BEST IELTS General Reading Test 15

BEST IELTS General Reading Test 15


BEST IELTS General Reading Test 15
BEST IELTS General Reading Test 15


Reading Passage – 1

Read the text below and answer Questions below.

Central Insurance Company (CIC)

Golden opportunity for Young People, Housewives and Retired Persons

Here is a golden opportunity for young people, housewives and retired persons who want to do something for themselves, for their family and for others by becoming authorized agents of Central Insurance Company. It is a great earning opportunity with long term career, as there is no arbitrary retiring age. You can serve as long as you can work. Who can apply? Young people between 18 and 25 years can apply, provided they are 12th pass from urban areas and 10th pass from rural areas. Those above 25 but below 35 who are graduates can also apply and can be given a higher slot which means a higher rate of commission. Besides the above, housewives and retired persons can also apply with the same condition.

Note: In exceptional cases, working professionals can also be allowed to apply, provided they are not above 45. Their rate of commission will be the same as for other agents according to their education.

Where and whom to apply?

You can get the necessary form from CIC office branch or H.O. and submit it in person or via email or online website within 15 days of this advertisement.


You can work as full time or on part time or any time of your choice from house or in our office. Remuneration will be paid on monthly basis by cheque regularly on the 10th of every month. You can collect it personally from our branch office mentioned by you on the form or it will be sent by post. The more clients you can arrange and manage the more you can earn. In case of exceptional performance you will get rewards and prizes.


You will have to produce with application a proof of your date of birth, which may be a copy of your matriculation, secondary certificate, driving licence, voter’s card, Aadhar card or a written certificate from the municipal commissioner of your ward or sarpanch of your village. You will also have to submit a proof of your education. Besides, you will have to give an undertaking to complete a target as prescribed from time to time.

NOTE: You can at any time opt out of the scheme by submitting a simple application addressed to the Director General and handling over all the official papers you may be having in your possession.

For further detail you can contact—-mobile no. 08352167940

Apart from above, you have to enclose two passport size colour photographs of yours. One of the photos must be signed by you and attested by a gazetted officer/a school or college principal or the Notary Public. Don’t forget to spend your signature at the end of the application, omission of which will invalidation it.

Questions 1-8

Complete the sentences below.

Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the text for each answer.

Write your answer in boxes 1-8 on your answer sheet.

1. Working professionals can become CIC agents only…………………

2. There is no………………..for CIC agents.

3. The given target has to be met within the prescribed……………

4. The omission of your signature can……………..your application

5. Some people can be allowed………………on higher education basis.

6. Those showing outstanding results will get………………….

7……………….will apply to the applicants of different categories in regard to remuneration.

8. Applications from those belonging to rural areas will not be entertained unless they are at least………………

Read text below and answer Questions 9-14.

Sentinel Surgical Hospital Toronto

• We do all kinds of surgeries except eye surgeries.

• We are proud of our team of most highly qualified surgeons.

• We have the state-of-art equipment and arrangement in our hospital to meet all eventualities and emergencies.

• Ever since the start of this hospital, ten years ago, our results have been the best among all the hospitals this part of the world. Even the most critical patients of heart, kidney and liver problems have got a new lease of life with the efforts of our specialists.

• We care for the quality of life as we understand the real value of a healthy, normal life.

Hence we are offering:

• Consultation fee US $50 only

• 20% discount on all surgeries (See Terms below)

• Free check up for 2 months post surgery

• Registration fee US$ 30 only

Terms and Condition:

• The above offer is valid up to the end of the next one month only.

• Liver, kidney and lung transplant will not be covered with this offer. In these cases, only 10%discount will be admissible

• Payment for each service rendered will have to be paid regularly as per detail given in the SSH Schedule.

For more information call: 0632—6518932/Emergency No. 0632—6589333

Questions 9-14

Complete the notes below.

Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER from the text for each answer.

Write your answer in boxes 9-14 on your answer sheet.

NOTES ON SSH’s Working

………………… (9)are not done here.

•State-of-art equipment to meet all……………… (10)

• Consultation fee………………. (11)

• In case of some surgeries only……………………. (12) available.

• Payment has to be made as per………………… (13)

• The………………… (14) for a limited period only.

Reading Passage – 2

Look at the “Computer Training at St. John’s Study Centre” on the following page and at the statements (Questions 15-19) below:

In boxes 15-19 on your answer sheet write

TRUE – if the statement is true

FALSE – If the statement is false

NOT GIVEN – if the information is not given in the passage

15. Not only students of St. John’s Study Centre but also students of other centres will be allowed to join the scheme.

16. Some philanthropists have offered to fund the project.

17. There will be separate arrangements for boys and girls.

18. The laboratory will be open on all seven days of the week.

19. The training will be provided only by trainers provided by the government.

Read the text below and answer the Questions 20-26.

Computer Training at St. John’s Study Centre

In a major initiative to impart hands-on computer training to students, irrespective of the academic stream, the Centre has decided to set up a common computer laboratory in the college.

The two main objectives of the scheme are-

(a) to impart/basic computer skills to each and every student so that he can take up a job in the growing BPO (business process outsourcing) and ITES (information technology enabled services) sectors.

(b) to provide this facility to the students of study centres in the adjoining areas where this facility is not adequately available.

As per programme, each student will be provided hands-on computer exposure for a minimum of one hour in a week. The said laboratory will be equipped with printers, LCD projectors, web cameras, scanners and Internet. The common computer laboratory will be in addition to the one set up for imparting education in computer science, information technology and various other specialized computer courses. This laboratory will remain open for 24 hours a day through the week including Sundays. The purpose is to put the laboratory to the maximum use. This way, not only the students of this Centre but also those from outside centres who are busy in their studies during the day, will be able to take full advantage of the opportunity

The Centre has not only made available ample space for the setting up of the laboratory but also decided to involve the private sector in the venture. It has invited bids from private companies for the purpose. The companies will use the expansive laboratory to impart training to interested students on payment of a nominal fee.

The main advantage of the arrangement is that students pursuing any academic stream will be ready to join the BPO industry by the time they pass from this or other centres. As far as this Centre is concerned, it hopes to ensure 100 per cent coverage in imparting computer skills.

Questions 20-26:

Look at the “St. Mary College of Science.” on the following pages. Each paragraph A-I describes a different experience.

From the list below (i – xi) choose the most suitable headings for paragraphs B-H.

Write the appropriate numbers (i – xi) in boxes 20-26 on your answer sheet.

NB. There are more headings than paragraphs, so you will not use them all.

List of Headings

(i) Labs for Different Branches of Science Subjects.

(ii)Science and Arts

(iii) Proposal for a Science Institute

(iv) Establishment and working of Lawrence Science Institute.

(v) Sir Lawrence’s dilemma.

(vi) The Importance of Science

(vii) Raising Fund for Science Institute

(viii) The Emergence of St Mary College of Science

(ix) Inadequacy of Theoretical Science Study

(x) Starting the Construction of the Science Institute

(xi) The present condition of St Mary College of Science


Paragraph A. Answer:- v

Paragraph I.  Answer:- ix

20. Paragraph B

21. Paragraph C

22. Paragraph D

23. Paragraph E

24. Paragraph F

25. Paragraph G

26. Paragraph H

St Mary College of Science

A. In 1929 a strange thing happened. Sir Lawrence, a gentleman of noble nature, lived in an expansive building in London East. As his daughter completed her school education, Sir Lawrence began to look for some good college where she could get lessons in the latest achievements and trends in science. To the surprise of Mr. Lawrence, there were only some arts colleges all around, and one or two science colleges that there were, imparted only decades old knowledge of science.

B. Mr. Lawrence was not a man who could rest on his oars or accept defeat. He made up his mind to do something about it. As a first step, he inserted advertisements in some leading newspapers for the services of competent teachers who were equipped with the latest knowledge of science subjects. He got a good response and soon the home-tutoring of his daughter started. He was satisfied with the coaching of the home-tutors, but he realized that science education could not be confined to a mere study of theory and no practical work.

C. In other words, Sir Lawrence realized that dependence merely on the theoretical coaching provided by home tutors was not enough. Accordingly, on the advice of the tutors and other knowledgeable people, he decided to spare a large portion of his living building for a state-of-the-art laboratory. But he learnt that not just one, but a number of labs were required to provide training in different branches of science subjects.

D. Sir Lawrence was altruistic by nature. He began to ponder over the situation and felt that like him, others in the area must also be feeling a similar difficulty about the prospects of their wards. He called a meeting of the prominent persons of the area and put a proposal before them. His proposal was that all of them should join hands to start an institute for their wards and for the coming generations, where they could get the latest knowledge of science, both theoretical and practical. His proposal was accepted with one voice and everybody present offered to contribute up to their maximum capacity.

E. In order to carry out Sir Lawrence’s proposal, a very spacious building constructed on an extensive piece of land was required. Within days, people contributed liberally. Several philanthropists also got roped in. The government was approached and it agreed to provide a handsome grant for the purpose. Quite a big sum was thus collected, The people had full faith in Sir Lawrence’s integrity and the huge fund raised was entrusted to the gentleman for judicious utilization.

F. Sir Lawrence consulted different sections of society to utilize the fund entrusted to him in the best possible manner. He bought a piece of land measuring several acres at most reasonable prices. He consulted and got the help of renowned architects, engineers and educationists for the construction of the building for the institute comprising several class-rooms, laboratories, library, canteen, sheds for vehicles, playgrounds, etc. Only the best material was used for the purpose.

G. Till the completion of the construction of the building, Sir Lawrence converted his own house into a mini science institute with the name “Lawrence Science Institute.” He appointed the best teachers and enrolled the students, charging only reasonable fees. He paid good salaries to the teachers and met the deficit from his own pocket. But soon the institute became popular and hordes of students joined it. The earnings began to swell. Soon the mini institute began to show profits. Sir Lawrence merged the profits with the fund raised for the final institute.

H. The completion of the institute took two years. The mini institute was shifted to the new much larger institute. It was named “St Mary College of Science”. This was done on the insistence of the people who had contributed to its coming into being. Incidentally, Mary was the name of Sir Lawrence’s daughter and the people might be having her in their mind.

I. The erection of St Mary College of Science was a big achievement for Sir Lawrence and his companions. The period had passed through the formation of several committees and hectic activities. A trust was set up and Sir Lawrence was appointed its first chairman. Today the institute is one of the best by international standards. That is why there are 8000 scholars on its roll, including more than two-third overseas students. Why should it not be so when dozens of subjects relating to science right from fundamentals of science to complex subjects such as nanotechnology, nuclear science, geophysics, spacecraft and robotics are taught here?

Reading Passage – 3

Questions 26-40 are based on the passage ‘Foster Families in Rwanda’.

Write the appropriate letter A-Q in boxes 26-30 on your answer sheet. You only need ONE letter for each answer.

Note: You may use each letter more than once.

Example Answer: A school teacher who cares for orphans –> A

27. The situation in refugee camps.

28. The number of children who have lost their families.

29. The kind of help which is given to foster families.

30. The story of women trying to give her child to someone to look after.

 Foster Families in Rwanda

A. Sperantia Nyirantibenda vividly recalls the night she was unceremoniously turned into a foster parent by soldiers who brought her five children and two sacks of maize. They came knocking at her door in the town of Gitarama as the civil war in Rwanda was winding down. Nyirantibenda, a 34-year-old school teacher, nervously opened the door and immediately recognized the smiling faces before her. ‘I have brought you children,’ one of the soldiers told Nyirantibenda this time. ‘I will see you later.’

B. The maize the soldiers left behind did not last very long, and they never came back. Nyirantibenda is still caring for the children. She says she will gladly keep them so long as she receives some assistance.

C. Food for the Hungry International (FHR, a US-based voluntary organization supported by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, has come in to help the school teacher. In Rwanda and Zaire. FHI supports families which have taken in orphans and lost children, as well as unaccompanied minors who have formed into groups to live together. Over 7000 people receive blankets, shelter materials and a regular supply of com, beans and oil.

D. FHI originally began the program to help children separated from their families at Mugunga camp, near Goma in eastern Zaire, one month after more than a million Rwandan refugees flooded into Goma in July 1994, fleeing victorious troops of the Rwandan Patriotic Front.

E. An estimated 95 000 children were separated from their families during the war. Nearly half of them were inside Rwanda and the rest were in refugee camps in Zaire, Tanzania, Burundi and Uganda, which together hold more than 2.1 million refugees.

F. At the outset of the refugee influx into Goma, conditions in the camps were appalling. Thousands of refugees were dying every day of cholera, dysentery and other diseases. Youngsters were being picked up beside bodies lying along the roads. Starving parents were abandoning their children or sending them to centres for unaccompanied minors in the camps.

G. Rachel Poulton, an FHI spokesperson in Gitarama, said that during a visit to a tent for separated children, a 5-year-old girl followed her and asked for help. She said her parents were dead. The girl kept glancing over her shoulder at a woman who Poulton subsequently discovered was her mother. The woman later told Poulton she could no longer feed her daughter.

H. Poulton said that, over a four-day period, 184 children arrived at the tent and 16 others were brought by elders. ‘There were also a lot of people  fostering—mostly grandmothers and aunts. And there were sibling groups,’ she said. She said that a system was developed whereby FHI supported groups of unaccompanied children.

I. The challenge was to support these children in the community rather than in institutions. This shows another way of caring.’ Poulton said. She said that it was preferable for children to grow up in a family setting rather than in orphanages.

J. Myra Adamson, a 63-year-old nurse, born in South Africa to American missionary parents, works with care givers and foster parents living in bombed-out houses in Kigali. ‘These separated children in the communities need food. They need someone to give them stability. They need someone they can turn to,’ she said. ‘’Hie family would be destroyed if the children were brought to orphanages.’

K. While a large proportion of children—about 60 per cent—are with foster families or ad hoc groups, a large number of unaccompanied minors also turn up in orphanages, such as the redbrick compound of Saint Andrew’s church at Kabgayi. Run by Abundant Life International—an organization of former Rwandan exiles from Uganda— this orphanage was started 3 months ago and it now houses 536 children. The youngsters were either brought to the institution or fetched by workers who had been informed of their location.

L. ‘Soldiers would come to us to tell us where we could find children and we would go and pick them up,’ said an official. He said be himself had packed in his car 30 children he had picked up from nearby Kibuyi prefecture where camps for displaced people had been closed. ‘We get groups of 60, 70 children,’ he said.

M. Throughout Rwanda and Zaire, United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and several other relief organizations are not only supporting various programs for unaccompanied minors, but arc also pooling resources to help track missing relatives. As of March, over 7000 children had been reunited with their families.

Questions 31-35

Questions 31-35: Complete the table below by writing NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS in boxes 31-35 on your answer sheet.

LocationPerson or organizationActivity
GitaramaEx. NyirentabendaLooking after five children
31…………………….FHIStarted helping lost children
32……………………………..Rachel PoultonWorking for FHI
Rwanda and Zaira33……………………….Finding relatives and reuniting families
kabgayiAbundant life International35………………………………
BEST IELTS General Reading Test 15

Questions 36-40: 

Do the statements below agree with the information given in the text?

In the boxes 36-40 on your answer sheet write:

TRUE – if the statement is true

FALSE – if the statement is false

NOT GIVEN – if the information is not given in the passage

36. FHI prefers to put orphaned children into orphanages.

37. Nyirantibenda’s own children were killed during the war.

38. FHI also supports groups of children who are looking after themselves and not in the care of adults.

39. More than half of the orphans are being looked after in orphanages.

40. FHI first started helping unaccompanied Rwandan children in Zaire.


1. in exceptional cases

2. arbitrary retiring age

3. time

4. invalidate

5. a higher slot

6. rewards and prizes

7. The same condition

8. 10th pass

9. Eye surgeries

10. eventualities and emergencies

11. US $50

12. 10% discount

13. SSH Schedule

14. offer is valid     

15. TRUE



18. TRUE


20. ix

21. i

22. iii

23. vii

24. x

25. iv

26. viii

27. F

28. E

29. C

30. G

31. Mugunga Camp

32. Gitarama


34. Myra Adamson

35. running an orphanage



38. TRUE


40. TRUE

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