BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 14th July

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 14th July


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 14th July
BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 14th July



What is your full name?

My name is Jyoti Mishra.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Jyoti.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

Why so some people buy from house?

People buy farm houses to enjoy leisurely weekends or holidays on their own property, in their own ways. Farm houses are usually away from cities. They offer views of the countryside, along with a pollution free atmosphere, thereby promoting peace of mind when visited. Some people use farmhouses for recreation, some use them for pursuing their hobbies, some use the setting to relax by themselves, while others use farmhouses to spend quality time with their family members.

Is this a new trend or an old one?

This trend is very old. The differences is that earlier only royals and aristocrats bought farm houses for their recreation and relaxation because transportation to distant farmhouse locations was not very good or secure in the olden days. However, these days, faster and safer transportation systems allow more people of varying income groups to buy farm house and visit them for leisure.

What are the possible disadvantages of buying farm house?

Buying a farm house does have some disadvantages. First, they are expensive to buy or build. Secondly, they need to be maintained regularly just like regular houses. For this, we have to spend some more to hire trustworthy staff to maintain the house in our absence.

If given a chance, where would you buy a farm house?

I would certainly buy a farm house if I get the opportunity. I like the idea of living in the countryside, in a noise-free and pollution-free area, where I can seek closeness with nature. I think in the near future, I will be able to buy a good farm house for myself.


Describe a toy/game you played with in your childhood

You should say

– Who gave it to you, and when

– Special features of the toy/game

– How you played with it

Why is that toy/game, your favourite


Toys and games are real assets in childhood. Every child has his own kingdom of games, toys, gifts, and other possessions, which are not too valuable for grown-up people. I used to play with many toys when I was a child. However, the game I played most with was a board game called ‘Business’. I had tremendous interest in managing and saving money since my early childhood. I used to keep a separate money bank for me at home, and save money to buy important things for myself and my family members.

Seeing this interest of mine, my father gifted me this board game, on my eighth birthday. ‘Business’ was an old, Indian version of the famous board game, ‘Monopoly’, designed by an Indian company. Up to 5 players could play this game, and one player was required to play as the banker, responsible for giving out loans to the players. As the game moved on, players would earn or lose money. It was an exciting and interesting game, where we had to earn money by buying property and then earning rent on it from other players to pay back bank loans.

I liked the game so much; I would play it with my friends for hours. At times, the game would last so long, that we would have to pause for the day, take an account of our respective positions, and continue where we left of, the next day. This game taught me important lessons in financial planning, and strategies that could actually help us in surviving through difficult conditions in life. I experimented a lot while I played the game with my friends and family, and I learned a handful of strategies from them, as well as from my experiments.

This ultimately enhanced my interest and performance in the game. I have still preserved the board game at home. I assert that every child should be familiarized with this board game and it’s important, so that he may learn to manage money well, when he enters the real world.


What is the role of toys in a child’s development?

Toys are like companions for children. In today’s society, we can see families where both parents work, and many of them have one child only. In this situation, toys can be a child’s best friends. They keep children engaged in some creative activity, preventing the feeling of isolation or loneliness.

Apart from this, toys help children in developing some important like skills, such as taking care of their possessions, sharing things with friends, sportsmanship, and learning to be tolerant of, and cooperative with others. Some knowledge-based or education-based games help children in learning specific skills in a fun filled manner. In short, toys are an important part of a child’s life.

What types of toys are popular these days?

Boys these days like video games, and other interactive games, more than board games. They also like games surrounding famous cartoon or action characters like Pokémon, Batman, and Spiderman. Girls on the other hand, like to play with teddy bears, dolls like Barbie, and games centered on characters such as Dora the Explorer, or the Minions.

What type of toys will be available in future according to you?

Interactive electronic toys will be more popular in future. Toys that can and follow commands from a remote control will be highly appreciated because they appear lively, make various sounds, and have attractive lighting fitted on their body.

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