BEST IELTS Daily Task; 29th June

BEST IELTS Daily Task; 29th June


The charts below show information on crime in the UK for 2002.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information below.

BEST IELTS Daily Task; 29th June
BEST IELTS Daily Task; 29th June
BEST IELTS Daily Task; 29th June
BEST IELTS Daily Task; 29th June


In this report I am going to describe 2 charts: a line graph and a pie chart. The line graph shows the relationship between age and crime in the year 2002 and the pie chart shows the types of property crime in the UK for the same year.

The line graph shows that most crime is committed early in the lives of most criminals. From birth to age 8 the crime rate is 0%. At 12 years old crime is starting to be committed with 2% of 12 year olds doing crimes. There is then a huge jump at age 16 up to a rate of 70%. This is even higher at age 20 with a rate of 80%. After age 20 there is a sharp fall going down to 60% at age 24 and then an even sharper fall to 20% at age 28. From age 28 to 44 there is a slow decline in crime rate to 10%. From age 44 to 60 this decline slows further finishing at 8%.

The pie chart splits property crime into 4 types. The biggest is violent crime at 46% followed by property crime at 23%. Drug crime is just below at 22% and the smallest is public order crime at 9%.


You are going to study in a college in the UK next year. You would like to stay in a college Hall of Residence.

Write a letter to the college giving your accommodation requirements. You should outline what your room and food needs are and also ask what alternatives are available if they cannot provide what you want.


Respected Sir,

I have just recently been awarded a place at your esteemed college and I now write with respect to my accommodation requirements for my first initial year.

As I will not know anyone at the College, I would like to spend my first year in a Hall of Residence so that I can meet people in this place. I would prefer the Hall to be a single sex female only hall and with full board so that I won‛t have to worry about cooking for myself. In addition I also require a vegetarian choice as I am vegetarian. If there are no halls offering the above then I would be satisfied in a hall with kitchens so I can cook. In addition I would not like to share my room and I would prefer en suite facilities if you have halls offering this.

Thanking you for your assistance in advance, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,



With the rise in popularity of the internet, newspapers will soon become a thing of the past.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


The internet is still a relatively new technology. When I was young, there was no internet and few computers. Today of course everybody has a computer and most people in developed countries have access to the internet.

People can now find most things that they need to know about on the internet. This includes the information that we can find in newspapers such as the news, sport, business information, the weather and a range of other things. The newspapers themselves have their own sites where you can access the pages that you can buy in the traditional paper form. Will this mean the end of the newspaper? I do not think so.

Although access to the newspapers and information are easy and cheap, this is not just what people want. People like reading a newspaper. They do not necessarily want to sit at a computer screen, especially if computers are part of their jobs. You cannot take a computer where you want. You cannot take a computer to a beach and read it. You cannot take a computer on a bus or a train or a plane to read the newspaper.

Personally I prefer to buy a newspaper in a shop so that I can read it when and where I like. I like reading a newspaper at a cafe with a coffee, especially at the weekend. I am not going to take my laptop to a cafe, even if I can access the internet there.

So in conclusion some people will replace their need for a newspaper with a computer but I think that the world will always need newspapers on paper. Newspapers will not become a thing of the past.



What is your full name?

My name is Aarushi Verma.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

Where are you from?

Well, I come from Delhi that is the capital of my country India. It’s a metropolitan city which is very beautiful city with a population of more than 7 million people. All kinds of facility are available there

What do you like about your city?

There many awesome things about my city. Well, people in my town are really amiable as well as helpful. They’re always willing to give you a hand when you need help. It’s cuisine specially street food is very diverse with a lot of delicious dishes such as pizza and Spring rolls.

Do you want to live here in the near future?

To be honest, although it’s quite ideal for me to live in my city now, I still want to move to another city in some developed country in the world. So I’m studying a lot to make that dream come true.

Are you a patent person?

Yes I am. But I used to be a super hot-tempered kid who always got annoyed if someone kept me waiting even for 10 minutes.

Have you ever lost your patience?

To be honest with you, I sometimes lose my patience when I’m stuck in the traffic for hours after a hard day’s work or I’m constantly interrupted by my family members while working in my room.

When do you need patience the most?

Occasionally, not being able to keep your patience can cause undesirable results, for example, for studying English, you need to build up your knowledge day by day, sometimes you have to take some rest. So, I think I need to be patent when I learn a new language.


Describe a good law in your country
• what the law is
• How you first learned about the law
• who the law affects
and explain why it is a good law.


Without any qualms, rules and regulations are the need of the hour for all countries for their smooth functioning. Laws are made by the government for the smooth running of the society .Without these laws we would not only be living in utter chaos but also anarchy. There are divergent laws that are worth mentioning, such as ban on smoking in public places, wearing helmet while riding a two wheeler, law against female feticide and against cutting trees.

But here I am going to take this opportunity to talk about a law on prohibiting the use of plastic carry bags. Well, I came to know about this law from TV news. This law affects each and every person on Earth. As it is really fructify for reducing the level of contamination along with preserve the flora and fauna. Actually, In 2016, India banned the use of carry bags below 50 microns thickness, but it was could not enforced well, owing to the less options  of alternatives and awareness among masses about the deleterious impact of this.

However, in June 2018, on World Environment Day, the theme was “Beat Plastic Pollution”, and so the government has planned to be rigid in the implementation of this law. Because, that year, India was the global host of the ‘World Environment Day’. Thus, our respected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi asked every state as well as Union Territory to launch an exorbitant campaign against the use of plastics. Moreover, Plastic in all forms, such as carry bags, drinking straws and plastic bottles has been banned.

Apart from this, strict fines are imposed on the violators of this law. Awareness was spread among citizens that Plastic is non biodegradable and fills up our landfill sites. If burnt, it emits harmful fumes in the air that can cause several chronicle ailments like respiratory problems, asthma and so on. So, most of the people do not give preference to it that can eventually curtail this stumbling block

All in all, I think this is a good law and we all need to cooperate with the administration by abiding by this law. We should make it a habit to carry our tote bags with us when we go shopping and refuse to accept plastic bags.


What are the necessary qualities for someone to become a judge?

I think there are many essential characteristics of a good judge. First, a judge should be fair. Because he is the representative of justice, I suppose fairness is the first quality that matters. Besides, he needs to be wise to apply the laws properly along with appropriately according to different cases.

Sometimes, it’s cardinal that the judge understands the real story behind what is told. Most importantly, he/she must not be corrupted as sometimes owing to this reason, an innocent person has to suffer a lot

What are the necessary qualities for someone to become a lawyer?

In my opinion, a lawyer needs to be honest and have a deep understanding of the laws. To be more specific, a lawyer should always provide the exact information on their clients’ situation, and then give them the best advice on what should be done by them. A lawyer also needs to be extremely familiar with the law thoroughly so that he can protect his clients’ rights or reduce the severity of their sentences.

Are there any circumstances that the law should be broken?

I think in some cases, the law can be broken. For example, in my country, it is against the law to run a red light, but ambulances are allowed to do. Therefore, I think that it is necessary to violate the traffic laws if a person is carrying a patent whose life is being threatened.

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