BEST IELTS Daily Task 1st, July

BEST IELTS Daily Task 1st, July


The graph below shows the number of people taking part in a wildlife survey in Britain between 2001 and 2009. Summarize the information be selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

BEST IELTS Daily Task 1st, July
BEST IELTS Daily Task 1st, July


The given table illustrates the information about the numbers of people (adults and children), who participated in a survey about wildlife in Britain from 2001 and 2009. It is evident from the graph that the total participants grew more than eleven fold from 2001 to 2009. The number escalated from 48,000 to 54,000 in the given period.

The number of adults increased from 36,000 in 2001 to 212,000 in 2003, which was the biggest increase ever. It went up to 332,000 in 2005, after which the number of adults started falling and in 2008 only 240,000 took part in the survey.

A similar trend of increase in the number of participants was seen in children from 2001 to 2003, although the number of children was much lesser than that of adults. But, after that the numbers started to fall. Surprisingly, in 2009, the number of children participating in the survey grew dramatically to 270,000, an increase of nine times. The total numbers of adults and children participating was equal in 2009, at 270,000 each.

Overall, in all the given years the number of adult participants was way more than the number of children, except for 2009, in which both categories participated in equal numbers.


You recently went to a lecture that you very much enjoyed. Write a letter to the organizer of the lecture. In your letter;

–  explain that you really enjoyed the lecture and why

– ask for details of the lecturer, so you can contact him/her in person

– suggest another lecture topic for the future


Dear Madam,

My name is Patricia Wilson and I had the pleasure of attending the lecture you organized earlier this week on the reducing bee population. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the lecture. The gentleman who gave it was knowledgeable and interesting and had the ability to pass on his information is a fascinating and interactive way.

I was hoping that it would be possible for me to contact the lecturer in order that I could show my appreciation. I realize that you might not be able to pass on his contact details and, in that case, would you pass on my address so that he may contact me? I also have an opportunity for him to deliver the same lecture at a society that I am a member of.

I know that you organize regular lecturers and I hope you don’t mind if I suggest a topic that you might be able to find someone to talk about. The reducing bee population is a very important issue and, similarly, the butterfly population is also getting smaller. Might it be possible that someone could talk about this?

Thank you again for organizing such a wonderful evening!

Yours sincerely,

Paticia Wilson


The number of advertisements for charities on television and the Internet seems to be increasing.

What is causing this? Is this a positive or a negative development?


It indeed appears true that the frequency with which advertisements for charities appear both on television and the Internet seems to be increasing. There can be various explanations for this and it can be seen in both a positive and negative light.

One explanation for the increase in the number of charity advertisements is that the charities themselves are becoming more aggressive in their marketing. This can also be seen in the common strategy nowadays to encourage a monthly donation, rather than a one-off donation. The increased marketing is apparent too in the increased numbers of ‘street salespeople’, who stop passersby and try to get them to commit to this monthly payment.

A second reason for the increase could also be that there have been more charities started and the number of advertisements would therefore increase and become more noticeable. If these charities are all legitimate, this would mean that more help will be getting to causes that need it. The increase in charities could also be explained by a possible increase of humanitarian awareness. People might be now adopting different ideologies that take into account people in less advantageous positions.

If the number of advertisements for charities has risen due to the fact that there has been a positive shift in people’s compassionate principles, this surely has to be seen as an optimistic development. It is due to the fact that governments have been cutting back, it could be seen as a pessimistic development. In addition, if there are more charities asking for more money, this will inevitably mean that the amount of money donated will have to be more thinly spread, which would be a negative development.

There could be several reasons for why there are more charity advertisements today. Whatever the reasons, as long as any money is helping people in disadvantageous positions, it must be seen as a positive development.



May I know your full name?

My full name is Kiranjit Kaur.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Kiran.

May I see your ID?

Here is my passport.

Where do you come from?

I come from Phagwara. It is a small town between Jalandhar and Ludhiana.

Is bicycle riding safe in your city?

Bicycle riding is reasonably safe in my city. There are thousands of people who use bicycles to travel from one place to another in my city, and they do so happily. Sometimes I read about bicycle riders meeting with accidents or mishaps in the newspaper, but all in all bicycles riding is quite safe where I come from.

What kinds of people ride bicycles in your city?

People of all age groups ride bicycles in my city. School children use them to go to their schools. Youngsters use bicycles to reach their workplaces, and often, for daily physical exercise to stay fit. Middle aged and old people also ride bicycles for similar reasons where I stay.

What changes have you seen in bicycles in the last few years?

Bicycles have become fancier and more rider-friendly in the last few years. We can see bicycles available today in all frame sizes and wheel sizes, with many speed gears, and we also get to see variants with tubeless tyres. Many other attractive features such as GPS devices and fitness trackers are also included in bicycles to attract more people towards riding them.

Do you think there should be separate tracks for bicycles on roads?

It is needed a great idea. Many countries in Europe have done this. We should have separate tracks for bicycles on roads in order to provide safety to riders, and to encourage more people to ride bicycles. This also facilitates will cause lesser pollution, thus safeguarding the earth against the negative effects of global warming.

Why is it preferred that children ride bicycles?

Children love riding bicycles because it is first step in their lives towards learning how to ride a vehicle. Additionally riding a bicycle is safer than most motorized vehicles, and also convenient for short distances. To top it, children not licensed by the government to drive any motor vehicle until they reach a certain age and clear the driving standards. These are the reasons why bicycles are the preferred choice for children.


Speak about a person who has just moved to a new home.

You should say

– Who this person is

– When he moved to the new home

– Why he decided to move homes

– How did he feel about moving to the new homes?


One of my friends recently moved from his ancestral bungalow in old part of the city, to a brand new three bedroom flat in a newly developed area. He had lived in the ancestral bungalow ever since, he was born, and that house itself was over city where it was located was very quiet and peaceful; the structure was no longer sturdy. My friend and his family had started noticing signs of damage and dilapidation in the structure since a few years, and eventually they got around to consulting some engineers. The engineers advised them to vacate the old bungalow for safety reasons, because the structure had become so weak, it could topple at the mildest of tremors.

After searching high and low across different areas of the city, my friend invested in an under construction residential apartment scheme that was launched by a reputed builder in the city. He had seen a sample house before paying up, but it was going to take a few months for his new home to be ready and handed over to him. About a year ago he took possession of the new house, and became the proud owner of a beautiful, big flat overlooking a public garden in a serene area surrounded by open meadows.

It took him a while to organize, pack, and then to transport the contents of his ancestral bungalow to the new house. But, he felt very happy about the move. In the process, he also managed to unclutter a lot. He is really pleased with the ambiance and vibes of the new house, and his entire family came together to make the new house a home, thereby strengthening their bond.


Have you ever moved homes?

Yes, I have moved once, from my childhood home to the current apartment I live in. My childhood home was an enjoyable place, but the structure had become old and weak. It was dangerous to continue living there, and so we shifted to a new home in the same locality when we got the chance. I moved homes with my entire family, and we still live together. The best part is, because we are in the same area so before, I get to stay in touch with all my friends without any difficulty. I am also familiar with all the places around me, which makes life quite convenient.

Was it an emotional when you moved into a new home?

It was certainly an emotional experience when I moved into a new home. I had spent my entire childhood and college days in the old house, and it felt like I was bidding goodbye to all those memories by leaving the home. I realized in the process that I had become very attached to a non-living object. Even my family members felt a little sad about leaving the old house. However, moving to a new home was an exciting prospect and it uplifting our spirits tremendously.

Does it help to decorate the interiors of a new home just like an old one?

For people who are very attached to their old home, decorating the new house like the old one may help ease the stress and tension. However, I do not think this is a healthy pattern to follow. One must learn to let go of old in life, when something new and better enters. If we keep holding on to our past, we cannot enjoy our present to the fullest. Decorating a new house differently brings in excitement and positive energy into the lives of the entire family.

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BEST IELTS Daily Task 1st, July

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