Are you afraid of IELTS Exam?

Are you afraid of IELTS Exam?
Are you afraid of IELTS Exam?

Are you afraid of IELTS Exam?

It’s a perception that IELTS is a difficult exam to clear and many of the students surrender even before starting it. Actually, it is a misperception as IELTS is not a back-breaking job and one can get a good score but the only thing is you should be well prepared for it. Moreover, there are no terms like Pass or Fail in this exam as your report will be based on 9 band scale 1 stands for the lowest and 9 for the highest.

So if you want to fulfill your desire to go abroad for higher studies, to work there, or to settle down in some English native country and decided to devote your time and money to achieve your goal start preparing for the exam. You will get the answer yourself how difficult is the IELTS exam.

IELTS test is not difficult if you are well prepared. There are no trick questions and if you have practiced thoroughly you should pass well. One of the biggest problems that candidates writing the test have is that they can’t manage in the time allocated. This is just a matter of practice and you must work at improving your speed and fluency. The level of difficulty is exactly the same no matter where in the world you write.

Know your purpose

It is true that you cannot fail the IELTS exam but the thing that matters is your band requirement for the purpose you are pursuing the EXAM. Different institutes and countries have different requirements for the aspirants but most of them demand a minimum of 6.0 bands but there are others who ask for 7.0 or above. There are some institutes in which the candidate requires at least 6.5 in every module and overall 7.0. So the test taker should know his requirement according to his choice of country or institute.

Well, that will not be fair if we say that the IELTS exam is too easy as it designed to test all levels of English. The questions in all the modules (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking) are set to check the ability and level of the student.

For example, the speaking test starts with formal talk in part 1, and in part 2 (Cue Card) where you have to speak for 2 minutes on the given topic, the examiner checks your ability to make a variety of sentences and your fluency. It’s the same in the Listening test as you move on the passages become more difficult. Sometimes all these things become intolerable and you thing to quit but this feeling can be suppressed with continuous practice.

Be reasonable with your goals and expectations

As the level of difficulty differ from person to person as everyone has its own limitations and weaknesses so one should identify his area where he is lacking and focus more on it. It’s not only about reading books based on IELTS one should watch English TV series or read newspapers and articles or have a healthy conversation with a friend or teacher.

Another necessary thing is to know the exam structure and strategies and techniques related to the exam. These entire things will help you to get good scores. Moreover, you should learn different sentence structures and hand full of vocabulary for specific tasks.

To wind up, Doing well in the IELTS as with any other exam is to read the question, understand it, interpret the response that is required and then answer the question no more and no less. IELTS is not a difficult task to be completed if you start with dedication and concentration.

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