are lots of gardens-the big ones located inside and outside of the city.

What are the people like in your hometown?

I’d (would) say people are quite friendly, but as you are aware that most big cities keep you busy all the time. Professional and personal engagements consume most time, hardly leaving any time to socialize. This may give an impression that people are not interested in socializing or speaking. But the moment they’ve some leisure time, this impression goes away.

PART 2 – Cue Card

29th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

Describe your visit to a railway station/bus station/air port

  • Where and when you visited
  • Why you visited
  • Describe the place

Sample Answer:-

I would like to talk about my visit to the Kalupur Railway Station of my city. I visited it last month, as I wanted to go to a nearby city of my state with my family. It is located in the heart of my city. It is a big station having a total of 12 platforms and it is concerned to all station of my state and all tier-I and tier-II stations of my country. It is a big place with a huge building for administration. It has a large parking place and wide entry gate to update the travelers about the latest situation of trains. The station is a busy place can always be seen on most windows. This situation reflects the number of people using the station.

The station is a well-maintained place where we get regular updates on the enquiry counter as well as all platforms. All platforms are connected with three foot over bridges where people can easily move through all platforms and all the list of trains arriving and departing from the particular platforms is available at the staircase of regular distances that keep the passengers updated about the arrival or departure of their trains. In addition, we can buy medicines, refreshments, books and all required things on all platforms. The station has separate air-conditioned building for computer reservation where we can book our ticket for our ticket for our journeys in advance. I appreciate this place because it serves well to the people of my city and my state.

PART 3 – Discussion

29th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

What facilities should be provided at such places?

There are a number of facilities required at such places. For example, parking area for visitors, enquiry counters, display of timetables with real time updates, waiting area for passengers, free water and toilets, canteen for refreshments, cloakroom and security systems to protect the luggage of passengers.

Which type of travel do you prefer, air or rail and why?

I prefer air travel to rail because air travel is faster, convenient and luxuries compared to rail travel. In addition, air travel is getting cheaper because of stiff competition among airline companies in many countries of the world.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of rail travel compared to air travel?

Rail travel is cheaper, safer and more enjoyable compared to air travel. However it is slower than air travel. This is the reason I prefer rail travel I prefer rail travel for short distances to air travel because railway stations are located in the downtowns of most cities of my country whereas airports are located in the peripheries of cities thus, if we have to go to a short distance travel, the overall time taken from home to the airport and the air travel itself proves longer than the time taken for rail travel.

Are you satisfied with the air travel/ rail travel of your country system of your country?

Well, both systems are quite competent in my country. However, I do have a few concerns about both. First, railway stations are not clean and tidy. At the same places we can smell some bad odour. Next, security system is not so efficient at most railway stations, which allows criminals and terrorists to commute and execute their activities easily. For air travel, I can say that the number of airports is far less than required and existing airports are not big enough to handle the increasing number of flights. Hence, aircrafts waste valuable aviation fuel in waiting for their turn to land and take off.

Do you support strict security measures at such places?

I strongly favour strict security measures at bus stations, rail stations and airports. Security systems at such places serve manifold purposes. First they protect tourists and their luggage from illegal activities. Second, they prevent movement of antisocial elements or illegal goods. Last, they help in protecting from terrorist, which, to me is the most important reason for strict security measures at these places.

20th February, IELTS Daily Task
29th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

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29th February, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

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