BEST IELTS General Reading Test 35

BEST IELTS General Reading Test 35


BEST IELTS General Reading Test 35
BEST IELTS General Reading Test 35



Read the text below and answer Question 1-6

Starlight eatery

Customer Information Schedule

A.   Receptionist

You should see the receptionist if you need any general information regarding the eatery. But you should not ask any irrelevant question.

B. Menu

You can ask any waiter for a copy of the menu. The printed menu shows not only the daily food served at different times during the day but also the quantity served and the rate of each variety. Different varieties of several food articles are available here. You should be carefully while placing an order lest you should have to pay more for an order placed wrongly.

C. vegetarian and non-vegetarian food

Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian is available in this eatery, but there are separate tables for either. There are indicative cards hanging in a corner of each table. You should be careful while occupying your seat. Otherwise, if you are a vegetarian you may feel annoyed or upset if non-veg. food is served to other clients on your table.

D. Manager

If you face any problem and want to make any complaint, you can contact the manager. But, please do not bother him for minor lapses such as table having not be cleaned or a few minutes delay in the arrival of the food or water. You can ask any waiter for such things or contact the head waiter, if all the waiters are busy or do not care to listen to you.

E. Timings

Timing and durations of each kind of meals—breakfast, lunch and dinner and tea times are given in the menu. They are also pasted on the wall facing each row of table in all the three halls. Food is served strictly according to time schedule and no relaxation can be made on this count. Also, you cannot be served food on priority except at the discretion of the director. You can place an order for a dish to be especially prepared for you. You should contact the head chef for the rate for such a dish.

F. Special arrangements

Special arrangements are made on special occasions, a notice for which must be given at least three days advance. Special occasions imply birthday parties/ kitty parties/ marriage parties/ reception parties or any function which includes at least 20 person, including children. For such purposes a booking of the Reception hall has to be made, for which registration charges $100 has to be made. Such registration can be made fifteen days in advance. In case of non-availability of the Reception hall on the desired day, special arrangements can be made under canopies in the compound. For this extra payment of $100 has to be made.

G. Reception Hall

The rent for the Reception Hall has to be made on an hourly basis, whish changes from time to time. Before getting the registration done, you should contact the Account officer for the amount of the rent for the desired day, which has to be paid in advance to him. Decoration in the hall or outside has to be made by the parties themselves. If you want us to do so, you may get this information also from the account officer.

H. Payments

Payments of all king regarding special arrangements have o be made in advance to the Account Officer by cheque or credit card. Regarding payments for food eaten payment may be made to the serving waiter who will come with a receipt which will include all taxes also. In case of any discrepancy you should contact the manager, who has the power to allow it and you can make him the payment on the spot.

I. Feedback

You may write, while leaving your views on the Feedback Book (available with the receptionist)  in regard to food, behaviour of the staff etc. you are advised to use polite language in this writing.

Questions 1-6

The text on the previous pages contains nine paragraphs A-I.

Which section contains the following information?

Write the correct letter A-I in boxes 1-6 on your answer sheet.

1.  Which section gives a warning against occupying a wrong seat?

2. What you should do if you want a dish already not on the menu.

3. Whom you should contact in the first instance to get your table cleared.

4. What you should do if the Reception Hall is not available on the D-Day.

5. Whom to contact if you want to note down your views regarding your visit.

6. How you can learn about the rates pertaining to each kind of dish.

Question 7-11

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text?

In boxes &-11 on your sheet, write

TRUE – if the statement agrees with the information

FALSE – if the statement contradicts the information

NOT GIVEN – if there is no information on this

7. You can get compensation if wrong food is served to you………………………..

8.  You can complain to the manger if you are not served food within ten minutes of your order.…………..

9. You can ask the receptionist for the Feedback Book …………………..

10.  Children are not charged if they form of a party. ……………………

11. Timings of tea are fixed.……………………

Newton Science Institute

Teacher’s Guide Code

In this institute teachers have to maintain a high standard in the matter of dress, behavior and delivery of lessons to students. The objective is to present a healthy image to students who try to learn everything from their teachers, be it knowledge, dress or manners.


Although no uniform is prescribed for the teachers, they are expected to be dressed decently. They should not wear showy and gorgeous dresses which do not behave a matured person. Scanty or excessively tight cloths are not advisable. Clothes should look sober and comfortable according to the season.

Jewellery and gems

Teachers should avoid wearing elaborate jewellery and gems. They may wear just ring or bangle.

Scents and perfume

These should be avoided and if used at all, they should not be used to be too conspicuous or peculiar.

Manners and habits

Teachers should always observe politeness, sweetness, regularity and punctuality. They should not smoke anywhere in the campus. They should not eat in the open but only in the canteen or in the room prescribed for them.


A very sympathetic behavior for the students is expected of teachers. They should not talk loudly and even while delivering a lecture, they should maintain a moderate tone, neither too high, nor too low. They should take care to explain everything to students in sufficient detail and listen to their problems, if any, with great patience. They may be strict, if necessary, to maintain discipline. But, corporal punishment for any reasons is not permissible. Also, a student should preferably be warned rather than punished and if punished at all, it should not be done too frequently. Otherwise, he will have no longer the fear of punishment, and will continue to be careless or mischievous.


Students should not be penalized in the annual assessment for any non-study matter. Moreover, minor lapses may be ignored.


In case of a serious or continuous violation of discipline by a student the matter may be reported to the principal, who may forward it, if necessary, to the president. Certainly, if any students come with a complaint against a teacher, Principal may, if he deems it proper, order an enquiry.


 When a teacher wants leave, he must send a formal application to the principal, explaining why he wants this leave.

Question 12-14

Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the text for each answer.

Write the answers in the boxes 12- 14 on your answer sheet.

Notes on Teacher’s Guide Code

Purpose:   to project a …………………………………(12) to students.

Discipline: ………………………….. (13)  if necessary.

Dealing with negative students: …………………………(14) cannot be given, under any circumstances.

Answer key

1. C   

2.  E

3.  D

4.  F

5.  I

6.  B



9.  TRUE


11. TRUE

12. healthy image

13. may be strict

14. corporal punishment


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