30th March, Useful Best IELTS Speaking Writing Tasks

30th March, Useful Best IELTS Speaking Writing Tasks

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The graph below shows the daily water consumption for Americans in their homes. Summaries the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

30th March, Useful Best IELTS Speaking Writing Tasks
30th March, Useful Best IELTS Speaking Writing Tasks

Sample Answer:-

The graph shows the amount of water used in homes each day in the U.S. both with and without water conservation methods. The water conservation methods offer a considerable reduction in water consumption in most activities.

Each day, American consumes many gallons of water for a variety of reasons. The most water is used when flushing toilets, followed respectively by washing clothes (in a dishwasher.) In total, per day, every American uses nearly twenty gallons of water just flushing the toilet. On the other end of the spectrum, washing dishes uses only about one gallon of water a day. In total, Americans use, on average, about seventy gallons of water a day.

However, if water conservation methods were put in place, these numbers would be reduces significantly. The savings would be most considerable in the case of toilet-flushing; water used would fall from around 20 gallons a day to only slightly more than ten gallons with water conservation methods. Around four or five gallons of water would be saved for most ‘other uses’. The expectations are using faucets, and the other uses category, where water conservation methods would have no effect. Still, over all, implementation of conservation methods would mean that total water consumption would drop from a daily average of nearly seventy gallons per person to around fifty gallons per person.

General Writing Task 1:-

Your local TV station is organising the burial of a ‘time capsule.’ Suggestions are being welcomed as to what objects should be buried with the capsule to enable future generations to understand more about today’s society. Write an e-mail to the TV station. In your e-mail

  • Suggest at least 3 objects
  • Say why they are relevant
  • Explain why they are also practical suggestions

Sample Answer:-

Dear Sir/Madam,

I believe that objects suitable for inclusion in the capsule should reflect as many aspects of our society as possible. Therefore, in my opinion, I would include a newspaper, a contemporary sculpture and a cookbook.

A newspaper covers a wide range of topics as well as carrying adverts that all reflects modern interests and tastes. Political featured will allow for a historical, political and even geographical insight into contemporary society whilst ‘gossip’ and entertainment features will provide a greater psychological understanding of people from all cultures and levels of society.

The inclusion of a contemporary sculpture, whilst seemingly a strange choice, is, I believe, a very valid one. In modern museums, exhibits that range from stone Neolithic statues to skillfully made jewellery from later eras, reveal a lot about the societies that produced them. A piece of modern sculpture will be a reflection of our society.

Finally, I believe that a cookbook would be not only contain recipes that reveal what foods were commonly eaten in our society, but also what our tastes were and our levels of fitness and health, too. Cookbooks, therefore, reveal a lot more than we realize about lifestyle choices and habits.

I hope that you will find my suggestions useful and I look forward to hearing what the final selection of objects will be.

Yours sincerely,

Marianne Kemp

IETLS Wrting Task 2 {AC & GT}

Mothers get free time by sending their children to nursery schools, and they can utilize this time in activities like job, socializing etc. Nursery schools also help in the development of children. Do you agree or disagree to these statements?

Sample Answer:-

Women, who were confined to home as wives and mothers, are now playing a very significant role in public life in most countries especially, in the progressive ones. The availability of nursery schools is* helpful for mothers to work outside home and engage in other useful activities of a wide variety. This essay agrees that nursery schools are good for society, as they bring benefits to * mothers and children alike.

The first noteworthy aspect is that the living costs have soared high and it has changed gender roles. This means that, today, women too have to play the role of breadwinners. They can and must play a no less important role than men do. Many working women perform their duties at home and at work admirably well. Women have already proved that they are an asset to society, because of their feminine qualities.

Another area of attention is that, parents, by sending their children to nursery schools and kindergartens, are but only introducing their children to the wider world and giving them the first lessons of life. Humans are social beings and children have to acquire social skills in the formative -period of their lives. Children learn from group activities which are available in nurseries.

Yet again, it must be noted that children learn while they play with their peer groups. Children learn about sharing and caring. The importance of adaptability is* on the increase today, and the toddlers can learn it in nursery schools.

In short, both women and children are benefited, when the young ones are sent to nurseries. While women get opportunity to engage in activities of their choice, children learn the basic lessons of

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART – 1 Intro Part

May I know full name please?

Definitely, My name is Jaspreet Kaur.

How may I address you?
Well, You may call me Jaspreet, instead of calling by my full name.

What is the name of your home town?
I am a dweller of rural area named as Kapure.

Are you working or studying?
I am a student as I have recently completed my senior secondary education with medical stream.

Are you fond of bags?
Yes I am fond of bags. I like to buy a new backpack or laptop case every now and then. There are many options available in the market these days, which prompt me to keep changing the bag that I use. Bags are not just a utility item to me, but also a style statement. I think a good bag can add to the personality of the one carrying it.

Have you every purchased a handbag for anyone?
Yes, I remember purchasing a beautiful brown leather handbag for my mother when I was only 12 years old. I had saved up my pocket money for a few months leading up to her birthday, and found a bag that would suit her style and taste. The bag had many sections inside and a few handy side pockets as well. It was very hardy, too, and lasted a good few years.

What are some tips for selecting a bag for gifting?
The first thing to keep in mind while buying a bag is the gender of the person for whom the bag is being purchased. For woman, handbags and purses are more suitable, while for men, laptop bags, messenger bags, and backpacks are ideal. Then, the choice of fabric is also important. Some people may be very fond of leather, while others may be completely averse to animal products. So, one must know the taste of the person for whom the bag is being purchased. While gifting a bag, one should also keep in mind the age of the receiver, and buy suitable colours to suit their personality.

Are children’s bags different from adults’ bags?
Yes, children’s bags are quite different from the bags that adults use. Children prefer bags which are more colourful and striking. They often go for multi coloured bags, or bags depicting their favourite superheroes and cartoon characters. These days it is easy to find school bags and hand bags for children, with any cartoon character of their choice. The quality of children’s bags has also improved a lot in the last decade.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe a vehicle you would like to buy.

Please say,

  • What kind of vehicle it is
  • What it looks like
  • Why you would like to buy it
    And explain why you would prefer this means of transport

Sample Answer:-

I’ve been keeping my dream alive for buying a premium car since long. This swanky cars (= stylishly luxurious and expensive) fascinate me ever since I was a child. I remember having bought many toy cars that resembled with the popular cars of the world.
My dream car is XF. She is a beast (= animal) on the road. Her sporty cum elegant look wind the competition against her counterparts such as BMW 5 Series, A6 Audi, Mercedes E Class, and other variants in its class. It’s a very long car, loaded with all mind-blowing features with the extra grip on the road when it’s raced. Her front grill is unique with the superior looking Jaguar emblem (= symbol, representation) on it.
As said earlier, I’ve my heart set on her first of all. You like certain things without having any reason as to why you like it, it simply attracts you. Jaguar XE car is one among them. It’s a class I believe in living life to the fullest. Therefore, I would go and buy anything that I’ve dreamt of. No matter whether they are expensive or not, I would possess her as long as she’s on my mind. The very first reason I would but this car because it offers a great deal of comfort. It makes sense that one must be fresh when he starts his day at workplace. The comfort features offered by this car are simply outstanding. Secondly, I’m not a person who likes to use public transportation. Though I understand the environmental issues very closely, yet I haven’t made up my mind to change myself on this topic. Thirdly, commuting by a private transportation helps me save a lot of time every day. Time saves from commuting could be used for productive jobs at work. To me, time is the most precious thing in the world these days. The one who manages time meticulously (= very thoroughly) would be more successful than the one who is ugly at it.

PART – 3 Discussion/Follow Ups

What are the advantages and disadvantages of public and private transportation?

Both public and private transportation have strong offerings to influence the decision. When we compare the public transportation with the private one, the public transportation has the edge over (= a slight advantage over somebody/something) the other on a morale ground. The human race has been busy polluting the environment over the centuries. Using the private transportation adds to this predicament (= difficult situation) greatly. Therefore, environmentalists are united in opinion that if mankind doesn’t address the environment issue with a positive intent, there will be countless complications going forward. The public transportation helps decrease the expense of commuting cost, and reduces the traffic snarl. More importantly, it allows us to reduce the carbon dioxide because the fewer vehicles on the road, the lesser the pollution.
In contrast, private transportation has also some striking features to be in demand, too. The very first feature is it saves plenty of time. The saved time can be used for a productive job which eventually leads to the prosperity of the user. As compared with public transportation, the commuter no longer needs to wait for a bus or a tram for a congested ride in some occasions. The commuter remains fresh because private transportation is always embedded with the comfort feature.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of mass transportation.
It’s a simple answer. The mass transportation reduces the carbon footprints and it’s of great urgency considering the way our earth is getting polluted. Most of the governments across the globe have realized the significance of mass transportation and they’re doing their level best to make it more appealing to the mass. On the flip side, the mass transportation lacks comfort feature for people who have a lot many jobs to do and they don’t have enough time to cope with (= manage) the situation. Therefore, the use of mass transportation is not gaining momentum against gravity (=seriousness) of need.

Why do some people have to travel a long distance every day to get to work?
Cities are getting enlarged and cluttered (= disorder, disarrange) too. This has made many businesses to move to remote or suburb areas. Moreover, the land price in the city and downtown has been skyrocketing (= increase very steeply or rapidly) for the last decade and businesses which aren’t involved in retailing or selling of staples (= a main or important element of something) choose the remote areas to save the cost and make their products cost-effective by reducing cost on fixed assets. This factor is directly linked to employees’ traveling to distance. Certain industries are only allowed to establish in the designated business parks. Such business parks are developed in remote areas as per City Council’s directives. Another factor responsible behind this phenomenon is the mind-set of people has also changed. What was considered a distant place around two decades ago now is seen as a nearby place. All these factors in combination push people to travel to distance.

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