Best IELTS Daily Exam Tasks, 23rd April

Best IELTS Daily Exam Tasks, 23rd April

Academic Writing Task 1

The graph below shows population figures for India and China since the year 2000 and predicted population growth up until 2050.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Best IELTS Daily Exam Tasks, 23rd April
Best IELTS Daily Exam Tasks, 23rd April

Model Answer

The graph shows how the populations of India and China have changed since 2000 and how they will change in the future.

In 2000, there were more people living in China than in India. The number of Chinese was 1.25 billion, while India’s population was about 1 billion. Between 2000 and 2010, there has been a 0.2 billion rise in the number of Indian citizens. Over the same period, China’s population has increased by 0.1 billion to reach over 1.35 billion.

According to the graph, the population in India will increase more quickly than in China, and experts say that by 2030, both countries will have the same population of 1.45 billion. After this, China’s population is likely to fall slightly to 1.4 billion in 2050, while India’s population will probably increase and reach 1.6 billion.

Thus, over the 50-year period, India is going to experience steady growth in its population and it will overtake China. On the other hand, China’s population will peak in 2030 and then begin to fall.

General Writing Task 1

You have just enrolled in a 12 week English class, but have found that you have a family problem and you will have to return home. Write to the school. In your letter

  • Explain what has happened
  • Request a refund
  • Ask whether you will be able to return at a later date

Sample Answer:

Dear Sir,

My name is Henrik Christensen and I have recently enrolled in a 3 month English language course with your academy. A situation has arisen and I find that I have no option but to return home for the foreseeable future. A member of my family has become unwell and will require long term support.

I believe that the school has a 7 day refund policy for circumstances such as this, and as I only paid for my course three days ago, I would like to take advantage of this and request my fees be returned to my account. Nonetheless, I am still determined to improve my English in the future, and

I have been very impressive with your training facilities and teachers in the short time I have spent with you, so I would like to enquire as to whether it would be possible for me to return at some point in the future?

Thanks for your understanding,

H. Christensen

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT)

Many people today find it difficult to balance the demands of their work and personal life. What are the causes of this situation, and what can individuals and employers do to reduce the problem?
You should give reasons for your answer, and include ideas and examples from your own knowledge and experience.

Sample Answer:- ( 7 Band)

Finding a compromise between one’s job and one’s private life is probably harder than ever these days, especially if one has a family. There are several reasons for this, but also a number of measures we can take.

Possibly the major factor is the increased workload that many people have to deal with. The predominance of the service sector means that most people work in office-related jobs, and they find that employers expect them to stay longer or be available outside traditional office hours. On top of this, the rise of communication tools – ranging from smart phones to laptops and teleconferencing equipment – has accelerated the trend, because people are always contactable. Furthermore, the economic recession has made the labour market increasingly competitive, and so workers are under pressure to cooperate in this process, fearing loss of promotion or even redundancy if they resist.

However, there are various steps that can be taken to lessen the problem. Firstly, individuals should clarify with their employer the times when they expect to be free of work and out of contact, thus ensuring private time. Another positive development would be for employers to allow more flexible working hours, so that staff can take time off for important family events during the working day. Lastly, employers could offer advice and coaching to staff in areas such as time management, stress control and relaxation techniques. This would help to reduce the anxiety that stems from heavy workloads and long hours.

In summary, we can say that technology and economics are creating this situation, but also that employees and companies together can reduce the impact.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview

PART – 1 ( Intro Part )

What is your full name?
My name is Amarjit Singh.

Can you tell me where you’re from?
I belong to Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Can I see your identification?
Yes, here you are!

Thank you, that’s fine, now in this first part I’d like to ask you some questions about yourself. Let’s talk about what you do. Do you work or are you a student?
And what subject are you studying?
I am studying Entrepreneurship.

Why did you choose this subject?
The reason behind choosing this subject was to help me carry forward my family business.

What do you hope to do when you finish your studies?
Well, I will be doing my master’s in business management and entrepreneurship.

Now Let’s talk about weekends, what do you usually at the weekends?
They’re pretty relaxed weekends as I get time to organize my room, wardrobe and other stuff like that if I’ve time in hand I try visiting relatives or friends. On some weekends, I feel doing nothing but just relaxing the whole day and spend my quality time with family.

What do you think you will do next weekend?
I’m looking forward to this weekend as I plan to visit an old age home with a friend. I sometimes visit such places for charity because I get a different kind of satisfaction by helping those who are in need.

Do you enjoy your weekends now more than you did when you were a child?
When we were kids, we really didn’t know the importance of weekends because we would be playing around the entire day as there was not so much of work or study stress but today we realize what weekends are all about in the real manner. They recharge both mentally and physically for the next week. I wonder how some people work on weekends.

How important is it for you to relax at the end of the week?
It’s essential to relax at the end of the week as the brain and body get tired so people need to rejuvenate themselves. It’s only during weekends where you’ve time for yourself. Or it’s meant only for external worries and job pressure.

PART – 2 Cue Card

  • Describe a product you bought that you were (or, are) happy with.
  • You should say:
  • what you bought
  • how you bought it
  • why you bought it
    and explain why you were (or are) happy with it.

Sample Answer

Ok then, well firstly I’d just like to mention that I’m quite lucky because my parents have always bought stuff for me, so I seldom buy something by myself. But one occasion that I did save up to buy something myself was when I got my iPad, which really made me happy and that’s what I’d like to talk about.

And um, I think it took me about four or five months to save up for it, and I basically did it by cutting back on other things, you know, like eating out and buying clothes. At that time, I study in a college, I mean, I don’t have a job, unfortunately, so the only money I receive is my living allowance which my parents give me every month, and that’s what I had to use to pay for it.
Anyway, regarding why I wanted an iPad, well I suppose the main reason was that I’m a big Apple fan. You know, I already had an iPhone and laptop, so the only thing I was missing was an iPad. I also watched Steve Jobs’ presentation of the iPad when it was launched, and it looked pretty cool. So I just thought it would be great to have one!

And as for how I felt after buying it, well first of all, I was really excited and happy, you know, because I couldn’t wait to start using it. And it also felt great because I’d saved up for it myself instead of simply asking my parents to buy it for me. So for that reason, it just felt a bit more special to me, if you know what I mean!

PART – 3 Discussion

What do you think about the marketing of products?
Candidate: Marketing has become more difficult. Marketers now need to be everywhere. They should be online. They should be on social media. They should be in newspapers, on television and billboards. Tough competition exists in many industries. If you don’t market your products well, it is now impossible to find buyers.

What do you think about brand value?
Candidate: Brand value has become all the more important now. I think social media fueled this trend. People now prefer to do business with companies that have a large number of followers. If your brand name is recognized instantly, finding buyers is easy for you.

Is there a direct correlation between brand and its quality?
Candidate: Yes. In this age of social media, brands have to maintain quality. If they don’t offer quality products, they will get panned on social media. This will have an adverse impact on their brand value.

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Best IELTS Daily Exam Tasks, 23rd April

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