BEST IELTS Daily Tasks, 6th June

BEST IELTS Daily Tasks, 6th June

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The diagram below explains the process of making woodpellets, used to heat buildings.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

BEST IELTS Daily Tasks, 6th June
BEST IELTS Daily Tasks, 6th June

Sample Answer:-

Wood pellets are a type of fuel used for heating buildings. They are made from sawdust. The manufacturing process takes several st1eps and uses several different types of machines.

The first machine that is used is the hammer mill. When the sawdust arrives from the sawmill, it is put into the hammer mill. There, the sawdust is hammered into fibers. The fibers are all the same length. The fibers are then dampened with steam, and they are ready for the next machine. It is called the pellet machine. This machine forms the damp fibers into pellets by forcing them through holes.

After the pellets come out of the machine, they are cooled. The cool pellets are vacuumed to remove the loose dust. Finally, the finished pellets are packed into 18-kilo (40-pound) bags. They are then ready for sale. They can be burned in either a pellet stove or a pellet furnace to heat any kind of building.

GENERAL Writing Task 1:-

You have decided to leave your current job and look for a new one.

Write a letter to a friend. In your letter

• explain why you want to leave your current job

• What kind of job you are looking for

• ask for some help or advice

Sample Answer:-

Dear Sam,

I am writing to let you know about my current job situation, hoping that you can give me some advice. I have decided to leave my current position at the Acme Company. I have worked there for several years now, and I think I have advanced as far as possible in this company. I would like to work at a larger company where there are more opportunities for advancement.

As you know, my most recent position at Acme has been as an assistant in the Human Resources Department. I have learned a great deal about this type of work and am very interested in it. I am hoping to find a similar sort of position at a larger company. I do not mind starting at a new company at the same level as I am working at now, as long as I feel there are good opportunities to move up before too long. Since you have a lot of experience in this field, I was hoping that you could help me identify some companies that might be a good fit for me. I would also appreciate some help with my resume, if you do not mind my asking. I hope to hear from you soon.

Your friend,


Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Everybody should be allowed admission to university study programs regardless of their level of academic ability.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Answer:-

I agree that everybody, no matter what his or her level of academic ability, should be admitted to university programs. In the first place, everyone has the right to an education and no one can take this away. Also, people are generally attracted to educational programs that fit their interests and abilities. Finally, there are different university programs designed to fit different kinds of students.

Everybody has the right to an education, and this includes education beyond high school. Some people choose to go to a university while others choose some other form of training. No matter what form of education a person chooses, no one else has the right to make that choice for him or her.

People tend to choose educational programs that fit their interests and abilities. They do not need someone else to tell them what they can and cannot do. If a person is interested in studying law, for example, it is probably because he or she feels it is something he or she likes and will do well at. Also, when students are interested in their program of study, they are motivated to work hard, even when some of the assignments are difficult for them.

There are all different kinds of university programs. There are programs that suit different interests, goals, and abilities. Because of this, there is no reason to deny a university education to anyone. There is something for everyone who wants it at the university level.

Everyone has the right to an education, including a university education if that is what he or she chooses. It should not be denied to anyone.



What is your full name?

Hello, I am Gurleen Bhatia.

Can I see you ID?

With pleasure, this is my passport.

Where are you from?

I’m from Bangalore.

Do you work or study?

I am a student.

What subject (s) are you studying?

I am doing B.A. degree in choreography/dance.

When and how much leisure time do you generally have in a week?

I have a normal work schedule, nine to five, Monday through Friday, so my leisure time is in the evenings and on the weekends.

Who do you generally spend your leisure time with?

I spend my evenings at home with my family. I rarely see other people during the week. On weekends we might get together as a family with other families that have children the same age as ours. Sometimes on weekends I have the chance to spend time with my own friends, without my family.

What are some activities you enjoy in your leisure time?

Sometimes I just like to sit and relax because I’m so tired after work. I also enjoy talking with my family and playing games with my children. On weekends we often enjoy going to the movies together. We also spend time at the park if the weather is nice.

What do you like about these activities?

For me, leisure time is important because it’s my time to relax and be with my family. I like playing games with my children because it gives me the chance to know them better and also to teach or guide them. Also, it’s fun. I enjoy my children. After we’ve seen a movie together, we always talk about it. It’s nice to share things like this with my family. It’s interesting to hear what my children think about and how they understand things.

What kinds of music do you like listening to?

I listen to music to relax, so I generally like slow, quiet music. I often listen to classical music, and I like romantic music, too.

Have you learned to play a musical instrument? Why or why not?

When I was a child, I took piano lessons for about a year. I wasn’t very good at it, though, so I wasn’t motivated to continue or to try another instrument. I just don’t think I have musical talent. But I like listening to other people play music.

Tell me about any traditional music in your country.

We mostly hear traditional music on holidays or at special festivals. It’s played with guitar and some other string instruments. Some of the songs are very pretty. I like it, but I don’t get the chance to hear it much since it’s just for special occasions. There are some traditional dances that go with the music, but hardly anyone knows them anymore.

Do you think that traditional music will be popular in the future? Why or why not?

These days our traditional music is played only by certain musicians who specialize in it. Not many people know how to play it or know the songs. Children learn a few of the songs in school, but that’s all. It’s very nice music, but it isn’t commonly played or listened to now, so I think in the future it will be even less common. Unfortunately, it may soon die out. I think in the near future there won’t be anyone left who knows how to play our traditional music.


Talk about a thing you complained about something (but finally got a good result)

• What did you complain about

•Who you complained to

• When it happened

• What was the result and why you were satisfied with the result?

Sample Answer:-

Well, I am a kind of person who usually does not like to complain a lot. But when something is not done in the right way, I feel it’s my duty to get it corrected, because complaining about it will make sure that it does not happen again.

Today, I would like to talk about a situation when I complained about a service and eventually got it corrected. It happened during last month when I had to get my account statement from the bank, which I needed for applying my visa. When I reached the bank in the morning, the officer told me that the bank’s printer was broken. He asked me to come back again the next day. When I went to the bank the next day, he again told me the same reason. I requested them to get it fixed as it was an urgent requirement for me, but the bank officials did not seem to bother much about it. So I decided to file a complaint with the higher authorities. I came back home, opened the bank’s website and sent an email to the bank management at their headquarters. I immediately got a call back from them and they said they will take strict action against this complaint.

I thanked them and went again to the bank. To my surprise, as soon as I entered the bank, the manager came to me with my account statement. They had got the printer fixed immediately after my complaint. I came to know that a lot of other people were also suffering because of this issue. The manager asked me to take my complaint back as senior management issued a notice to him for not listening to the customers, but I refused to do the same. I told him it is his responsibility to look after the customers and listen to their problems. He then apologized for it and promised me that in future he will take great care about it. So this was a time when I complained about something and got a good result.


When do people usually complain?

People usually complain when they have been inconvenienced or face a discomfort. The other main reason for people complaining is when they have been duped or cheated by someone. There are also many people who may complain without any valid reason, as they may have a complaining attitude.

Can complaining help solve problems?

Yes, there are many scenarios when complaining helps solve problems. For instance, when a product/appliance/gadget stops working, complaining to the customer support or service helps solve the problem. There are many situations when people get duped or cheated and if they complain to the authorities, they are very likely to get justice.

What others measures you should take to solve problems rather than complain?

Sometimes complaining is not the best solution to problems that we face. For instance, the traffic problems in many cities are due to people themselves not following the traffic rules. However, complaining about it doesn’t solve it, taking steps and initiatives at the individual level can help resolve such issues.

What kind of people complain?

People who are aware of their rights and entitlements complain when they do not receive what they deserve or have been promised. However, there may some people who complain without any validation/solid reason. Such people are usually unaware and do not want to take responsibilities for their actions.

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BEST IELTS Daily Tasks, 6th June

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