3rd March, Useful IELTS Writing Speaking Task

3rd March – Useful IELTS Writing Speaking Task

Academic Writing Task 1:-

3rd March, Useful IELTS Writing Speaking Task

The graph below shows the result of a survey of young people in four European countries on the most effective solution of global warming. Summarise the information making comparisons where relevant

3rd March, Useful IELTS Writing Speaking Task
3rd March, Useful IELTS Writing Speaking Task

Sample Answer:-

The given column graph elucidates the outcome of a survey as to the best solution of global warming among people of four European countries, which are Portugal, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. It is clear from the graph that lifestyle changes were rated as the best solution by the maximum youth of all the countries.

50% of the Portuguese young people rated lifestyle changes as the best solution for global warming. Government regulations and environmental issues were considered the best ways to solve global warming by 20% and 17% respectively. The maximum Spanish young generation also was of the view that lifestyle changes were the most effective solution but their percentage was lesser than that of the Portuguese in this respect. 17% and 20% young people of Spain rated government issues and environmental factors as the best solution. The overall trend of the Spanish, the Italian and the Dutch youth was the same for all the factors with minor differences in percentage.

Overall, only a small minority of the youth of all the countries opined that none of these factors could help reduce global warming

General Writing Task 1:-

3rd March, Useful IELTS Writing Speaking Task

You recently joined a course, but due to some reason would not be able to continue it. Write a letter to the course provider. In your letter.

  • Introduce yourself
  • Explain why you cannot continue
  • Suggest an alternative for it

Dear Sir,

I, Sonia Malhotra, an Assistant Professor in Punjab University, have recently joined a one month evening course for learning French at Beginner’s level in your esteemed institute, which I would not able to continue.

I am employed as a full time regular faculty at the above said institute for which my working hours are 9am to 5pm with a busy schedule which includes taking theory and practical classes of the students. So, I have difficulty in maintaining my regularity at your institute where the timing of my course is 5pm to 8pm daily. Due to this, I am not even able to finish my daily assignments, of your institute as well as of my university.

I would like to discontinue the course in your institute due to these reasons with immediate effect and would again join this course in the month of June when I have my summer vacations so as to give full justice to the course.

Hoping for a favorable response

Yours sincerely,

Sonia Malhotra

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

3rd March, Useful IELTS Writing Speaking Task

The number of cars keeps increasing, so road systems should be expended. Some people think the government should pay for it, while others think car owners should pay for it. What’s your opinion?

Sample Answer:-

With growing incomes, it is not surprising that everyone wants to live a lavish lifestyle. Every other individual owns a car these days. That is why road systems have to be expanded. All this requires money. That is why the debate has arisen as to who should pay for this expansion. Some opine that the government should pay while others contend that the car owners should pay. I tend to agree with the latter.

To begin with, higher cost for car owners would encourage public transport use. This would definitely be better for the environment as there would be less pollution and less usage of natural resources like petrol and diesel. People would also be encouraged to do car pooling so that the added expenses are shared. Moreover, shorter journeys may be made on foot or bicycle which would lead to a healthier nation.

In addition, it would be unfair if government pays all the money out of the taxes. In this way even those people who are not using the roads for their private vehicles would also be taxed. Moreover, government has so much else on its shoulder such as basic healthcare and education which would be advantageous for all.

Admittedly, better roads means lesser congestion, lesser traffic jams and therefore lesser pollution and faster mobility which would be better for the big businesses. Therefore, this cost should be met by the big companies and not the average taxpayer.

To conclude, expanding the road system is the need of the hour and most of the cost should be met with by the car owners and big companies and some paid by the government.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

3rd March, Useful IELTS Writing Speaking Task


PART 1 – Intro part

What is your name?

My name is Niharika pathak.

Can I see your ID?

Sure, this is my passport.

Do you work or study?

I work as an accountant with Kataria motors.

Why did you choose this kind of work?

I always loved numbers and playing with them. When I was a kid, I was very good at arithmetic, and then accountancy. Numbers come to me very naturally; in fact, I loved to do some hard sums in schools, and also helped many of my classmates.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

At the moment, I look after entire accounting section at Kataria motors, Ahmadabad. Our company has expanded by leaps and bounds in the state of Gujarat. I foresee myself working as a chief accountant for the entire state in coming years. If the company expands pan India, I will surely then aim at becoming the head of accounting department at a national level.

Would you like to become a celebrity if you had a chance?

There is no harm dreaming. I guess who doesn’t like to become a celebrity. Yes, I will wait for such a moment in my life.

Why is that?

People know every celebrity, and their all habits. They’re all over in the news all the time. One feels confident and respected being remembered at the national or international level for some good reasons. It’s prefect platform for becoming popular overnight. This is the chief reason why I would like to become a celebrity. However, it’s a wild goose chase for me at the moment.

PART 2 – Cue Card

Speak about the communication device you use regularly

  • What it is
  • Since when you have been using it
  • how it is useful to you

Sample answer:

The communication sector has shown a tremendous revolution in last decade. Now, we can communicate with any person at anytime and anywhere in the world. Here, I would like to speak about my mobile phone which I use regularly. This mobile is compatible with all latest communication features. Mobile phones give us three-way connectivity. They are; phone, short message and email respectively. I use all these facilities as per the requirement.

I use the phone to talk to my family, my friends, relatives, students and colleagues. In case of emergency, when I am not in the office, my mobile phone is a boon to me because it stores large amount of data including received calls and missed calls and phone numbers of more than 1000 people. This memory facility has relieved me from memorizing important contact numbers and maintaining a pocket telephones diary. Moreover, short message service is useful to me when I want to convey text or graphics to other mobile phones. I also check my emails through my mobile and in case of urgency, I also reply to the mail by mobile as converter, world time and games. All these facilities are really helpful in different situations in my life. Hence, in today’s busy and commercial life, mobile has become an essential instrument for all people in the world.

PART 3 – Follow up / Discussion:-

  1. Do you want any additional feature in the device you use?

I do need additional feature like blue tooth and audio video recording in my mobile. Blue tooth helps me in transferring and receiving data instantly and recording helps me in capturing important events at my home.

  • Do you send text messages?

I send text messages to my friends. When I receive a meaningful or funny message from someone, I forward that message to others. Apart from this, I send messages on festivals and special days like Diwali, Holi, Independence Day a valentine’s day.

  • Usage of greeting cards has declined because of text messages. Do you agree with this?

I agree with this statement. People now prefer using short message services over greeting cards for three good reasons. First, they don’t have to visit a card shop when they use SMS i.e. it saves their time. Second, SMS is cheaper than greeting cards. And last, SMS reaches faster than greeting cards i.e. it can reach other mobiles in seconds whereas a greeting card takes a few days to reach other place.

  • It is a good or bad development?

It is indeed a good development because it is cheap, fast and convenient. On top of it, greeting cards are made up of paper that comes from trees. Hence, by avoiding the use of greeting cards, we can save trees and help our environment.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones?

Mobile phones offer many benefits like fast and easy communication with anyone at anytime, storing, sending and receiving data like phone numbers, music and photos. However, it has some drawbacks too. It can be misused in a number of ways like SMS, MMS and viruses. Also it takes our privacy away because anyone can trace us easily. Finally, scientific research tells that mobile waves are harmful to our heart and brain upon extensive use.

20th February, IELTS Daily Task

3rd March, Useful IELTS Writing Speaking Task

3rd March, Useful IELTS Writing Speaking Task

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3rd March, Useful IELTS Writing Speaking Task

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