BEST IELTS Daily Task, 16th June

BEST IELTS Daily Task, 16th June


The table below shows social and economic inductions for four countries, according to the United Nations statistics. Describe the information shown below in your own words. What implications do the indicators have for the countries?

Annual income per person (in US$)110015760160130
Life expectancy at birth76785147
Daily calories supply per person3326284619271749
Adult literacy rate (%)99996834

Sample Answer:-

The table compares the statistics of four different countries with regard to four social and economic indicators, according to the United Nations statistics. As is evident from the table, Japan is number one in terms of annual income per person. The life expectancy at birth is also the highest, closely followed by Canada. In terms of adult literacy rate, both countries stand at 99%. The daily calorie supply per person is the highest in Canada (i.e. 3,326).

Japan should be classed as the most developed among these countries, because it has the highest figures for three out of four indicators. Also, high daily calorie supply per person needs to be optimum, not maximum. Thus, calorie supply required for an average person need not be an indicator of development, beyond a point.

Zaire, on the other hand, has the lowest figures for all the indicators which determine the physical quality of life of the population. Zaire has to improve a lot in its government policies. The life expectancy at birth is also very low (i.e. 47). On the other hand, Canada and Japan will have more aged population (senior citizens) due to high life expectancy at birth. Peru, though not exactly at the bottom, is having figures towards the lower end and will be reckoned as a less developed country.


You have received a letter from your bank, asking you to acknowledge receipt of a new bank card.
However, the card was missing from the envelope.
Write a letter to the bank’s head office. In your letter

● explain why you are writing
● express concern about the missing card
● ask them what they intend to do


Dear Sir,

I am writing to inform you that I received a letter from my bank today, which was supposed to contain my new bank card. Unfortunately there was no bank card enclosed in the envelope when I opened it.

I telephoned the bank to explain the problem, but I could not get through to the right department, even though I waited on the line for over half an hour, which was extremely annoying.

In the letter, you asked me to acknowledge the receipt of the card, but obviously I cannot do this as I have not received it. I am now very worried because it is a possibility that my card has gone to another customer or got lost. What will happen if somebody has already used the card and spent my money? Will the bank repay me?

Is it possible for the bank to cancel this card so nobody else can use it? Could you also send me a new card by secure means?

I hope to hear from you soon.


Some people believe that song lyrics which glorify violence and criminal lifestyle should be banned. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such a ban.


During the past few decades, people have argued at length about the usefulness and appropriateness of songs that condone violence and give celebrity status to criminal and their lifestyles. Some suggest that a ban on all such songs would be only suitable measure, others, however, disagree. But what would be the advantages and disadvantages should the government decide to pass such a law?

One potential advantage of a ban on such song lyrics is immediately apparent: young people, whose personalities are particularly malleable, wouldn’t be exposed to songs that might influence them to commit criminal or otherwise violent acts. Additionally, as such songs usually target minorities, whose rights are so often neglected by the state.

There are, however, quite a few disadvantages as well. A blanket ban on songs with such content would contravene artists’ right of freedom of speech, one of the most cherish rights in the world of entertainment and art. This would be especially troublesome as violent lyrics are usually found in rap and hip hop, two music styles that are directly linked to already disenfranchised communities, and a ban like this would most probably put a strain on the relationship between the government and these groups. Finally, as there is no scientifically proven link between exposed to art that propagates crime and violence and actually committing crimes and violence, a ban might not even achieve its most basic goal of bringing crime numbers down.

To sum up, a ban on song lyrics that promote violence and criminal acts would protect the minorities that are often targeted by these songs, for instance women and gay people. However, it would also inflame feelings of anger in the groups commonly associated with such music and exacerbate their relationship with the government, as well as constitute an infringement on artists’ right to freedom of speech.



What’s your name?
My name is……………………………that is given by my parents. It means…………………

Do you work or study?
I have completed m study and now, I am working in…………………. (Personal Answer)

What do you like at your work?
Well, I love the environment of my work place a lot as all the personnel’s who are working over there maintain discipline which is helpful for me to work with dedication.

Did your parents taught sharing in childhood?
Of course, like other Indian parents, my parents too inculcated the habit of sharing my things with other particularly with needy ones.

What type of item do you share with people?
Well, I am fond of sharing my books, clothes, shoes and my knowledge with my siblings along with others for having a strong bonding with them.

Do you think sleep is the best way to relax?
Yes, I do think so. Sleep relaxes both the body and the mind. It revitalizes us. We recharge our batteries for the next few hours. For some time we forget all our worries and tensions. So, I feel it is the best way to relax.

Do you think that sleep is important?
Yes I think so. Sleep is very important to relax the body and the mind. We feel re-energized and re-vitalized after a good sleep. However, I also feel that it should be of limited hours. Oversleeping is also very bad.

What do you think of the sleeping patterns of people of all ages?
Sleeping patterns vary with age. Children generally sleep more than adults. Those who do a lot of physical work also need more sleep. The elderly sleep for only 5-5 hours a day and it is enough for them because they have very little physical exertion.


Describe an ideal house.
● Where this place is.
● What it is like
● When you want to live there
● Explain why it is ideal to you?

Sample answer:-

Presently, I live in a village. My house is very big and has many rooms and open space in the front and back. But, for every small requirement, we have to rush to the village. My dream home would be in the suburbs of my hometown. There I would get the best of both worlds. I would be near the facilities of the city as well as be able to enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the village I would not like to live in a big house. Big houses are difficult to maintain. My house would have three bedrooms, a lobby, a kitchen a small lawn in the front and a kitchen garden in the backyard. I am very fond of gardening. I would grow coriander, mint, aborigine, okra, tomatoes, green chili and some other seasonal vegetables. I would use only organic fertilisers, such as home made compost from the kitchen waste. I would not use any insecticides and pesticides. All the rooms of my house would be well lit and airy. The bathrooms and kitchen would have the latest fittings. I would have solar panels set up on the terrace to harnes17s solar energy. I would like to welcome and entertain friends and relatives in my house. I would keep it spic and span. I hope to live in such a house one day.


What kind of home do most people in your country live in?
Our country has a diverse section of people living across, from different geographical backgrounds; people all over the country live in different kinds of home. People living in urban areas tend to live in apartments, while those living in rural areas, can’ either live in cottages or semi-detached house or a terraced house.

Do you think moving to a new home can bring problems to people?
Shifting is always a problem and involves a lot of things that need to be taken care of. But, if they are not taken care of properly, they tend to cause issues like management and adjustments. Some people face issues because they are not able to adjust to their new house. Or the new people around them!

Do you think people in your country like to live with their parents?
Most people in my country love to live with their parents, but then with the new generation and the concept of modernization and westernization creeping in, there are some people who tend to not live with their parents. They want to enjoy their own freedom and become more independent. Our country is seeing this shift, with more and more people moving towards the independent life style, whereas there are many who deep rootedly wish to live with their parents.

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BEST IELTS Daily Task, 16th June

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