3rd February, Today’s Task

Academic Writing Task 1

The table given below shows tge percentage of modes of transportation running on the roads of four different cities in a particular country.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, making comparisons where relevant

Names of cities Cars Scooters Mobikes Auto-rickshaws Buses Bicycles
A 15% 28% 18% 12% 7% 20%
B 12% 25% 16% 17% 12% 18%
C 14% 24% 15% 18% 12% 17%
D 17% 22% 17% 16% 16% 12%
Total percentage 58% 99% 66% 63% 47% 67%

Sample Answer

The given table provides information about the percentage of means of transportation that run about on the roads of four different cities in a particular country.

The most noticeable fact is that the city A has distinction of running maximum percentage of scooters (28%), maximum Mobikes and the maximum bicycles as compared to the othercities. The other cities tgat run on their roads the largest percentage of vehicles are C and D – C with its biggest number of auto-rickshaws (18%) and D with the optimum percentage figure of motor-cars (17%). On the minimum side, city A has the lowest percentage of      auto-rickshaws, and of buses, at 12% and 7% respectively. Cars are found to be the most scarce in the city B and Mobikes in city C. Similarity, the city D records the minimal percentage of scooters and bicycles, registering a percentage of 22% and 12%.

Overall, we find that in all the four cities, the maximum combined figure goes to scooters at 99%, while the minimum figure belongs to buses.

General Writing Task 1

A few days back you along with your family took meals at a  restaurant. But you are unhappy with the food and the services.

Write a letter of complaint to the manager of the restaurant. In your letter

  • Tell him about the date and time you took the meals there
  • Write complaint about the food and the services
  • Tell him what he should do about it all

Dear Sir

  I, along with my family, visited your restaurant a few days back, on 25th of this month to be precise. We were there at your restaurant from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. we occupied our reserved table no. 24.

I am sorry to say that visiting your restaurant turned out to be extremely unhappy experience. The service was poor. The waiter attending on us was extremely rude. He kept standing in one corner, and did not care to give us a prompt service. He was ill-mannered too. While serving the food, he split some gravy on my wife’s dress. What’s more, he was not apologetic about us.. The food itself was insipid, tasteless. We had heard of delicious food being served in your restaurant. But our expectations were frustrated.

I request you to please pay serious attention to my complaint. If things are allowed to go on like this, your reputation would suffer. Please do not mind my saying so.

Yours faithfully

G.K. Mehra

Writing Task 2 (GT+AC)

Today more and more young people are optioning to marry after 30. What, in your opinion, it the right age for marriage, after thirty or before thirty? Discuss these options and give your opinion.

Sample Answer

According to the sagee Manu, married life should at 25. But today, in their quest to settle financially well in life, more and more young people are going in for late marriages, in marriages even after thirty. However, marrying before thirty and after have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Marriage before thirty has its plus points. Both the boy and the girl at this stage are pliable. They can easily adjust themselves to each other, which makes for a happy married life. Moreover, they will have children early and would get them settled well in time. But there is thr negative side also. Beforethe age of thirty, the boy and the girl are not mature enough to select the right families properly.

Marriage after thirty has its own merits. This is the age when both the boy and the girl are mature. They can make right selection of their partner, and are also capable of making adjustments towards each other. The two are well-settled in their professions, and can give proper upbringing to their progeny. But the demerits are also there. By thirty, the two partners have developed rigidity in their characters, which makes adjustment difficult. Late marriage also means that the children may get settled after retirement of the parents, thus making the task difficult.

I would conclude with the remark that the issue, like everything in the world, has its plus and minus points. Each case has to be decided individually on its merit.

Word Meanings

  • Sage    : wise man
  • Quest  : search
  • Pliable : flexible
  • Rear     : bring up
  • Progeny : children
  • Rigidity   : inflexible
  • Solemnised : perform (marriage)

IELTS Full Speaking Interview

PART 1 – Intro Part

What is your name?

My name is Nikita Mehra.

Can I see you ID?


Sure, this is my passport.

Do you work or study?

I work as an accountant with Kataria Motors.

Why did you choose this kind of work?

I always loved numbers and playing with them. When I was a kid, I was very good at Arithmetic, and then accountancy. Numbers come to me very naturally; In fact, I loved to do some hard sums in school, and also helped many of my classmates.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

At the moment, I look after the entire accounting section at Kataria Motors, Ahmedabad. Our company has expanded by leaps and bounds in the state of Gujarat. There is another comprehensive department which does accounting foe the entire state. I foresee myself working as a chief accountant for the entire state in coming years. If the company expands pan India, I will sure then aim at becoming the Head of Accounting department at a national level.

Would you like to become a celebrity if you had a chance?

There is no harm dreaming. I guess Who doesn’t like to become a celebrity. Yes, I will wait fir such a moment in my life.

Why is that?

People know every celebrity, and their all habits. They are all over in the news all the time. One feels confident and respected being remembered at all national or international level for some good reasons. It’s a perfect platform of becoming popular overnight. This is the chief reason that  would like to become a celebrity. However, it’s a wild goose chase (= foolish and hopeless pursuit of something unattainable) for me at the moment.

PART 2 – Cue Card

Describe a mistake that you once made.

Please say,

  • What the mistake was
  • When, where you made it
  • Who was with you
  • And how you were affected by this mistake

I’ve made a few bad mistakes in my life time. But I feel that I committed no crime. One of the striking mistakes that I remember is when I was reckless and rebellious during my school time. I bunked off school with my friends and went to watch a morning show movie.

When I was in years 10, I committed this mistake more often. It was kind of an addiction and in other words. The time then was such that whoever did so in our school was adored as a fashionable guy.

My classmates, Ravi, shival, Reshma and Ketan were together. We were infamously known as ‘ the band of Sultans’.

My conscience pricked (= trouble, distress) me for a ling time, not when I had committed such nonsense but I realized my mistake later. I cursed myself for some time and there was a different kind of weight that I carried on my shoulder psychologically. The reason behind such regret was because my parents always offered me the latitude (= freedom, leeway). I tore it apart and betrayed them. I took a pledge then that no more such absurdity (= farcical, nonsense) I would ever commit.

PART 3 – Discussion Topics

What should teachers do when students make mistakes?

When you are very young, it seems the whole world is yours and whatever you do, it’s perfect. We remain oblivious (= unaware) to the fact that how wrong we are then. Teachers play a constructive role in such situations. They have two options at their disposal : overreact or counsel with gentleness. I believe that they should adopt the latter approach because with love, care and respect, children Can be made to do whatever they want to.

What can people learn from mistakes?

A great for sure! It’s rightly said, ‘to err is human, and forgive divine’ and I couldn’t agree anymore to this proverb. Every bad mistake or experience itself teaches you to be better next time. People learn from their mistakes and incorporate their learning to climb the ladder of success. It’s no crime to commit a mistake but certainly it’s a crime if doesn’t correct it.

Do you often make mistakes?

I would say that I was born to make mistakes, and this journey will continue till the end. As said earlier, I make mistakes, pay my dues, correct and ensure not to repeat the same. There’s another dimension in this episode. We don’t make mistakes purposefully but they just happen and thry never leave our silhouette.

Can mistakes help people to be more successful?

The word ‘mistake’ is always seen negatively. However, I believe our mistakes only teach us to be better. Success doesn’t mean that the person in question has not made any mistake but it means he might have made more mistakes than others. Errors in life offer a positive learning curve (= the rate of a person’s progressing in gaining experience or new skills).

How to avoid making mistakes?

There’s no talisman (= lucky charm, mascot, fetish) that could train us to be flawless (= errorless). With experience, we learn a lot many things including not to repeat the same or other mistakes. Our conscience and embedded (= implanted, fixed) intelligence help us to steer the right course. Another factor that works wondrously (= wonderfully) is one must have self-confidence and carefully of not making mistakes. When we really care for something, we do achieve our target.

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