6th April, Best IELTS Daily Writing Speaking Task

6th April, Best IELTS Daily Writing Speaking Task

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The bar graph shows the number of older people recorded in Australia from 1989 to 2009. Summarise The information by selecting and recording the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

6th April, Best IELTS Daily Writing Speaking Task
6th April, Best IELTS Daily Writing Speaking Task

Simple Answer:

The bar graph elucidates the demographic trends displayed in the number of elderly (65 years and above) recorded in Australia across two decades from 1989 to 2009.

The striking point of the graph is that there was a steady increase in the population of the elderly in Australia during the entire period.

In 1989, The number of people aged 65 years and over in Australia was recorded at around 1.85 million which increased substantially to about 2.25 million during the first decade. The proportion of this elderly population for the rent up from 2.25 million in 1999 to reach around 3 million by 2009. The graph recorded a boom of well over one-third of these citizens in the period of two decades.

To sum up, The line graph asserts the growth profile of a healthier elderly population in Australia in the short span of two decades from 1998 to 2009. The rate of those aged 65 and over registered an enhancement of around 1.15 million.

General Writing Task 1:-

You recently bought a large expensive item, but when it was delivered to you home you found some problems with it. Write a letter to the manager of the shop. In your letter:

– Give details of what you bought
– Describe the problems with your item
– Say what you want the shop to do

Simple Answer

Dear Sir or Madam ,
Last Saturday, I purchased a huge and costly printing equipment from your shop via bill number is Y30120PXY but there are some technological glitches.

I bought Inkjet printer of HP company from your “Arya Electronic” shop. I was so excited to print my coloured pictures, nevertheless, when I started the process of printing, suddenly a message flashed on the screen showing that catridges are not working properly and needs replacement. I had nervous breakdown at that time, since after spending a lot of money also I ended up with a worthless item. I had made several attempts by resorting it in order to rectify this issue and when, finally, I was able to print my pictures. The quality of printing was absolutely poor and images were blurred. Moreover, after giving numerous commands to print in orderly manner, it was printing pages in random order.

I would highly appreciate if you could either replace this product or instead of this provide me with a new one.

I hope you can understand my hurdle. Get a prompt reply from your side.

With regards,


6th April, Best IELTS Daily Writing Speaking Task

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Should Governments censor the Internet for the welfare of students and citizens?

Sample Answer:-

Censorship is an act of government restriction on citizens as to what they should read, see and hear. Undemocratic and authoritarian governments have been doing it for centuries. This essay argues that allowing governments to control a very powerful and fast medium like the Internet is not an acceptable proposition since it is likely to misguide students and adults.

To begin with, the information technology, one of the most revolutionary ideas of the contemporary world, is a mine of information and a source for innovative ideas. It is an excellent tool to do research on any topic and a great medium of entertainment. For example, now people can take degrees from prestigious universities of alien lands while staying at home. The possibility for quick business transaction, which is a contribution of the Internet, has created millions of new jobs.

However, young students having unsupervised access to the Internet is a cause for alarm. Some pornographic and misleading websites with antisocial elements might disturb them. Instead of governments censoring the Internet to tackle this problem, let children use the Internet only under the effective guidance of parents or teachers. Besides, using technology to block unhealthy and pornography websites from children is another option.

Another reason to consider is that societies, which guarantee the fundamental rights, are progressive. Freedom of expression of any media, including the Internet, has its immense significance. Also people have to right to information and it is being accepted in progressive societies. No governments has the authority to violate these basic human rights.

To conclusion, our hard-won freedom should not be surrendered to the whims and fancies of dictatorial forces. True democratic values prevail only when there is a free flow of information and ideas.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART – 1 Intro Part

What is your full name?
My name is Amarjit Singh.

Can I see your ID?
Here it is!

Where are you from?
I belong to Moga, which is in the northern part of India.

Do you work or study?
I work as an assistant HR manager with Jandu Realty.

Do you like relatives coming to your home?
Yes, I do like my relatives visiting my place. I have cousins with who I get along very well and love their companies always. At the same time, I also love visiting my friends and relatives more often.

What do you usually do with relatives?
All fun, I would say. Whenever my cousins visit my place, we go back to all our old days of school, full of mischievous events they we had enjoyed. They allow me to relive my sweet childhood memories. One of my cousins and I studied together, and in fact, we were together until the higher secondary level. We’ve many common interests, such as playing cricket, watching action and thriller Hollywood movies, partying, gossiping, and listening to the ‘Rock and Roll’ music and many among others. Things have changed a little bit now. These days we also discuss the challenges that we face in business and at times seek each other’s suggestion to any particular business challenges. My cousin is a foodie and my mom is an excellent cook, so we drink and have supper together whenever’ it’s possible.

Do you prefer visiting relatives yourself, or for them to come to your place?
I prefer both arrangements because all the cousins have many places to hang out and meet at any good place. But our uncles and aunties don’t frequent ours places much as we do so it gives us an opportunity to see our relatives with family. Because of parents and relatives, I like both arrangements whether they come to our placed or we go to their place.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Talk about an old friend that you met after not having seen each other for a long time.

You should say
– Who is your friend?
– Describe your friendship with him/her
– How long it had been since you last saw him/her
– What two of you talked about

Sample Answer:-

I would like to tell you about my friend, Thomas . We grew up together, And went to the same school until Grade 12. How much was a real gem, A truly best friend who always had my back.

We did all those hilarious and asinine Things together. We studied together, Prepared for exams together, bunked off school together, Went shopping together, Teased others together and what not. After finishing our school years, I went to Canada for my further studies and stayed back there forever. Political boundaries distanced us by miles, but not my friendship at all.

We remained in touch with each other by calling, Texting messages using WhatsApp, Facebook, FaceTime, Skype also. Thomas completed his degree in commerce and went on doing Certified Accounting courses. He is a wizard numbers, And I saw him doing such studies long before. At the moment, He works for DSP BlackRock mutual funds in Mumbai. I happen to reduce financial reports at times. He’s become a big shot now, All because of his intelligence and perseverance

Last year, I received my homeland, and we both decided to take some time out to Rekindle our long lasting friendship. We went to Goa with two more friends. We needed some time to unwind ourselves from Our busy schedule. Bill, we talked about our plans both at professional and personal fronts. I was very happy to learn that Thomas was about to marry one of our old common friends. I invited them over my place in Canada, And we have already made a plan to go to Vegas For unlimited fun.

PART – 3 Discussion

What are the good qualities of a good friend?
Well, in my view a good friend never leave his friend alone in critical conditions, always stand as a pillar so I can say first quality is supportive. If I talk about the next good thing so that is honesty, one good friend can be rude in front of his friend’s face but in the absence he/she always praise and talk about good qualities like in a group, like Kiran is my bosom friend and whenever we get together we make fun to each other but in the absence she always share good qualities of mine with other ones.

Do you remember the friends who had made in childhood?
Yes, I still remember my childhood friends actually some of them are in touch with me, we usually talk share our bitter sweat memories on what’s app, Instagram and Facebook. Sometimes we get together for eating out and One more interesting thing last month I attended one of my childhood friend’s wedding, honestly speaking we don’t miss any of chance for meeting to each other.

Is it easy to make friends now as compared to the past?
Yes, it’s very easy compared with earlier days because with the proliferation of social media like Facebook and Instagram one can find new friends easily. By searching name of the person with single click one can find to anyone but in past time usually individuals made friends who were living in their neighbourhood and when during school days. So, people are more socialized than before.

Do you think old friendship can last for long?
As old is gold so, it would be right to say that childhood friends can be last for long, as I earlier mention I’m still in touch with my childhood friends, our friendship is going to cross approximately 18 to 19 years, in last I can say definitely childhood friends say with us for long time.

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