Best Daily Writing Task, 4th May

Best Daily Writing Task, 4th May

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The three pie charts below describe the breakdown of costs at a Canadian University in 2000, 2005 and 2010.
Summarise the information in the charts and make comparisons where appropriate.

Best Daily Writing Task, 4th May
Best Daily Writing Task, 4th May

Sample Answer:- (8 Band)

The three pie charts show the breakdown of spending at a particular university in Canada in 2000, 2005 and 2010.

Salaries made up the largest part of expenditure in all three years for which data has been provided (2000, 2005 and 2010). Academic salaries made up 39% of the total cost in 2000 and this figure increased to 49% in 2005 before decreasing to 44% in 2010. In contrast, technical and administrative salaries have declined steadily and were 29%, 23% and 16% in the years 2000, 2005 and 2010, respectively.

The remaining budget was spent on consumables, equipment and insurance. The spending on consumables was in the range of 14-18% in 2000, 2005 and 2010, while the spending on equipment varied widely in the 3 years provided and was in the range of 7-16% of the total budget. Insurance costs made up a very small percentage of the overall budget at 2-4% in 2000 and 2005 but this figure jumped to 8% in 2010.

General Writing Task 1:-

You have a friend who is about to go to a university, and he wants you to suggest to him on which course to take – philosophy, in which he is very interested, or computer science, which offers better job prospects.

Sample Answer:- (8 Band)

Dear Mike,

Thanks for your letter; it was great to hear from you again. Also, many congratulations for getting a place at Princeton. Princeton is undoubtedly one of the best universities in the world and I am sure your parents are very proud of your achievement.

With regards to the question of whether you should study Philosophy that you have been passionate about for many years or Computer Science, which would give you much better career options, I think you have a really difficult decision to make. My suggestion is to do a double degree. I think it is important to have a backup plan so I would consider focusing on your Philosophy as that is your true passion but have Computer Science in case you are not able to find a job related to Philosophy.

I think this choice is a very personal one, but my choice would be to go with your passion and choose Philosophy if you are unable to do a double major. You only live once and it is important that you do things that you love.

Congratulations on getting into Princeton and good luck with your choice. I am confident you will choose wisely,

With very best wishes,

Harold Kostas

Writing Task 2 AC+GT):-

Higher education could be funded in three ways. All costs paid by government, all costs paid by students or students paying all costs through a government loan. What are the advantages of these choices?

Sample Answer (8 Band)

Since university funding benefits both university students and society as a whole, both parties should bear some of the cost of university educations. University students gain both personal and economic benefits by attending university; however, society also benefits by having a more educated population. In addition, it is important that all members of society have the opportunity to attend university regardless of wealth. In this essay the various models of funding for university places will be discussed.

There is little doubt that people who attend university usually benefit through higher salaries and greater opportunities. It is therefore reasonable that society expects students to make some contribution to the cost of their education. However, expecting students to fully fund their own education may cause students to avoid courses that lead to less well-paying jobs such as the sciences, nursing and teaching.

Society as a whole also benefits from having a more educated community and should support people who make an effort to become educated. It is therefore reasonable that governments also provide money for university places, particularly when the cost of doing a course or the return for students discourages them from completing a course that is needed by society.

The funding model that is used for university placements is also very important as governments have a responsibility to provide an opportunity for all members of society to attend university. Deferred repayment of fees through low cost loans and the partial subsidising of university courses by government are effective methods of ensuring fairer access to university education since they allow people to pay for their education when they are best able to afford to.

In summary, university education benefits both individuals and society and both governments and individuals who receive a university education should make a contribution to the costs of tertiary education. In addition, it is important that appropriate loan schemes are in place to ensure that access to university is available to all members of society.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

What is your full name?
My name is Gurdit.

Can I see your ID?
Sure, here it is.

Where are you from?
I am from Ludhiana.

Do you care about fashion?
I used to in my younger days, I remember always looking to see what my favourite musicians were wearing and then try to copy them, but now that I’m older I don’t really care as long as I look smart.

What kind of things do you normally wear?
It depends what I’m doing really. If I’m working I always wear a dress shirt and trousers, but we don’t have to wear a tie. If I’m going out it will be more casual like a polo shirt and jeans and if I’m at home it will be really relaxed, just a t-shirt and shorts.

Are there any traditional clothes in your country?
I have no idea. There might be but I can’t recall ever hearing anyone talking about them or seeing someone wearing them.

Where do you usually purchase your clothes?
I used to go to the trendy shops when I was a student, but now I’m older and have little time I just like to go to a big shopping centre or department store and buy everything there. It’s more convenient that way and it means I don’t have to run all over town just for a few clothes.

Have you ever bought clothes online?
No, because I don’t trust their clothes to always fit me. I know a few people who order lots of clothes online and order a few different sizes and then send the ones that don’t fit them back, but I can’t be bothered with all that. It’s much quicker to go into a proper shop and try the clothes on there and make sure they are a proper fit.

Do people from your country think fashion is important?
More so these days. Our country wouldn’t be very high on the list of international fashion hot spots, but I notice people following certain trends more. Last year, there was a red trouser craze and everywhere you looked people had red trousers on.

What is your favourite item of clothing?
Probably my leather jacket. It cost a fortune and it makes me feel really confident when I go out in it. I normally get a few compliments also because it is quite slimming.

PART – 2 Cue card

Describe a wedding that you have attended.
You should say:

  • whose wedding it was
  • who was there
  • what happened
  • and explain how you felt.

Band 9.0 Model Answer

Today, I’m gonna share with you a wedding of my friend that I attended. Last month, I received a wedding invitation from my old friend from primary school. The wedding was held at the beginning of April. We have been close to each other for over 15 years, therefore, I definitely wanted to attend at all costs, due to the fact that we hadn’t had a chance to get together for ages.

Her wedding ceremony took place at The Sum Villa, located near my home in the heart of my city. It was decorated impressively with a lot of lights, candles and flowers around the room. There were three glamorous wedding photo albums, showing tables right at the centre of the official gate. The principal colours were likely to be white and violet, so all the guests were requested to wear clothes with one or both of these colours. Personally, I wore a white dress with small accessories.

It was meant to be a casual wedding, which I had never attended before. It turned out to be refreshingly informal. One of the best moments that really touched me was when the bridegroom sang a song for the bride and all the guests sang along with him. Also, he made a photo clip by himself marking their 4-year romance, to show to everyone in the room. It was no surprise that everyone clapped their hands and cheered them. Of course, I was no exception.

It was also a good chance to catch up with my old friends and we all had a great time. We definitely made the most of the occasion and took a lot of pictures with the bride and the bridegroom. I gave my friend a gift to celebrate her wedding day. I had given much thought to my wedding present when I was choosing it, and I wished her lots of happiness for the future.

PART – 3 Two way Discussion

Would you accept an arranged marriage?

I would never accept to be in an arranged marriage. Some parents choose partners for their children base on wealth and social status instead of mutual love. In my opinion, arranged marriage without any mutual love will come to an end by divorce. I think that everyone has the freedom to choose their lovers and partners. Having said that, parents should play the role of advisers who will help their kids in certain stages of their marriage, such as giving tips on when having children is appropriate.

What are the factors causing a rise in the rate of divorce?

The first factor is the birth and regulations that allow couples to divorce easier, without the need to prove that their partners have violated a certain law. Secondly, as more women have jobs, their financial independence increases. This means they no longer have to rely on men to have a decent living. Thirdly, these days many people would like to choose a happy marriage rather than an “empty nutshell”. Therefore, if mutal love has gone, they are willing to divorce.

Do you think people should live together before marriage?

I am not against cohabitation but I believe that it will be a tough job. People who want to pursue a certain period of cohabitation should be aware that a lot of challenges will be created. Without formally registering their relationship as a marriage, they are certainly excluded from certain laws and regulations that protect couples such as child benefits. Unexpected pregnancy is another issue if there is a lack of knowledge and understanding about sexual relationships. Finally, if couples are young and lack life experience, conflicts may arise.

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Best Daily Writing Task, 4th May

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