8th February, Daily Task

Academic Writing Task 1

The chart given below shows the annual sales of a particular company in Air- conditioners, Refrigerators and washing machines over a period of eight years.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

8th February, Daily Task

Model Answer:-

The given line graph depicts the annual sales of a particular company of three different gadgets, namely, air-conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines. The sales are shown over a period of eight years, that is, from the year 2004 to 2011.

The sales of air-conditioners I the year 2004 started at nearly 250. After that the sale registered a rise, so that in 2006, it filtered with the figure of 1000. From 2007 to 2009, there was a fluctuation in sales, but then it soared and the sale ended up well above the figure of 1000 in 2011. Coming to refrigerator, their sale in 2004 started at nearly four hundred. After recovering a marginal rise the next year, their sales shot up in the year 2006. After that their sales continued its soaring trend, ultimately ending up at approximately 3500 pieces sold. Talking about washing machines, the sale in 2004 was 1000. But it kept on rising, till it ended at nearly 3600 in the year 2011.

To conclude, all the three gadgets kept on enjoying rising sales till 2011.

General Writing Task 1

For the past year you have been a member of a local club. Now you want to discontinue your membership. Write a letter to club secretary. Write a letter to the club secretary. In your letter state what type of membership you have and how you have paid for this, give details of how you have benefited from the club and explain why you want to leave. You should write at least 150 words.

Model Answer:-


It is with utmost regret that I write this letter to you because it is to let you know that I shall not be able to continue as a member of your good club any more.

While my aged parents were living with mw, I had no problem in leaving my wife to their care and take part in the club activities. However, they have now left for Mysore to live with my sister for a few years since a change would do them good. I am left with only my wife at home. I shall not be able to leave my wife alone at home anymore and hence my resignation. I have been a member of the club in the general category and have been playing my membership fee regularly.

As an active member of the club, I have participated in all its activities, both social and recreational. I had opportunity to do many things creative, while having a wonderful time.

Yours faithfully,


Writing Task 2 (AC+GT)

Some people believe that personal happiness is directly related to economic success, while other argue that happiness depends on other factors. Discuss both viewpoints and state your view.

Sample Answer:-

Happiness, though sought after by everybody, is* a relative term. Many people believe that what contributes to happiness is financial success while others are of the view that economic well-being may make individuals happy. This essay discusses both the sides of argument and arrives at its own view.

To open the discussion, money makes the world go round. As a medium exchange, money fulfils the needs of individuals. To satisfy the fundamental needs such as food, shelter and clothing, people need money. Many people turn to crimes because they have no money to fructify (become fruitful) even hope for. Even in religion, let alone politics, the influence of money is quite evident.

Contrary to above, it is stated that more often than not happiness is elusive (difficult to describe). Many people who have money are seldom happy. People, who are unable to enjoy life on grounds of various illnesses or break up of relationship, are unhappy even though they have a lot of wealth. Many rich people lead a life of loneliness in the midst of affluence. It is paradoxical that immensely rich people are found to have mental problems; some resort to spirituality, yet others take their own lives.

The gist of the matter is that, although money is absolutely essential for existence, there are plenty of examples to reveal that there are other factors that make us happy. Every individual has physical, social and psychological needs to be satisfied. As Gandhi has rightly pointed out, not every rich man is happy because he is rich; nor every poor man is unhappy because he is poor. 

IELTS Speaking Full Interview


What is your full name?

My name is Dipti Tomar.

Do you work or study?

Presently, I’m studying as well as working.

Do you think that your job is too hard?

No, not all as it is a part-time job. I handle clients at a lifestyle store; this job helps me fund my music class.

What do you usually do after work?

I normally finish by 8 in the evening, and then I’ve music class from 8.30 to 10.00. I reach home by 10.30 and the day ends for me.

Did you go to parks during your childhood?

Yes, as a child my grandparents would take me every evening to a park which was close to our house and my grandfather would help me swing.

How often do you go to the parks now?

I do go this park early morning as it has a nice walking track. A lot of old and young people come to walk and there’s a lady who holds her Yoga classes out there. One Sundays, sometimes all friends meet in the garden and play games and gossip.

Do you think parks are important for people?

Yes, parks are very important for people, coming to a park after a tiring day refreshes us, the non-pollution air, and greenery, free from noise pollution. One can relax and calm themselves. A family can get to spend some quality time at the parks with their families. Parks are very important especially for those people who are unable to afford to go to any recreational clubs. Parks help them to have some quality time without having to pay any fees.

PART 2- Cue Card

Describe a leader you admire.

Please say,

  • Who this person is
  • How you know this person
  • What skills he or she has for leadership

And explain why you think he or she is a good leader

I’m a great admirer of our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. This gentleman comes from a modest background, a very poor family. He was an ordinary political member of the ruling party, BJP. When he joined BJP, his political party was struggling to come on the top.

No India needs an introduction of our Prime Minister. He’s well known and always all over in the media for some or other reasons constantly. I’ve never met him in person but I tack all possible news like what he did, what he said, what action plan he took to address any particular cause and so on.

Unequivocally (= in a way that leaves no doubt), he has tremendous leadership qualities otherwise it’s not easy to reach this level. India is a country with diverse culture, ethnicities and a plethora (= abundance, lot) of different languages. To unite people is the toughest job. He was bogged down for almost ten years by his opponents but he returned with vengeance (= vigorously, energetically). Another best quality that I like of him is he knows how to attract the foreign investment and how to propel the economic engines. He’s swift in introducing and implementing the economic reforms.

To qualify for a successful leader, one has to become a voice of the subject (= population). He has done it with grace to date. The thoughtful leader would think of making things better for his people or for team. He has a unique quality to bring the opponents to the table for discussion and persuading              (= convince) them. In political, it’s an important quality. Say what he has done recently, he persuaded all the political parties to pass the most awaited economic reform bill called ‘Goods and Services Tax’. That was a momentous event (= important, significant) for the Indian economy.

PART 3 – Discussion

In your culture, what kind of people can be leaders?

Sadly, leaving the example of our PM aside, mostly corrupt and unconscionable (= unethical, amoral) people become leaders in politics. Thankfully, this culture has not plagued (= afflict, torture) the Indian Corporate World wholly. Te honest and deserving have been eclipsed (= outshine, overshadow) by the crook (= sinner, criminal) and manipulative leaders in all domains. I hate to say that but it is the only truth.

Has there been a change in the characteristics that leaders should have?

I belong to Generation Y (= the generation born in the 1980s and 1990s). I’ve no idea what exact characteristics leaders had before my birth. What I’ve learnt on this topic is all from anecdotal evidence (= informal, not reliable). It suggests that leaders in yesteryears (= in past) carried high quality characteristics compared with today’s leaders. However, looking at the present scenario, I tend to support the past leaders of the world.

Many women are earning more money now; does it mean that they can be leaders?

Earning money or not cannot be compared with someone’s success-whether they are men or women. How we measure our life is purely a subjective evaluation. But I would definitely agree that women these days are pushing back the frontiers (= limit, end) of idleness. They were never so promising and hardworking than what they are today. It’s good sign of progress for their family and country.

8th February, Daily Task
8th February, Daily Task

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