3rd April, Best IELTS Daily Writing & Speaking Task

3rd April, Best IELTS Daily Writing & Speaking Task

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The pie chart points out the results of a survey indicating popular preferences among the youth of age 14 to 19 years in the UK. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

3rd April, Best IELTS Daily Writing & Speaking Task
3rd April, Best IELTS Daily Writing & Speaking Task

Sample Answer:-

The pie chart elucidates the findings of a survey on teenagers aged 14 to 19 years in the U.K. on their preferences for popular music.

A cursory glance at the graph is adequate enough to see that Rap music is currently in vogue and that it bags the lion’s share of music lovers among the teenagers in the U.K. Precisely half of the listeners of music in the country belong to this class. The other half belongs to listeners of four different forms of music, viz. Alternative music, rock and roll, country music and classical music. After Rap, alternative forms of music find greater acceptance. One quarter of the patrons of music prefer alternative music. The other quarter is shared by three other forms of music.

In summarising up, it is interesting to see that Rock and Roll, which was a craze in the 1960’s, still finds favour with as many as 13% of the youth. While country music delights 10%, classical music has to content with a meager 2%.

General Writing Task 1:-

Your local council is considering closing a sports and leisure centre that it runs, in order to save money. Write a letter to the local council. In your letter.

– Give details of how you and your friends or family use the centre
– Explain why the sports and leisure centre is important for the local community
– Describe the possible effects on local people if the centre closes

Sample Answer (7 Band):-

Dear Sir or Madam,
My name is Mohini Gupta and I am writing to raise my concern regarding the plans to close our local sports and leisure centre. It is hard to underestimate the importance of this centre for the citizens, in fact, it became the point where we all meat each other to share some positive emotions and spend free time. Also, one cannot miss the influence of sporting activities provided there on the health of the people.
My family is used to going to the centre several times a week. My husband and I attend fitness lessons for adults on Monday and Wednesday after work. My two sons went to the centre after school, they have a place there to do their homework, to play with other children and relax in safe environment. On weekends we usually meet friends there and go to the swimming pool are open-air tennis courts provided it doesn’t rain coats and dogs.

I can think of several negative consequences the closure of the centre could do. Firstly, people could become less engaged in sport activities which will definitely affect their health. Secondly, children will lose the opportunity to spend their time in a healthy atmosphere and will spend more time at the street. Finally, for the people interested in sport it will become more difficult to get to the place to exercise as the nearest sports centre in Tornton which is 30 miles away.

I believe this question deserves close attention

Yours faithfully

Mohini Gupta

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

We know that many kinds of animals can feel pain and emotional suffering. Do we need to protect animal rights as well as human rights?

Sample Answer (7 Band):-

Animals are an integral part of nature, as living creatures, they have equal rights as enjoyed by human beings, to lead a life of their own. The importance of preserving the biodiversity of nature is more and more being recognised as vital for the survival of man. Hardly anybody will disagree to the statement that it is imperative for us to protect animal rights.

It is a sad fact that man has always considered himself as the master of the earth, and hence claimed the right to dominate over the flora and fauna. Even some religious scriptures have proclaimed man as the mater, subsequently man has used this assumed supremacy to destroy wantonly several species of flora and fauna. Now the world is painfully aware of the harm done by man to nature.

Fortunately, however, humans are now aware that animals and plants are part of the whole nature and are mutually dependent. We have not yet completely understood the mysterious ways of nature, but suffer it to say that the seemingly insignificant creatures like the flies and insects also have a role to play in the preservation of nature the very survival of life is dependent on the diversity of nature and the ecological balance. Preservation of this diversity demands that man should respect the rights of animals.

In essence, in enlightened self-interest, man should learn to respect the rights of animals who share the earth with him. The knowledge that they also have emotions like the humans, makes it all the more imperative that we respect their rights.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART – 1 Intro Part

What is your full name?
My name is Kuldeep Kaur.

How may I address you?
Well, you may call me Kuldeep instead of addressing by my full name.

What is the name of your home town?
I am a dweller of rural area named as Dala.

Are you working or student?
I am a student as I have recently completed my senior secondary education with Non-Medical stream.

Let’s talk about Introductory Part-
Your Introductory Part will be based upon “ Social Network”

What kind of social networking websites do you use?
Be honest, Although number of social sites are used by me but mostly I like to use Instagram and WhatsApp

Are you a social person?
Of course, I am a social butterfly/extrovert by nature because I love to make mew friends and I easily mingle/mix with others.

What kind of people do you like to make on those sites?
I adore/like to make those friends who are very polite by nature and make relationship with me from their core of the heart.

Is it easy to find real friends on a social networking sites?
No, I think it is difficult to find real friends on such sites because number of people make fake accounts on social websites because they just pass their time with each other by utilising such sites.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Speak about the best gift you have received so far
– What that gift was
– Who gave it to you and when
– Why you like that gift

Sample Answer:- (7 Band)

I have received many gifts in my life, but the gift that I would like to talk about is very special and the best that I have ever got in my life. I am talking about the year 1999 when I was assisting my father in his business in which we had to move from one place to another in a very big market, and yet we had to stay connected to our clients. I was facing great difficulties, as I had to attend phone calls and move out with my clients in the market. This task of handling both the phone calls and clients was really tough for me. At that time, a mobile company started its services in my city. The moment I saw that, I wanted to buy a mobile but I thought of buying it after some months as it was very new and I had no idea about it. However, my father had been observing my difficulties and he gifted me a mobile phone on my birthday at home. It was a precious phone of Samsung Company with flap and having excellent contemporary features. I was very happy to receive such a precious gift on my birthday. The phone had excellent memory and display features. Mobile phones were very uncommon at that time in my city. Hence, the gift had kept me in a privileged class of mobile phone users at that time. When he gave the gift pack to me. I did not know about it. It was a surprise and the moment I saw the mobile phone I jumped with joy. I thanked him and took his blessings. Then I showed the phone to all my family members, friends and relatives and next day I started using it with pride and joy. I have preserved that phone with me as a memento.

PART – Discussion/Follow Up Questions

Why do people give gifts?
People give gifts as a memento to others to enhance the enjoyment and remembrance of the occasion. People also give gifts to express their feelings towards each other.

What are the best gifts for children? Why?
The best gift for children are toys, games, comic books, educational and religious books, musical instruments, garments, chocolates etc. because children like gifts that they can use or play with in their everyday life.

What are the best gifts for men/women? Why?
Better gift for men are accessories like wallet, wristwatch, cufflinks, pen, diary, leather belt etc. Moreover, they also like music CDs, photo frames or garments to receive as a gift. On the other hand, better gifts for women are jewellery, make up box and kit, cosmetics, showpieces, cards, flowers and garments.

With whom do you prefer to go to buy gifts?
I prefer buying with my mother because she has a better understanding of gift articles that suit the personality of the person to whom I want to give the gift. She also knows various outlets in my city where innovative gift articles are sold.

Should we select the gift of our choice or should we select the gift of the receiver’s choice?
I think a gift is an expression of our feelings to the other person. So I would buy gifts as per my choice. However, I do consider likes and dislikes of the receiver of the gift so that I may not end up giving a gift that the receiver wouldn’t appreciate at all.

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3rd April, Best IELTS Daily Writing & Speaking Task

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