BEST IELTS Daily Task, 20th June

BEST IELTS Daily Task, 20th June


The graph below shows the Satisfaction rating of the staff in four colleges from 1991 to 2002. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.


Sample Answer:-

The graph show the satisfaction rating of the staff in four colleges, College A, College B, College C and College D from 1991 to 2002.

One college, College C, increased rating over period from about 29%, which was lowest rating in 1991 to 80%, which was highest rating, in 2002. Between 1991 to 1995, rating for College C stays below 30% and fell to low of just 10 in 1998. In 1999, the rating of College C rised to just under 70%, and it rised gradually to 80% in 2002.

Satisfaction rating for College B over the period goes up and down. It was still upward. It climbs from just over 50% in 1991 to 70% in 2002. College A fell down gradually from 60% at 1991 to 40% at 2002. The fourth college, College D, stay around 40% until 1997, and then it go down gradually to 20% by 2002.


The local council has decided to build a block of flats on the park opposite the place where you are living. Write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper.

In your letter:

– Describe the situation

– Explain the area where the plan is proposed

– Tell him what you want him to do

Sample Answer:-

Dear Sir,

I would like to draw your kind attention towards the new block of flats which are going to be constructed by the local council in this locality.

We are already living in a concrete jungle having no greenery. This park had also come up after a lot of requests from the local residents. This is the only park within a range of 500-750 metres, catering to the local residents.

In the morning, old people come for their morning walks and yoga classes, which keep them, fit. In the evening, children accompanied by their elders come here to play.

We have already lodged a complaint with the council. Now, we are writing to make you aware of this issue so that you can highlight our problem. We are also organizing mass protests in front of the council’s office. If we are able to convince the council, then loss of people, young and old, will continue to benefit from this park. We also look forward to your support in this matter.

We would be thankful if you could give adequate space to this problem in the columns of your esteemed daily.

Thanking you in anticipation

Yours faithfully



Though dieting aims to regulate body weight, undertaking it sometimes drastically harms the health of a person. To what extent do you agree?

Sample Answer:-

Dieting, a practice restored generally by women in order to reduce body weight, is* most often deleterious in several ways. People in general and women in particular are appearance conscious and film stars and models sometimes choose dieting as a means of weight control. This essay asserts that instead of dieting, taking nutritious food and doing moderate physical exercise regularly are the right things to achieve the goal of weight reduction.

To begin with, dieting has become the buzzword when obesity has become a major health risk. Obesity might lead to several health hazards such as diabetes, hypertension, and osteoarthritis and coronary artery diseases. But dieting to reduce obesity is fine, but in most cases dieting becomes an extreme practice without taking enough nutritious food and exercise. Thus, it might become unhealthy as well.


The second point deserving attention is the amount influence exercised by films and advertisements in people’s lives. The concept of beauty that films and advertisements try to promote is far from reality. Dieting is in vogue today following the trends generated by movie artists. When people follow their heroes or heroines in dieting, the former ignores the calories burnt by ordinary people during their work.

The third issue is that dieting might lead to severe weight loss. In addition to that, when people return to their normal life after dieting, they may regain the lost weight. Sometimes, the dietary supplements available in market are harmful.

In conclusion, although it is normal to be appearance conscious, dieting too much might not be good for health. Good food and moderate exercise coupled with the abstinence from hazardous habits will give people beauty, a good physique and robust (=strong) health.



What is your full name?

My name is dipal dhanani.

Can I see your ID, please?

Yes, of course, here’s my ID.

Where are you from?

I am from Ahmadabad.

Do you work or study?

I am working at the moment; I am doing my internship at a chartered accountant’s firm here in Ahmadabad.

Is your city polluted?

Although pollution is surging day by day in the contemporary world but the level of pollution in my city is comparatively low owing to the gracious attitude of its individuals towards the environment.

What are the causes of pollution?

Well, there are multifarious causes but main causes of pollution include industrial emissions, poor disposal of wastes, deforestation which adversely affect the atmosphere of earth.

Have you ever done anything to help to protect the environment?

Of course, I did as I believe every little thing we do really makes a difference. Similarly, I voluntarily planted trees in my locality and often use reusable bags.

Do you mind noise?

I am a quiet and a peace-loving person therefore noise bothers me.

Is there any kind of sound you like?

I love the sounds of raindrops, chirping of birds. Along with it, sounds of bells from church or temple mesmerizes me.

Are cities becoming noisier?

Yes, in day to day life, individuals hear the noise of honking in traffic, vegetable venders calling out, children crying etc.


Speak about a decision made by a person, company, or country, which you disagree with.

You should say

What this decision was

– Who was responsible for making the decision?

– Why you disagree with it

What should have been done instead, according to you?

Sample Answer:-

There are many decision made by many people, businesses, and nations every day all over the world. I may agree with many and disagree with many, but I rarely voice my opinions or delve too much into these choices. However, if a decision is made at a large scale by a multinational company, or by a nation, then the effects of such a decision are far reaching, and often impact many stakeholders. The stakeholders of major national decisions are often not just the citizens of the nation in question, but also other nations all over the world. National level decisions impact investments globally, and move international stock markets considerably.

One such decision that was taken recently was the Brexit. Brexit essentially stands for Britain’s exit from the European Union. I disagree with this decision made by the British parliament and the British citizenry, for quite a few reasons. The European Union is a body I hold in great esteem for the manner in which it has brought together many European nations under one umbrella to facilitate tourism and trade. I think that when to end up in conflict with one another. Should conflicts arise, they are resolved quickly, keeping trade in mind. In the long run such an establishment becomes an antidote to war.

When Britain was considering leaving the EU, it asked its people to vote in favour or against the move, and the poll result was to be the primary deciding factor in the matter. When it was found that the majority of the British populace was in favour of Brexit, the move was executed quite swiftly. However, the vote was split nearly halfway! Only a few more people were in favour of Brexit than those who were against it. I disagree with this decision because I think it is more divisive than inclusive. As a race we should strive to surpass boundaries and borders instead of building new ones. In my opinion, there should have been a re-election after a while, and more consideration should have been given to the matter at hand.


Are you good at decision making?

I consider myself quite good at decision making. A large part of managing a business like mine is the decision making process. Every time I am faced with options, or I’m faced with a dilemma, I clear my mind, look at the pros and cons of the possible choices that lie before me, and take the decision that is most likely to benefit everyone involved. At times I have made incorrect decisions, but I am able to resolve any negative consequences brought on by them. I try to learn from them and use them as references to make good decisions in future.

Is good decision making an inborn skill or it is learnt?

Good decisions making is one of those skills that can easily be learnt. Most people are not born with much more than basic decision making skills. As we grow up we are faced with different situations each day, where it becomes necessary for us to take complex decisions. Once we start working, decision making process have to become more rapid, as the world is moving at a very fast pace. Further, when a person gradually makes his way to the top in field of work, he gradually acquires better decision making skills. He learns from his mistakes and improves upon them over time. This is how good decision making skills are acquired.

Have you ever made a really bad decision in life?

I have made some bad decisions in life, whose consequences I realized much later. When I was about fifteen years of age, I had a favourite great uncle who lived in another city. I used to play with him a lot as a child. However, as I entered my teens, other things started occupying my mind, and spending time with my great uncle didn’t seem much fun anymore. Earlier I would visit him every now and then, and spend a lot of time with him during vacations, but slowly I stopped visiting him completely.

He would often call and invite me home. I would always accept the invitation, but when it was time to go visit him, I would be busy with my friends, and would ditch him. The year I turned seventeen, this wonderful man passed away, and only at his funeral did I realize how bad my decision to not meet him when he called was. I miss him till date, and wish I hadn’t cancelled on him so often.

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BEST IELTS Daily Task, 20th June

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