Best IELTS Daily Tasks, 11th April

Best IELTS Daily Tasks, 11th April

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The charts below compare five different countries, showing the electricity used (measured in megawatts or mw) in a typical hospital during one week, and also the number of emergency medical calls made by local residents during the same week. The last chart shows the average time (in minutes) spent on assessing emergency cases by hospital medical staff before the patients are treated.

Write a report summarizing the information. Select and describe the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Best IELTS Daily Tasks, 11th April
Best IELTS Daily Tasks, 11th April

Sample Answer:-

The charts show electricity use, local emergency calls and time spent on patients for a group of typical hospitals Regarding electricity, we see that consumption in the French and Japanese hospitals is roughly stable during the week, fluctuating around 32 and 18 mw respectively. In Canada and Russia, electricity use climbs dramatically towards the end of the week, going from 26 to 38 mw and from 12 to 24 mw. In Argentina, however, the use actually declines by almost half.

There is a similar pattern in the number of emergency calls made, which fluctuate in France (around 90 calls) and Canada (around 110.) In Canada these calls rise by roughly half, from around 105 on Monday to over 160 on Sunday, with the figure in Russia showing a similar growth to 110 by the weekend. Argentina is again the exception, with a decline of about half.

By contrast, time spent on patient assessment is generally stable during the week in all the countries except Russia, where there is a marked rise from Monday’s 12 minutes (which is the typical daily rate of each country except Japan) to 28 minutes on Sunday.

In Summary, it seems that electricity use may reflect an increase in emergency calls made, but only in Russia does assessment time increase by the same pattern.

General Writing Task 1:-

You were supposed to go on an interview in a few weeks, but you have since found out you cannot go on the date arranged. Write a letter to the potential employer. In your letter
– Tell them why you need to move the interview time
– Ask to change the interview date
– Explain that you are still interested in being interviewed for the job

Sample Answer:

Dear Mr. Bromley,

Tam writing in the hope that I am able to reschedule an upcoming interview I had organised for the 17th of next month. I had previously arranged this with your secretary and had verbally agreed the date, but a situation has arisen that means I would like to postpone.

I have been invited to attend my best friend’s wedding which unfortunately coincides with the date we had already established. I realise that this is not the most impressive start to my application to work with your company, but I have been asked to speak at the wedding and feel obliged to attend.

I am of course very interested in the position and feel that I can offer my skills and experience to the role, sol would be very grateful if we could set a new date that fits your schedule.

Once again, my apologies for the inconvenience and hope that we can reschedule.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Burnett

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Some people feel that it is always wrong to keep animals in captivity for instance in zoos. Other people say that there are benefits for the animals and for humans. Discuss both sides of this debate, and give your personal view. You should give reasons for your answer, and include ideas and examples from your own knowledge and experience.

Sample Answer:-

Zoos continue to be controversial, even now that they have evolved into ‘animal parks’ or similar facilities. Most people love animals, and there are strong views on both sides, which I will discuss now.

People opposed to zoos highlight the unnatural way in which animals live in such places. For example, captive animals do not need to hunt or raise offspring, and this means that they are not living as nature intended. Furthermore, the anti-zoo lobby point out that animals probably suffer mentally when kept in captivity, even if their surroundings are spacious and similar to the natural habitat. Symptoms of mental issues range from repetitive behaviour to eating disorders, and these are often seen in captive animals. Lastly, it is often said that zoos add little to animal conservation, which is better served by preserving their habitat.

Conversely, those who support zoos say that in most cases they offer a secure and peaceful setting for animals, for example in high quality wildlife parks or reserves. They add that in many cases, the animals would suffer from loss of habitat or poaching in the wild, and in captivity they are at least safe and able to breed successfully. Finally, zoo enthusiasts feel that zoos and animal parks are part of an integrated system of protecting animals, involving habitat protection, breeding programmes and disease control. This all helps to safeguard endangered species and thus preserve the global ecosystem for the future benefit of all life forms.

Overall, I feel that zoos provide a valuable service to society and the animal world, as they help to protect many species. This outweighs their possible disadvantages, as long as they are properly staffed and maintained.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART – 1 Intro Part

What is your name?
My first name is Gurmeet and last name is a Kaur.

How does people choose a name of a baby in your country ?
In my country, generally, an aunt chooses a name for a baby. sometimes, it is decided by asking relatives and friends.

Where do you live?
I live in a Small town, Palanpur. It is in the northern part of Gujarat, one of the state of India. My hometown is calm and serene town with the population of no more than one hundred thousand.

How many members are there in your family?
There are 4 members in my family. I, mom, dad, and one sweet younger sister. My father is a government employee. He has been doing his job for 20 years. He is a hard worker and honest person. My mother is a housewife with a very compassionate heart and workaholic mind. My sister is studying in 12th standard.

Do your grandparents live with you?
No, I wish they would live with me. However, they prefer rather noise free and serene environment of village. So they live in my hometown. However, they come every month to give their love and affection to us.

Do your family members get along with each other ?
Of course, yes, We are emotionally attached to each other. There is a strong sense of responsibility and mutual understanding is the evidence in my family. I feel profoundly privileged to have such a family.

Do you think family’s support is important for getting ahead in life?
There is a saying that if world is against you but your family supports you, you can do anything. So definitely family support is vital to get ahead in life.

Who is the closest to you among your family members ?
Well, all members of my family is close to my heart. But, I feel my mom has same mind set and personality as I. in that sense I am having more conversation and spending more time with my mom as compared to any other members of my family.

What is your Goal in life?
Presently, I am running my institute. I have always been interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Now, I want to go ahead in educational business and serve the society by teaching and motivating students.

Do you think goal is important in life to go ahead?
Yes, it is an important part of life. Everyone should decide what he wants to accomplish. it is difficult to achieve success in life without goal.
What is the difference between short term goals and long term goals?
Well, as the name suggests, the short term goals are the goals taken for the period of short time. Whereas, the long term goals are planned for longer span time.

What is the influence of family on achieving goals ?
Family has got enormous impact on achieving any goal. Family is the back bone any person who wants to go ahead in life. a well maintained positive environment provided by the family can leverage many hurdles.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe a game or sport that you enjoy playing.
You should say:
– what kind of sport that is;
– who you play it with;
– where you play it;
– and explain why you think doing this is healthy.

Sample Answer (9 Band):-

I’m not a great swimmer in any sense but swimming is like my religion. It is truly refreshing and literally, washes away every disturbing thought I have whenever I dive into cold water. No matter how tight my schedule may get, I usually pay at least one visit to a local swimming pool to work myself up and get rejuvenated.

Sometimes, I have a partner or two, who have been my best friends since high school. We live in the same neighbourhood so it’s not too stressful when we have to set a schedule for our swimming session. We carpool more often than not and it takes us roughly 15 minutes to get to the local recreation center where it provides the locals with a variety of facilities for training purpose such as gym class, stadium, swimming pool, tennis court and so on, which is extremely convenient for those who practice more than one activity. The only thing better then swimming itself is swimming with your besties, which is one of hundreds of things I love about my weekly ritual. Hardly do we have time to meet each other during week days as we’re all up to our neck at work and totally stressed out.

Therefore, having such a healthy way to catch up with my friends and recharge battery after an exhausting week never sounds better. Just like any other sports, Swimming helps maintain your health, keep you fit as well as build your endurance. However, unlike others, it’s a very relaxing and peaceful form of exercise, you don’t even sweat for hours a supreme advantage. Therefore, if you’re looking for a kind of sport that brings you comfort and relaxation, swimming should be your first choice.

PART – 3 Discussion

What games are popular in your country? Why?
People in my country are crazy about football. You will find most of the youths playing football in the evening. Among the indoor games. people love to play chess and cards most of the time. Finally, computer games are highly popular among the young generation.

Do you play any games? Why/Why not?
Yes, I like to play badminton most of the time. Football was, and still is my favourite sports, but I can’t manage time to practice football in the evening. I am great fan of chess and I often visit a few of my friends who are also passionate about playing chess. Sometimes, a single chess match between me and my friend takes multiple days to finish!

How do people learn to play games in your country?
I think most of the people in my country learn to play different games in their childhood and their family, classmates and friends have a great role in teaching these games to them. Young children often mimic elders and play games that are popular in their area. Those who are serious about sports or want to become professional sportsmen often get admitted to different training institutes to develop their skills.

Do you think it’s important for people to play games? Why/Why not?
Yes, I do believe that sports and games are vital for a balanced life. Games are highly entertaining and beneficial for our health. Many games are helpful for children’s physical and cognitive developments. It also teaches them important skills like how to be a team member and develops their decision-making capabilities.

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Best IELTS Daily Tasks, 11th April

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