BEST IELTS General Writing Task 1, 17th October

BEST IELTS General Writing Task 1, 17th October


BEST IELTS General Writing Task 1, 17th
BEST IELTS General Writing Task 1, 17th


You have broken your leg. Write a letter to your classmate

– Thank him for the card and presents you received

– Explain what you are doing in your free time

– How have you been recovering?


Dear Sameer,

Thank you so much for the get-well-soon card and the box of chocolates you sent for me. Ever since I met with the accident and broken my leg. It is the love and affection I am getting from friends like you which is keeping my spirits up.

I have a fracture of the thigh bone. It takes about three months to heal completely and strict bed rest is advised by the doctors. So, I have a lot of free time. I do my regular study for two or three hours a day and after that I teach some children of the neighborhood. I find it very interesting as I am being paid for it and also these children keep me updates with what is going around the town.

My physiotherapist comes at 8 pm every day for one hour. With his help I am recovering very fast and I hope to start attending college by the end of next month.

Once again thanking you for your wishes and the card.

Yours lovingly,




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