BEST IELTS Daily Tasks, 30th June

BEST IELTS Daily Tasks, 30th June


The three pie charts below show the coffee production and consumption of coffee and where the profit goes around the world. Summarize the information be selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

BEST IELTS Daily Tasks, 30th June
BEST IELTS Daily Tasks, 30th June
BEST IELTS Daily Tasks, 30th June


From the first chart it is clear that South America produces the maximum coffee. Its coffee production is 44% and Indonesia’s production is half of that. Japan and Vietnam stand at 18% and 16% of coffee production, respectively.

The second pie chart reveals that the maximum consumption of coffee is in European nations (41%) and the second highest consumption is in the USA (39%). Japan needs to import only 8% of the coffee, as it is also a coffee producer. The rest of the world consumes just over a fifth of the coffee.

The profit distribution is the coffee market is illustrated in the third pie chart. Half of the total profit is earned by the delivery sector, whereas the retailers earn almost a quarter of the profits. A tenth of the profits go the exporters and the remaining 15% profits are earned by the production sector.

Overall, it can be said that the countries that consume the most coffee are also the biggest importers of coffee. It is also surprising that the delivery sector earns more profit than any other sector.


You are getting married next month. Write a letter to your friend investing him/her for the marriage.

In your letter:

– describe what your spouse does,

– mention the wedding events that your friend must attend,

– tell him/her that you will take care of the accommodation


Dear Kris,

How are you doing buddy? And how are Sheena and your baby girl? It has been so long since I met all of you. Listen, I am writing to inform you about an exciting development at my end: I am getting married!

yes, you heard that right. I have finally decided to bite the bullet. Hina, me would-be wife is a terrific girl. We met through some common friends about three months back and instantly hit it off. Hina works with a local publishing house in their Editorial department. She is basically an English literature graduate and wants to make a career in journalism. We share common interests –she is also interested in art and horses, like I am.

The wedding date is 23rd of next month. However, you need to arrive here on the 21st itself for the pre-wedding celebrations. I have a bachelor’s party planned for 21st night and the Sangeet party is on 22nd night. The main wedding is on the 23rd followed by a reception on the 24th. So you need to be here from the 21st to the 24th. I’ll take care of the accommodation and everything else. You just need to book your plane tickets, and I will take no excuses.

Look forward to seeing you next month then. It will be great fun having you here.

Warm regards,



In some countries children have very strict rules of behavior, in other countries they are allowed to do almost anything they want. To what extent should children have to follow rules?


The role of discipline is of immense importance in today’s world when violence and crimes are on the increase. Children must learn to maintain discipline in public and private lives because they are the ones to stand on their own feet and lead the world in future. It is essential for children to follow rules for the creation of a disciplined and well-organized society.

To begin with, a strong argument against not letting children free from restrictions is that it can adversely affect their creativity. Societies in which individuals exercise freedom have always made progress in comparison with those with restricted freedoms. This is because changes for the good or for the bad originate in human minds; and changes are but natural.

Moreover, human beings have a tendency to assert their rights which is why imposing restrictions on children does* not work. Learning by doing is the main attribute of children and their mistakes are far from being products of ill will, hatred or jealousy. Understanding this phenomenally important principle by adults is what is fundamentally required.

Another major factor, that deserves attention is that teenager children posses abundant energy and enthusiasm. This is a period when desires are cherished and ideals are formed. Instead of appreciation, if they get several unnecessary restrictions, chances are that they might become antisocial and not conscientious citizens.

To sum up, it is important for children to obey the rules for the creation of a society free from lawlessness. More than imposing rules on children, what adults should do is to guide them proper guidance and appreciate them for whatever god they do to ensure that they become disciplined.



What is your full name?
My name is Pushpinder Singh.

How may I address you?
You may address me by my first name Pushpinder.

Do you work or study?
I am pursuing my Bachelors of Science.

What subjects are you studying?
My main subjects are physics and chemistry and they are divided into sub parts.

Why did you choose it?
From my primary classes I was keen interested in Science and I did my senior secondary with Science subjects, now, I am pursuing Bachelors in Science so that I can build my career in science.

What do you remember about your secondary school?
I remember almost everything from my school. Those were golden days of my life when I enjoyed with my friend.

Are you in contact with your school friends?
Yes, I am still in contact with my friends most of us we meet on occasions such as festivals and public events.

How often do you use public transport?
I use public transport on regular basis, I have to commute from one city to another to my college.

How much time do you usually spend on your trips to your college?
It usually takes around 30-40 minutes to visit my destination.

How did you come to this test venue today?
I came here by my car. It is the convenient means of transport to get here.


Describe an adventure sport you would like to learn

You should say

– What this sport/adventurous activity/thrilling activity is

– How you would learn it

– What equipment you would need for this sport/adventurous activity/thrilling activity

– Why do you want to learn it/try it out?


I am a big fan of adventurous activities and outdoor sports. When given the chance, I never miss out on an opportunity to go trekking, hiking, or mountain climbing. However, I have yet to try many adventurous activities. Once in many lifetime, if I get the chance, I want to try skydiving. Meant for Adrenalin junkies, I have only had the privilege of seeing people go skydiving in movies and on TV so far. However, from what I have seen, it seems like one of the most thrilling sports out there.

I would learn skydiving on a trip to New Zealand or any similar holiday destination, it is important that my mind is receptive to instructions and free from routine worries, when I try this activity. So a holiday would be an ideal time to try it. I would join a small workshop with an experienced instructor who would be an ideal time to try it. I would guide me through the procedure and pep me up, before the actual jump.

Skydiving essentially involves jumping down from a hovering helicopter many miles above the ground, and then opening up the parachute at the instructions of the mentor, when one has fallen to a considerably low attitude. It requires equipment such as a skydiving suit, strong harnesses, good quality skydiving eye gear, comfortable shoes, a parachute, and a helicopter. All these equipment are provided by companies that organize the activity in popular tourist destinations.

What fascinates me about this activity is that t urges people to go against their basic survival instinct and jump from an unbelievably high altitude, into nothingness. The illusion of risk, wrapped in the blanket of security in the form of strong harnesses and experienced guides, makes this a perfect adventure sport to add to one’s bucket list. I think skydiving will test my courage in the truest sense of the word. It will push me to the edge of my comfort zone, and they beyond. This is why I want to try it out at least once in my life.


Do you play any sports at night?
I personally do not prefer to plat sports at night. However, there are facilities in my city to play cricket and football on well-lit grounds even at night. Many people also play squash, tennis and billiards at night, in bright rooms and courts inside clubs.

What are the benefits of laying sports?
Playing sports keeps one healthy and fit. It improves the respiratory system and cardiac system of players. Further it improves blood circulation in the body, and helps with regulating metabolism. Playing sports relaxes the mind, and helps with weight management, too.

Do children need to exercise?
Children need to exercise regularly, for the same reasons as adults. Exercising from an early age is very beneficial as it forms a habit of physical activity a lifestyle pattern for later years. This ensures that childhood obesity stays at bay, and lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure don’t set in, in adult years.

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