29th Jan, Today’s Task

Academic Writing Task 1

The graph below shows the profits of four companies A, B, C and D in three different years, at a gap of five year each.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, making relevant comparisons.

29th Jan, Today's Task

Sample Answer

The given bar chart represents the profit earned by four companies called A, B, C and D over a period of ten years, the spotlight having been thrown on three distinct years, that is, 2000, 2005 and 2010.

The graph reveals that in the year 2000, company A earned the highest profit of 40 lakhs. Next came the company B, recording a profit of 30 lakhs, followed b D, registering a gain of about 28 lakhs. Company C comes last with the lowest earnings of 25 lakhs.

The conditions changed in the next mentioned years of 2005 and 2010. In 2005, only B could maintain its earlier level, the other three companies recorded lower profits. In 2010, A recovered its year 2000 level of earnings, B falling down from its earlier levels, C rising to the current level of B. the profits of company D shot up to 50 lakhs, leaving all the other three companies way behind.

To conclude, profits of the companies varied in three different years.

General Writing Task 1

You have recently arrived in Canada from India and have joined the University of Toronto. You have learnt that the Student Union here clubs for students. You are keen to join one of these clubs.

Write a letter to the manager of the student Union.

In your letter

  • Introduce yourself
  • Describe your hobbies and your interests
  • Make enquiries about the club activities, and charges

Dear Sir,

I have recently arrived from India and have joined the University of Toronto as student of MBA. I have learnt that your run clubs for students. I am keen to join one of these clubs that would cater to my tastes and aptitude.

I would like to inform you that my hobbies are singing, dancing and histrionics. I would naturally like to join a club where there activities are offered to the club members. The main aim of my joining a club is to interact with students from different parts of the globe and understand their culture. Such an interaction would not only broaden my outlook but would also dispel my loneliness and home-sickness.

Please let me know the schedules of these clubs. Do they hold their activities and meetings daily or on weekly basis? What is their membership fee, and what are their terms and conditions?

Waiting for an early reply.

Yours faithfully

Rakesh Verma

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT)

Robots are increasingly being employed by human beings in various fields of activity. What are 5he advantages of these machines?

Main points….

  • Robots, also called intelligent machines, have their advantages as well as disadvantages.
  • Advantages- robots can be usefully in mills and factories, in hazardous jobs, rescue operations, etcetera.
  • Disadvantages- robots can cause unemployed among humans, can be used for criminal purposes, can suffer technical snags.
  • Conclusion- robots, a mixed blessing.

Robots are one of the various marvels of modern technology. Known as intelligent machines, they are being employed by humans for performing diverse functions. But, like all other things in the world, these things bin this world, these robots have their advantages as well as disadvantages.

Robots, also called steel-collar workers, can be usefully employed in mills and factories. Unlike the human labour, these robots can go on working for unlimited hours, without betraying any signs of fatigue or exhaustion. Robots are particularly useful for employing in hazardous jobs, like under-sea research or space exploration. They can be safely utilised in rescue operations, in cases of floods, earthquakes, arson etc. In developed countries, housewives are harnessing robots for performing household chores.  While robots do the job, the housewives relax before T.V., or attend to their children, or indulge in some social activities.

But every rose, as they say, has a thorn to it. So robots, with all their advantages, do suffer from certain disadvantages also. Firstly, employing robots in factories would create the problem of unemployment among the human labour. Secondly, robots can be employed by anti-social elements for committing crimes, like thefts, loot, decoities. Thirdly, housewives shifting their workload on robots, can suffer from sedentary-related diseases, like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, heart ailments, etcetera. Last but not least, robots after all are machines. They can suffer technical snags and prove counter-productive.

To sum up, robots are a mixed blessing. They can be termed as double-edge swords. They can prove beneficial as well as detrimental.

Word meanings….

  • Marvels  :  wonders
  • Diverse  :  various, different
  • Exhaustion   :  tiredness
  • Hazardous    :  risky, dangerous
  • Rescue           :  save from difficult situations
  • Arson             :  blaze, fire
  • Harnessing   :  employing
  • Chores           :  dull, boring tasks
  • Sedentary     :  sitting,
  • Obesity          : fatness
  • Ailments        :  diseases, maladies
  • Snags             :   defects
  • ·        Detrimental   : harmful

IELTS   speaking full interview

PART 1 – Intro

What is your full name?

I am Ravi Paryani.

Are you working or study?

I am student at present.

What are you studying?

This is my last semester in Master of Arts (sociology).

Do you like to send postcard?

Yes, I really like sending postcards especially to my family and friends when I am travelling.

When did you receive your first postcard?

I remember it was a postcard from my cousin who had gone to Germany on an exchange program.

Would you send a postcard instead of an email?

Definitely, I would send a postcard as people would get to know a little bit about the place or the particular country.

Do you have your own health tips? [what are they?]

Yes, I do keep certain things on my mind, such as drinking good amount of water, having proper healthy meals and a little bit of exercise.

What tips do you follow to keep yourself?

I wake up before the sunrise. I start my day with a glass of warm water with one lemon squeezed in and honey. Then I walk for 40 minutes, have a healthy breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner a pauper (=poor person).

PART 2 – Cue card

Talk about a team work/project you have participated in.

You should say,

  • What the project was about
  • Did help you on a personal level?
  • With who you participated on this project

I remember this project which was conducted by Geetha Ramanujam, who is form Bangalore. She is an internationally renowned storyteller, an academician and an administrator. The project was about how to bring story telling into the classroom or you can say learning a particular topic through story telling.

It left a great impact on me that learning could be so much fun and colorful. It was a great learning experience.

We were split into four groups, each group had five members and each of them had to come up with a word. Then each group had to form a story with those five words. We were asked to present our story in our own creative manner. As I was good with voice modulation, my group decided to let me deliver the dialogues. One of the members who took the responsibility of making hand puppets was excellent with drawings. Two members got down to writing the story and the last person was the narrator. The puppets were so colorful, and the story turned out to be great. Every group presented their work one by one. We had to make the presentations in front of our juniors and everybody was attentively glued to listening. I discovered that learning can be so much of fun and interesting. The burden on teachers would be less to keep a check on students whether they were concentrating or not. It was a form of discovery for the students and teachers as it brought out the hidden talents.

PART 3 – Discussion

Do you like teamwork? [Why? / Why not? ]

Yes, I do enjoy working with a team work because one tends to learn from the professional and cultural diversity. In many tasks, unless one collaborates with others, the positive outcome stays off. It increases productivity and the mutual support helps team members to solve the difficult issues because different minds work on the same problem. It represents the collective responsibility and the end result is the outcome of the shared efforts.

How does teamwork help?

As mentioned, it allows any corporation to achieve something that seems impossible by doing it alone. It’s an embodiment (=personification, symbol) of the great efficiency and perhaps it’s done with fewer efforts if there are serious coordinated efforts. The distributed piece of job facilities team members to accomplish target rapidly with the zeal and moreover, team members can be assigned with the specific job duty looking at their weakness and strengths of the particular.

Do you think children should develop skills for teamwork?

Yes, children must develop the skill for teamwork because teamwork helps to build a connection with other children. Children already apply this skill by coordinating. For example, they play in the same playground with their peers and are naturally inclined to share their toys, swings and others. Such coordination develops a greater sense of social competency. It’s a two-way system wherein children learn to work as a team. They learn to actively listen to and respond in a way that makes the group effort more effective.

Do leadership skills qualify a person to be a team leader?

I don’t think so. There’s no doubt that the leadership skill is of great importance in executing and realizing plans in any professional setting, but only leadership skill isn’t a prerequisite. The documented research suggests that the successful leader is composed mainly of other qualities, such as toughness, determination and vision – the qualities traditionally associated with leadership.  While dealing with the coworkers, the team leader also needs to develop social and motivational skills. If he’s unable to build a positive rapport (=affinity, close relationship) among team members, the whole exercise of working as a team culminates (= come to a climax, come to a crescendo) a self-defeating exercise.

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