Best IELTS Daily Task, 19 May

Best IELTS Daily Task, 19 May

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The diagrams below show the problem of flooding in a UK Town and two possible situation. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Best IELTS Daily Task, 19 May
Best IELTS Daily Task, 19 May

Sample Answer:-

The three diagrams highlight a flooding problem in a UK town and outline two possible solutions to this problem; one solution is less costly but affects the environment more, while the other proposal has a higher cost but is less damaging to the environment. The flooding problem occurs in an area where two rivers join to form one and the area affected contains residential housing, commercial buildings, and an industrial park.

One solution to the problem is to relocate the affected developments to nearby areas which are slightly further away from the river. The downside of this is that it would be very costly, but the upside is that it would result in less environmental damage.

The other solution is to dam the two rivers causing the flooding. This is a much cheaper option but would result in more area being taken up by the resulting reservoirs behind the dams, thus leading to more environmental damage.

General Writing Task 1:-

You heard that a sports centre would be closed. Write a letter to the manager. In your letter, you Should:

  • tell how you heard about the news
  • say what your opinion is about this
  • explain how it impacts on your life

Sample Answer:-

Dear Sir,

I was shocked beyond description when I learned from ICS news that Pepsi Arena would be closed next month. Therefore, I am writing to express my thoughts.

Personally, I strongly oppose this plan which is absolutely inconceivable and disappointing. I have also talked with other neighbours who share the same opinion as me.

Having been located in our community for almost ten years, Pepsi Arena is the most significant symbol and glory of our region, and also acts as the place for doing physical training as well as other recreational events for the local residents. Besides, it is the home field of our football team and always holds games on weekends, which has brought numerous splendid moments to the locals. As a result, the unthinkable consequences of closing it are huge. The residents would no longer have place for exercise; young people would no longer have place for entertainment; our community would no longer have any games.

I hope that you will reconsider your plan seriously and make a win-win decision.

Your prompt and favourable attention to my opinion would be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Angeline Waite


In the past people used to travel to see the difference from their home country. However, the sceneries in places around the world seem similar nowadays. What are the causes of these similarities? Do you think that the advantages of these similarities outweigh the disadvantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Answer:-

Global tourism is enjoying an upsurge of popularity nowadays. However, this trend is accompanied with many complaints that similarities of the sceneries considerably reduce the delights of the travel. Globalisation, in my mind, is the greatest culprit.

As is called, globalisation unifies the world in many different aspects. Girls in Shanghai can be witnessed to have the same street look as those in Paris and Milan; KFC and Pizza Hut are popular in Bangkok as they are back in California, the amazing film “2012” was premiered internationally at the same moment. Tourist attractions cannot escape from this sweeping trend. Therefore, it is quite normal to hear the comment from a tourist in Hong Kong, claiming that what he or she has seen is just the same as jn Tokyo.

This phenomenon, to me, is a depressing one. People may have sacrificed too many of their culture identities for this. Culture is our ancestors’ most treasurable heritage that is supposed to be passed on from generation to generation. It would be disastrous it people could only recall those busy shopping streets instead of the traditional lanes and houses after their trip in Vietnam. And I remember how frustrated I was when I found a lot of popular souvenirs in some foreign countries could be bought back in Ho Chi Minh City- those delicate wooden sculptures really seemed far less appealing to me.

Since the trend of globalisation is inevitable, I suggest that both the local government and the public make joint efforts in protecting and preserving their unique cultural features. Otherwise, global tourism would eventually turn to be boring and pointless.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART – 1 Intro Part

May I know your full name?
My full name is Parameet Gill.

How may I address you?
You may address me as Parameet.

May I see your ID?
Here is my passport.

Where do you come from?
I am from Droli Bhai.

What subject(s) are you studying?
I’ve just completed my senior secondary education in commerce stream. Now I wish to go abroad for my higher education.

Is it interesting?
Yes, my subjects are very interesting.

Are you looking forward to working?
Yes, I’m looking forward to a part-time job when I go abroad to study.

Do you prefer to study in the mornings or afternoons?
I prefer to study in the morning because at that time I feel very fresh and I can concentrate on my studies.

What form of transport do you usually use?
For local travel I normally use my car/motorbike/scooter. However, when travelling long distance, I prefer public transport like buses and trains.

Do you often use public transportation?
Many modern people drive a car because it is more convenient, comfortable and time saving than public transport. Also, some people buy a car as a status symbol.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe a goal that you hope to achieve in the future.
You should say:

  • what the goal is
  • when you first began to have this goal
  • how you would achieve the first step of your goal
  • how easy or difficult you think it will be to reach this goal
  • and explain why you have this goal.

Band 8.5 Model Answer

I have a long desire to learn Chinese as a second foreign language, but even with my passion, I still have not achieved it yet.

Therefore, in order to achieve my target, I will register for a Chinese course for beginners, which is held 3 times a week. I also intend to download many apps on my phone with the aim to study at home by myself. I have drawn my own schedule so that I can make time for self – study, at least 1 hour per day.

As currently, I have a full – time job, I am so busy that there are days when I have to work overtime or travel faraway to meet clients. Moreover, after a tiring day, I often feel deadly tired and find it hard to concentrate on studying at home. However, just thinking about the moments when I can speak Chinese gives me a sense of satisfaction, which encourages me to study harder and better.

Thus, I always remind myself that I have to keep up with my schedule at any cost if I want to make my dream come true.

PART – 3 Discussion

What is your biggest goal in life?
The biggest goal that I have for my life is to be able to open a company that gives quality education to the poor. I know  that the government is doing a lot for the poor, but what often gets done is not of that quality as that of private companies. I want to open a company that can provide free quality education, the kind of education that teaches people to dream, to become engineers, doctors or painters or musicians.

How do you plan to achieve that goal?
Presently, I am working for a software company. After gaining some experience and building my network of people that will help in achieving that goal, I will go about opening the company. In the beginning, it will be more of at personal level, where I might be the teacher myself but in later years I think there will be more of teachers and better facilities.

What are your “short term” goals?
Presently, I am planning to go through all the textbooks till class 12th to understand the basic concepts of education. These are the concepts that I have ignored for a very long time, but I wish to get an in depth knowledge of them.

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Best IELTS Daily Task, 19 May

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