30th January, Today’s Task

Academic Writing Task 1

The pie chart shows the pattern of spelling by the municipal corporation of a particular city on various services, like building roads, planting trees, providing street lights, collection and disposal of garbage and sewerage system.

Write a report, making comparative study, where relevant and necessary.

30th January, Today's Task

Sample answer

The given circle chart presents the distribution of expenses incurred by the municipal corporation of a particular city on different services. These services are: building roads, planting of trees, providing street lights, collection and disposal of rubbish and the sewage system.

The given graph reveals that the municipality spends maximum money on building of roads, and minimum on the sewerage system-30% against 12%. Next to construction of road on the downside comes the expenditure on street lights at 24%. The third place goes to the management of garbage (18%); this is followed by 16% expenses on the planting of trees which in turn is trailed by sewerage system at 12%.

It may be observed that the percentage of spending on the street lights is double than that of sewerage system. Another fact to be noticed is that the expenditure on street light is 6% more than that incurred on the waste management, but 6% less than that on road construction.

IELTS Writing Task 2 {AC + GT}

Ragging was started as a healthy practice, full of fun and frolic. But now it has turned into a nightmare, so that many people demand that ragging in educational institutions should be banned. To what extent do you agree to the idea?

Main points….

  • Today ragging, once innocent and harmless, has turned into horror.
  • In past, ragging was all fun and frolic.
  • Now, it has turned into a horror, a tortoise.
  • Ragging must be declared illegal.

The literal meaning of ‘ragging’ is to laugh and play tricks on somebody. In the educational institutions, ragging was a sort of teasing of the fresher’s by the seniors, the aim being to get introduced to each other. But with time, ragging has turned into a sort of horror for the fresher’s.

In the past, ragging was all fun and frolic. It was playing innocent, harmless pranks by the senior on the freshly-admitted students. For example, the seniors would invite the juniors to the college canteen for a treat, after which the juniors would be asked to foot the bill. Or, they would invite the fresher’s to a cinema hall, where they (juniors) were asked to buy the tickets for all. This was ragging in those days, and the aim was to establish a rapport with the fresher’s.

But now in the present times, ragging has taken an ominous hue. Now the fresher’s are tortured, humiliated-all in the name of ragging. The juniors are often asked to strip, to run around the hostel unrobed. Sometimes they are starved, are asked to lick the shoes of the seniors, and so on. This atrocious ragging has had a very harmful effect on the juniors, so much so that some of them are unable to bear the humiliation and they commit suicide even.

In conclusion, I would voice my agreement with those people who demand a ban on ragging, indeed, must be declared illegal, and the college and hostel authorities must strictly implement the law.

Word meanings…..

  • Literal                :  most basic sense of a word
  • Horror                :  dreadful thing
  • Fun and frolic    :  playful activity
  • Pranks                :  tricks
  • To foot the bill   :  pay the bill
  • Rapport                  :  relationship and understanding
  • Ominous hue         :  evil color
  • Strip                         :  undress
  • Unrobed                  :  without wearing clothes
  • Humiliation             :  insult
  • Illegal                       :  against law
  • Implement              :  put into effect

General Writing Task 1

You have an English friend in the U.K. he has invited you to spend your vacation in his country.

Write a letter to the friend. In your letter

  • Thank him for the invitation and accept the invitation
  • Describe the time of your proposed stay there
  • Mention certain things you would like to see there

Dear George,

Thank you so much for your affectionate letter. I felt delighted to read your invitation to your country, for spending my vacation there. I will certainly like to visit the U.K., which has always been my dream country.

I shall stay in the U.K. for fifteen days, that is, from 12th June to 27th June. You can make arrangement for my stay in a moderate hotel in London. I will stay in London, but I will be visiting many places of interest around.

You know, I have always been an ardent lover of English literature. So, my most favorite destination there would be Stratford-on-Avon, the birth place of the greatest of all poets, William Shakespeare. Some other places I would particularly like to visit are – oxford and Cambridge University, The Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Madame Tussaud’s Museum, etc. I’m sure you will guide me about them.

Looking  forward to seeing you. Please tell me what I should bring for you from India.

 Your sincerely

P.K Sharma

IELTS Speaking Full Interview (8 Band)

PART 1 –Intro Part

What is your full name?

I am Mrinalini Singh.

Can I see you ID?

Surely, this is my passport.

Where are you from?

I am from Indore.

Do you work or study?

I am a student. I am doing my business management and entrepreneurship from Mumbai.

Which magazines and newspapers do you read [why?]

I read times of India, India Today magazine, daily newspapers that specializes in economics and business issues, and related social and political aspects. Why do I read them? It’s simple. Being a complete human being makes a person more effective and marketable in business and management.

What kinds of articles are you most interested in? [Why?]

I mostly like to keep myself updated in regards to the economics and business. Other than that like to learn about what is happening at the sports front.

Are people in your country interested in reading newspapers or magazines?

Most people in my country start their day with the newspaper over a cup of tea or coffee and one likes to be well informed of things happening around them.

PART 2 – Cue Card

Describe an advertisement that made you want to buy a product

Please say,

  • What the product was
  • What the advertisement was about
  • Why it made you want to buy that product

While browsing through a magazine, I saw an advert of Nike sports shoes. It featured the latest Nike running shoes with the same promise of delivering a responsive ride experience with their soft and plush cushioned.

Nike, as usual, is believed to be a trendsetter in providing high quality sports shoes. This pair of shoes was launched worldwide with hardly any drawbacks from the sportspersons’ points of view. The product was named as ‘Nike Zoom Vomero 12’.

I had made a new-year resolution to start walking to stay fit and was looking for suitable as well as comfortable shoes to purchase. This advert had featured all that I was looking for in a pair of walking shoes. While shopping at the mall I chanced upon the very same advertised pair at the sports showroom. I walked into the store to try them out. On trying them out, I found them very soft and comfortable and wanted to pick them up right then. I asked the sales associated how much they were for. Even though the pair was slightly over my budget I decided to pick it up since it was a wise investment for exercising and staying healthy. The very next morning I got into my brand new shoes and set off a walk. I covered more than the regular distance because of the light and cushioned comfort and didn’t realize that I had walked “that extra mile”. Though the shoes were over my budget, they were worth every penny.

PART 3 – Discussion

What kinds media are available for advertising in your country?

We’ve the usual media such as, television, newspaper, magazine, radio, film, outdoor advertising, window display and billboard. Television and internet advertising are the fast developing media of advertising and are getting popular these days.

Are there any other traditional kinds of media for advertising other than TV and newspapers?

We’ve these large billboards which are still pretty popular but are used mostly by the big brands as they’re very expensive. The other media for advertising is door-to-door circulation of flyers, and the best is the word of mouth advertising. Other promotional gimmicks such as t-shirts carrying the product logo and cars and other vehicles carrying the product information using the illuminated boards or other designs are used to attract the attention.

What products are usually advertised using these different media types?

The large hoardings are mainly occupied by the big sports brand, fashion brands or food and beverages companies. Advertising is the lure that draws new customers to your business or products. Small businesses utilize several options to advertise a product or service. These range from traditional media to newer and out-of-the-box methods to get the word out. You can know what methods work by tracking campaigns produce sales.


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