2nd March, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

2nd March, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The chart below gives information about global sales of games software, CDs and DVD or video.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information.

  • You should write at least 150 words.
  • You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
2nd March, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

Model Answer:-

The chart shows the changes in the sales of video material / DVDs, games software and CDs around the world in billions of dollars over a three-year period. It can be seen that the sales of videos / DVDs and games software have increased, while the sales of CDs have gone down slightly.

Between 2000 and 2003, the sale of videos and DVDs rose by approximately 13 billion dollars. In 2000, just under 20 billion dollars worth of these items were sold, but in 2003, this figure had risen to a little over 30 billion dollars.

The sales of games software also rose during this period, but less sharply. Sales increased from about 13 billion dollars in 2000 to just under 20 billion dollars three years later. By contrast, during the same time period, the sale of CDs fell from 35 billion dollars in 2000 to about 32.5 billion dollars in 2003.

General Writing Task 1:-

You decided to volunteer as an umpire for cricket match between two schools. You had a bitter experience being an umpire. Share your sad story with your friend.

In your letter

  • Describe the names of teams and their rivalry details
  • Say what went wrong during the game
  • Describe what you opine of with regard to your decision

Sample Answer:-

Dear Michael,

I hope you are doing well. We have two local cricket teams here: one from Xavier’s School known as  ‘Knight Riders’ and the other from Anand Niketan School known as ‘Bulldozers’. They are the best teams in town and always scale up to finals. Sadly  my decision to umpiring left scarred memories and I would advise all not to do this job.

These teams are arch rivals and the spectator supporting them, too. Both these teams try to win the match by any means; be it a fair play or foul play. Most of the times, they engage in foul plays. The spectator supports them by cheering and jeering. Until now, the hostility was confines to teams while playing but this time the audience crossed over line. I declared a Knight Rider out on a leg-before-wicket appeal. Since Knight Riders were losing the game, the crowd became a rampant and rushed to the field. I was badly roughed up for this decision.

I am sitting on a porch, nursing my wounds, and vowing, “No more umpiring for me!”

Yours in sorrow,

Shoib Akhtar

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Some people are of the opinion that financial education should be made a mandatory part of school education. Do you agree or disagree with these people?

Sample Answer:-

Money has assumed a very important role in our modern life. Happiness now lies to a great extent in how we manage our financial resources. This leads many people to believe that financial education should be made a compulsory part of school curriculum. I agree with these people.

Imparting financial to school children will serve many useful purposes. Firstly, It will teach the value of money to the youngsters. They will learn not to waste money on useless things. Moreover, they will get into the habit of saving money. Gifting them a piggy bank would encourage them to save. That would serve as a useful supplement to the financial management taught to them at school. However, we must teach them to spend money wisely, instead of becoming a miserly, a close fisted person.

Financial education taught to children at school will prove useful to them all through their life later. As the head of a family, they would know how to manage their finances, where to spend and where not to spend. If they run a business, they will be aware of all pitfalls that would save their business from failure. Not only that; they will know how to manage the business and turn it into a profitable venture. Financial education at school will also serve as a foundation for those who turn economists in later life.

To conclude, learning financial education at school will make a person prosperous in adulthood. And prosperity would make for happiness, for, as the saying goes: ‘A heavy purse makes a light heart’.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART 1 – Intro Part

What is your full name?

My name is John.

Can I see your ID?

Here it is!

Where are you from?

I belong to Mumbai, which is in the western part of India

Do you work or study?

I work as an assistant HR manager with Oberoi Realty.

Do you enjoy watching sports?

Yes, I love watching football, tennis and cricket. Not only watching sports but if I’ve a choice or an opportunity, I would love playing them all. I have grown up playing many games in my life and I cannot wait to seize such an opportunity.

What kind of games do you play?

I love playing tennis a lot whenever I ‘ve enough time to allocate to it. When I am at home, I also love playing video games and the game such as Candy Crush on my mobile phone. My mother likes to play the game of chess, and sometimes I also give her company. Initially, I didn’t like chess much but after playing for some time, I started liking it.

What kind of games did you play as a child?

We played many types of games. Some of them are playing interactive games on Xbox with friends, and playing some games online in the group through face book. One game I remember that interested me a lot when I was a kid. I played billiards at YMCA club. I remember I was at club the whole day during the vacation and played billiards profusely. I played so much that I almost became a professional player-pun intended.

PART 2 – Cue Card

Talk about an instance when you were surprised to receive some interesting news or information

Please say

  • Where and when it was
  • What it was about
  • To whom you informed about it

Sample answer:-

I can recount the important piece of information that I received last month. I lodged my application for permanent residency for Canada. My wife was the principal applicant, and I still remember that I was having lunch with my colleagues, and she called me then. She broke the news that Canadian Government had approved our application and requested our passports for visa labeling.

The news about requesting our passports to be sent for visa labeling was something that made me feel joyous. It was like having your dream came true after a long time. Both my wife and I really worked hard to get this job done, and we invested considerable time and efforts after this process. This update was very crucial for us since both of us were going through some sorts of midlife crisis. Obviously when somebody decide to immigrate to the other country during 30s with family, it matters most.

The moment I received this update, I made a call to my parents who had also been waiting for this news since long. My mother said,” Son, this is your dream. Go chase it and live your life the fullest.” Though I was not present in front of her then, I could assume that how happy she could have been hearing this news, too.

PART 3 – Discussion

How did you get the news?

My wife received an email from Canadian Immigration Department about this, and she forwarded the same to me immediately. As we are not allowed to access our personal email address, the message was lying unread for some time. On top of it  I was super busy so I didn’t read any text message also. Because of my delayed response of happiness, my wife was surprised at that.

What did you feel then?

As I said, I was amazed at this piece of news. For a while, I felt that I was an cloud 9(= very much happy). It’s a different type of sense of satisfaction one vets when his dreams realize. Life is mysterious and sometimes we are gifted with something which could be more than our worthiness. It was a jackpot for me.

Did you tell somebody about it?

Of course, it was a time to inform everyone that includes my family and friends. I was so excited that I went to my boss and shared this piece of news with him. He knew that I had been waiting for such an update. He is such a co-operative boss and valued my feelings.

How did you feel about it later?

The positivity and a sense of exhilaration from this update extended for many days. For example, after a week or so when we received our passports with the visa labels, I remember having a look at the visa labels every morning for almost a week or so. The world changed for me all of a sudden. Things that looked bizarre before turned positive in all manners. It was a life time transformation and   a sort of endorsement of ours worth and efforts. I felt that life had always been generous me, and I’d make is count.

2nd March, Best IELTS Speaking Writing Task

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