The line graph below shows annual sales of motor bikes with respect to manufacturers in India. Summarize the information be selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.



The graph depicts the annual bike sales (in 100,000 units) of four manufacturers in India during the four-year period 2011-2014. The vertical axis depicts the unit sales, while the horizontal axis depicts the year sales.

During the year 2011, annual sales of Hero Corp stood at over 400,000 units. The next in line was Bajaj Auto, with around 225,000 units sold and followed by TVS and Honda Motors with annual sales of approximately 180,000 units and 130,000 units, respectively.

While the sales of Honda Motors, initially placed at the bottom of the heap, have continued to increase steadily, those of the other three companies have fluctuated. Hero Corp has improved its sales marginally from 400,000 units to 425,000 units, though it suffered a dip in sales in-between. Bajaj Auto has suffered a net loss in sales from 225,000 units to approximately 190,000 units. TVS has shown impressive gains from 180,000 units to approximately 265,000 units, though TVS too suffered a drop in sales during 2012-2013. Honda Motors has made impressive gains from a lowly 130,000 units to approximately 325,000 units.

In 2014, Hero Corp continues to be at the top, but its position is increasingly being challenged by Honda Motors. TVS has also improved its position overall. It is Bajaj Auto that has suffered a net decline, losing its second position and reaching bottom of the heap, though it has improved it has improved its sales during 2013-2014.


Your company is opening a new office in another town where you’d like to work. Write a letter to your manager. In your letter,

Explain that you would like to work in the new office

Say why it would suit both you and the company

Ask when the office will open and about its operations


Dear Mrs. Adams,

This is Tom Cooper from the office. I am writing as I have recently found out that our planning to open a new office in the town of Oxbridge. I would like to apply a position there.

Although I am very happy with my job in our office here, I have always wanted to move to a different part of the country in order to have some new experiences. A few years ago, I was on holiday in Oxbridge visiting old friends, and I really liked the town. I think I would genuinely enjoy the challenge of changing town, especially as I have friends there already, and I would also like the challenge of being part of building up a new office and the presence of our company there. As you know my character reasonably well, I hope you would agree that I would be the right person for this kind of opportunity.

Please consider this application carefully and do let me know when the office will be opening, what the business plans will be, and what kinds of positions will be needed and with what responsibilities.

Yours sincerely,

Ton Cooper


Some people believe that fashion is like art and a significant part of society, while others feel that fashion is a waste of time and money.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


The fashion industry today is important component of society and people’s lives. It is true that many people care little for clothes and scorn the importance that others attach to them, however, this does not mean that the significance that people attach to fashion is a waste of time and money.

When one consider that areas of the world suffer from poverty, disease and inadequate access to food and clean water, the emphasis attached to fashion by the developed world can seem out of proportion. Many people would contend that the resources put into developing and creating fashion would be more ethically spent on creating some level of equality in terms of the right to live a healthy and happy life. This point is hard to argue with. However, it is also true that people in the developed world cannot be expected to send all their spending money to people in need and that wanting to look good is an unalterable human trait.

The fashion industry is also like most other industries. It provides jobs and income to millions of people around the world and the money that changes hands generates taxes that contribute to the fabric of society. It’s not all just a question of trying to look better than others and excessive luxury. The high level of fashion is indeed a kind of art from and, like other art forms, there will always be people who appreciate it, want to create it and want to spend money on it. It is part of the development of civilization and this is not going to change.

I therefore feel that, although the gap between the rich and the poor sometimes makes it seem that fashion is a waste of time and money and an unethical use of resources, fashion is an important part of today’s society and economic output. Maybe it’s down to individuals to try and strike a balance between selfish greed and a more altruistic way of living.



My I know your full name?

My full name is Lovedeep Kaur.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Lovedeep.

May I see your ID?

Here is my passport.

Where are you from?

I am from Bathinda which is the city of lakes in Punjab.

Did your parents choose your secondary school (=high school) for you?

Yes, my parents chose my secondary school. My high school and primay school were the same.

What subjects did you study in secondary school (=high school)?

I studied many subjects in secondary school like, social sciences, mathematics, the Hindi and English languages, science subjects like biology, chemistry, physics and geography, art and crafts, etc.

What was your favourite subject (=class) in secondary school? (=high school)

My favourite subject in secondary school was science. I like science subjects because I learned about the basic principles of the way things work all around us.

And which class (=subject) did you like the least? (Why?)

There wasn’t any subject I liked all the subjects in secondary school.

Which secondary school subject do you think is most useful for people in adult life?

I think all the subjects that we study in secondary school are useful for people in adult life. A strong foundation is built in primary and high school years that helps us throughout our life.

What part of your secondary school education did you enjoy most? OR Did (do) you like your secondary school life?

I enjoyed my secondary school education a lot. There is no one part that I liked more than the other. I liked the fact that our school had an equal focus on extra curricular and physical activities, and not just on the academies.

How do you feel about your high school (secondary school)?

I think that high school years were the wonder years and I miss those times.

Why did you choose to attend (=to go to) that particular school?

My parents chose my school for me. I think I was too young to decide on my own and my parents chose the best school for my siblings and me.

Which class did (do) you enjoy the most? (Why?)

I enjoyed all the school years a lot. However, there was a lot of excitement and a feeling of pride when I got promoted from the primary wing of the school to the high school wing.


Describe an important place (like a stadium, swimming pool) in your city


A sports center in your city

You should say:

Where it is;

How often you go there;

What people do there;

And explain why you think it is important


A sports Center has been recently inaugurated in the city, and I had a chance to visit it last month. I come to know about it through the local newspaper. The Sports Center was inaugurated by the famous hockey player Pargat Singh and is named after the hockey legend DhyanChsnd. Many different sports such as soccer and hockey are played at this stadium and it also has professional coaching staff. One can go and learn different kinds of sports activities or just simply go and hangout with your friends. Since it opened, the Sports Center was on my must-visit rader. So, when I found out that The Chandigarh Tigers were playing Football in a friendly match on 20th August, I made it a point to buy tickets s that I could have fun at the new Stadium. I must say that when I arrived at the 10-hectare Stadium, I was swept away by the thrill and flurry that filled the air. There were football fans getting ready to come in to the support the Home team. There were diners, shoppers families and the curious ones – like me all enthusiastic and impatient to visit our fresh sports icon. The Stadium comprises an extensive variety of venues, specifically, a 35,000-capacity stadium, 4,000-capacity Aquatics Center, 1,500-capacity Sports Arenas, a Water Sports Center, a Library and about 25,000 square meters of trading and dining hall. What I found the most incredible was the sight of the city skyline. It looked glorious and everyone felt stunned at that moment. The greatest part about the new Sports Center is how close the Stadium is to the shopping area. It took me just five minutes to get from the shopping centre to my seat. I felt pleased that I has the chance to visit this remarkable stadium and be part of history, watching the first ever football game played in the new Stadium of the city.


Where do Indian people play support?

Indian people play sports in stadiums and playgrounds. Some people are also played on the streets. Street cricket is very popular in India.

What are the benefits of group sports?

Group sports teach us many things. They teach us cooperation. They also teach us sportsman spirit, which means winning with modesty and losing with grace.

How can children be benefited from doing sports?

Children can be benefited from sports in many ways. First of all sports keeps them physically and mentally fit. Then they learn how to compete and cooperate from sports. They can also learn many other skills like leadership skills, decision-making skills, sportsmanship etc.

Should young people try dangerous sports?

If young people want to try dangerous sports, they should try them but under supervision.

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