5th April, Best IELTS Daily Tasks

5th April, Best IELTS Daily Tasks

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The diagrams below give information on transport and car use in Edmonton. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

5th April, Best IELTS Daily Tasks
5th April, Best IELTS Daily Tasks

Model Answer

The table shows the reason why people in Edmonton use their cars in the city and the pie chart explains what type of transport people prefer to use most of the time.

Looking at the pie chart first, it is clear that the car is the most popular means of transport in this city. 45% of the people say that they prefer to commute by car. The second most popular form of transport is the LRT, while buses and taxis are the main means of transport for the rest of the people.

The table gives more detailed information about why people use their cars. Surprisingly, 55% of the people need to commute to work by car. Cars are also used a lot for taking children to school or business purposes. Only 15% of drivers are doing their shopping and, similarly, 15% need to travel by car for leisure.

Overall, people in Edmonton make good use of alternative methods of transport but there is a heavy dependence on cars for work.

General Writing Task 1:-

You have just received a credit card statement from your bank. The statement lists a number of expensive purchases that you are not sure you did not make. Write a letter to the bank manager.

In the letter:
– Introduce yourself
– Explain that you did not buy the items listed
– Say what you would like the bank to do to fix the problem.

Sample Answer:-

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am one of the users of your bank’s services and my account no. 73219000004511. I am writing this letter to inform you that I have received a statement regarding my credit card usage from your bank, however, I didn’t make any purchase.

Let me elaborate in detail. Yesterday, when I was using my cell-phone for making some urgent calls, all of a sudden, a message popped-up on the screen, when I read the complete message, it was regarding the goods which were purchased from my card, nevertheless, from last one month, I have not bought any item via my credit card. There were three items in total that were induction stove, an egg boiler and a vacuum cleaner. After reading this message, I could not ascertain what went wrong. Ergo, I decided to inform you since I apprehend that if this issue is not dealt with; then it might be feasible that I have to pay for someone else’s bought items.

I request you to look into this matter expedite the process so that the actual buyer can be recognised and this issue can be solved in smooth manner. I am looking forward to get a positive reply from your side.

With regards,

Jasmine Kaur.

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Do you think it is important to preserve local language and dialects in this age of information technology? Use relevant examples to support your answer.

Sample Answer:-

People speak different languages and follow a wide variety of cultural practices in different parts of the world. In fact, diversity is the beauty of life. To me, preserving local language and dialects as much as possible is important even in this age of information technology, mainly because one’s language is closely connected to one’s culture.

The primary reason for this argument is the growth of tourism as a major international industry. Times have changed and people travel from one place to another more than ever before for varied reasons. To many people, an important purpose of travelling is to understand different cultures. For example, when people from another part of world visit a region in India, my country they wish to have a taste of the local music, dance and other things and regional languages are an inherent and inseparable part of them

The secondary reason for the relevance of this question is the ever increasing influence of English, coupled with its unenviable position as the only international language. For instance, everything targeting international viewers, readers and listeners will achieve its goal only when it is English. Moreover, it is true that because of the very powerful influence of English, it is likely that many vernacular languages and cultured would perish.

In conclusion, what is to be realized is that every language and culture is the pride and heritage of the people who use it. In an increasingly interactive world, we certainly need English, but its influence should not destroy regional languages. It is therefore, imperative that local languages and dialects are properly preserved.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART – 1 Intro Part

What is your full name?
My name is Shubhreet Perry.

Can I see your ID?
This is my passport.


Where are you from?
I live in Goa.

Do you work or study?
I have recently completed a master degree in information technology from Patiala University.

In your country do people wear hats and caps?
Yes, I’ve seen many people wearing hats or caps, especially in my community when I go to church on Sunday and morning I see elderly people wearing hats and the youth wearing stylish caps.

Do you wear hats and caps?
Sometimes I wear the cap for two reasons. One is when I see the temperature outside is very heated so I try to beat the heat by wearing a cap. Second is sometimes I love wearing different kinds of caps just to look stylish.

Did you wear hats as a child?
Yes, I did. My grandfather was very much fond of wearing stylish and traditional hats. He would take me to church every Sunday morning, and I started following the same culture. He bought me a few hats when I was in school. I’ve treasured them yet and oftentimes I try them as per occasion.

Why do people wear hats and caps?
It’s a personal preference, and a lot depends, upon the family culture. For instance, my family has traditionally been using hats and caps so we follow suit. Others might be doing it for beating the heat during the summer time. There is another group of people who wear to look stylish and trendy and they might be thinking that wearing hats and caps fulfill their needs.

Do you think it’s mostly for practical reasons or because of fashion?
I guess it has both purposes in some cases. But for me it’s more of a fashion than a practical reason.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe a method that helps you to save money.
Please say,
– What it is
– How you do it
– Is there a better way, in your opinion?

Sample Answer:-

I’m a great supporter of online shopping for many reasons. One of the reasons is also from the point of saving money. Online shopping not only helps someone save money but tine also. Some people believe that it’s a passing fad but I disagree with them. Indeed, they can save money by shopping some types of stuff from online.

I always wait for an online deal, and keep the list of things that I need them. At times, I get good deals, much better than what I get from the physical stores. This way, I’m able to save the hard-earned money of my family. When I do math, I realize that not only did I save money from the various deals but also time that is involved in going and coming back from the physical store. Money saved from the fuel consumption is an additional saving for me. For example, I wanted to buy the series of Masterpiece books for IELTS preparation; they were delivered on the following day without any shipping cost. Or I would have to go to bookstore, wasting away my time and money both.

Well, I’ve no idea whether we’ve better way for saving money or not. But this one is tested and proven method for me and I would recommend to all.

PART – 3 Discussion

Do other people also save money using the method?
I guess there are many. Mostly the youth is more into buying stuff online. I’ve no idea whether they do it with the same intent that I’ve. But invariably it saves their money. I’m sure there would be many others who would be thinking the same way.

Which mutual resources are overused by people, in your opinion?
The crude oil is under threat at the moment. The human population has rampantly been using petrol and diesel which is a cause of concern for the future. I think that one day we will run out of these natural resources and one fine day we will be back on the camel and the horse for our journey.

Do you think technology affects the environment?
I’ve no facts and figures to my opinion about this question but I roughly assume that it should affect the environment. Ultimately, it prompts us to use a lot of electricity and batteries so they’re not good either for the environment. Take an example of mobile phone towers; we saw sparrows everywhere in our residential vicinity some twenty years ago. Today, I hardly see my sparrow in our areas. When I dug deeper about their disappearance, a gentleman said that their life is under threat because of the radiation of mobile phones and their towers. I don’t know how far it’s true but there’s something which makes me feel that the technology is somewhat affecting the environment.

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5th April, Best IELTS Daily Tasks

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